Custom Homebrew Beer Bottle Labels you can Design for Free

Custom Homebrew Beer Bottle Labels you Design for Free

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all the info you need to create & upload your own artwork

all the info you need to create & upload your own artwork

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Custom Homebrew Beer Bottle Labels you can Design for Free

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Make Your Own Labels Online Beer Bottle Label Maker

The Perfect Gift Homebrew with Personalized Labels

Strengthening the

Runners Evaluation Performance Program

Fascial Counterstrain for the Nervous System

Fascial Counterstrain for the Musculoskeletal System

Fascial Counterstrain for the Lymphatic System

Fascial Counterstrain for the Viscera

Dural/Cranial Fascial Counterstrain

Fill out the form below, to schedule a Free Consultation with one of our skilled, licensed physical therapists.

I was a ballet dancer for a long time and danced on pointe every day.  Recently I started taking a pointe class for adults who had either never been on pointe or who hadnt worn pointe shoes for a long time.  It had been at least 15 years since I had danced on my toes and I wanted to see if I could still do it.

The teacher was very thorough and we spent several classes just working on foot and leg exercises to make sure everyone would be strong enough to hold themselves on pointe safely.  Being a physical therapist, I thought I would know all the exercises you could do for foot strengthening, but I learned a few new and challenging exercises for the intrinsic muscles of the foot.

Both your feet and your hands have extrinsic and intrinsic muscles.Extrinsic musclesoriginate far away from the joints that they move (see below).  For the foot, there are toe muscles that start on the shin bones and turn into tendons that attach on the ends of the toes.  They can curl and extend the toes, but they do it by crossing over the many small bones and joints of the foot.

Intrinsic musclesoriginate and attach within the same body part (see below).  In the foot, they originate on the heel bone or long bones of the arch of the foot and attach on the toes.  The intrinsic muscles are like the core muscles of the foot.  Because they are deep and dont cross over too many joints, they can work well in stabilizing and protecting the arch and structures within the foot.  If the foot intrinsic muscles are weak, the foot structures are more prone to increased stress and injury.  Strengthening the intrinsic muscles of the foot is good for people with foot injuries and for those looking to prevent injury.

Here are some examples of foot intrinsic strengthening exercises.  They can be done either in sitting or standing, one foot at a time, or both together.  At first, the movement may seem impossible, but if you practice for a few minutes a day, you will start to see the toes working with better control.

Start with your foot flat on the floor with equal pressure on your heel, the base of the big toe, and the base of the little toe.  Raise up the big toe while keeping the other 4 toes flat and pressed into the floor.  After holding a few seconds, try the opposite.  Flatten the big toe down into the floor and try to lift up the 4 small toes.  Try not to let your whole leg roll back and forth as you swap back and forth between the big toe and the 4 small toes.  You can start by using your hands to hold the toes in place to help your body learn how to isolate the toe movement.

2)    Playing the Piano Start with your foot and all the toes flat with equal weight on the inside and outside of the foot.  Raise the big toe up by itself as in the previous exercise.  Keeping the big toe up, raise up the second toe to join it.  Then add the third toe, the fourth, and the pinky.  Try to make each toe come up separately.  Once all the toes are up off the floor, start putting them back down one at a time starting with the little toe.  Keep rippling them up, and then down, like someone playing scales on a piano.

Start again with the foot flat on the floor.

Try and press the underneath side of the small knuckles of the toes down into the floor.  This should make the main knuckles closest to the foot raise up like a dome.  The toes need to stay long and straight.  When the toes curl under, its the extrinsic muscles working, not the intrinsic.

These movements will be a little frustrating at first, but they will strengthen the core muscles of the foot.  They also make good party tricks. 🙂

Of course, if you have any foot pain that is not resolving, it may be due to fascial dysfunction (click here to learn more). Call or email us () to schedule a free consultation with a physical therapist to find out if Fascial Counterstrain can help you!

ARC on The Doctor the Pharmacist Radio Show

Using Massage Therapy to Aid in the Healing Process

5 Ways to Maximize Your Physical Therapy Experience

Photosensitize Process

Communications Equipment Manufacturers

Construction Equipment Manufacturers

Communications Equipment Manufacturers

Construction Equipment Manufacturers

Photosensitized plates are made with the use of light and radiant energy. In fact, if you were to look up the word photosensitize in the dictionary, you will find that this is an action where an item is sensitized to light or radiant energy. This makes such an object react in a specific way when exposed to these thing that the item was made sensitive to.

In the creation of photosensitized metal nameplates, the metal that is used is anodized aluminum, also known by the name Metalphoto®. This is a type of aluminum that has an anodic layer covering the print or copy that is found on top of the aluminum material. Copy is produced by embedding color dies into the pores of the aluminum surface and then sealed, creating a product that is far more durable than lithographed or silk-screened plates. Photosensitized nameplates are relatively low-cost in limited quantities, and can be produced quickly.

Metalphoto® is a special aluminum that is often utilized in the creation of durable and high-resolution plates, as well as control panels and labels. This particular metal creates durable images due to the fact that these are sealed within the metal, which makes it resistant to sunlight degradation, corrosion, high temperatures, abrasion, and even chemical exposure. This photographic marking technique can be used to create high resolution images as well as variable information like anti-counterfeit security features, machine readable barcodes, and serailzed information.

There are two general methods used in the creation of photo anodized aluminum plates, or photosensitive anodised aluminum plates. One involves the use of a silver compound which develops into a black, silver-based design or print. The other involves the use of a photo-resist, and is often the method used to create colored images onto anodized aluminum (although the first method can also have colored dyes added into its production).

Nameplates, 87 Empire Drive, St. Paul, Minnesota 55103-1856

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Disc Cutter Doming Set 21 Punchesfor Jewelry MakingSFC Tools25-588

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System Label is a leading European label supplier recognised as a preferred label supplier from large multi nationals to small indigenous manufacturers. System Label deliver high quality, competitively priced products, on-time with added value and a personalised service.

Established in 1992, System Label has over 22 years experience in the labelling industry specialising in the manufacture and supply of self-adhesive labels, membrane switches, decals, overlays, EverGlow photo luminescent, RFID and NFC smart labels.

System Label is uniquely positioned in the market to cater for clients complete labelling requirements. With manufacturing capabilities including flexography, screen and digital printing the modern facility encompasses state of the art technology to offer clients the highest quality product at a competitive price. These capabilities allow System Label to offer the complete service and accommodate any volume run size, from sample orders to high volume production.

System Labels services range from initial design and technical advice, through manufacture to a complete supply management system including consignment and kan-ban facilities depending on the needs of their customers. System Label manufacture parts approved to UL & CSA standards and their quality control system operates under two standards ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 13485.

System Label is certified by the NQA to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485 with zero non-conformances in their latest audits. Details of these reports can be supplied on request. In addition to this the Company has UL, CSA and IMO approvals. System Label was recently certified to ISO 13485, this further displays the emphasis and attention to detail we place on quality within our organization.

System Label is the only 3M-supported label converter in Ireland while also operating very close supply links with Flexcon, Bayer, Avery Fasson and General Electric.

System Label offers a vast array of materials, adhesives and finishes to meet a customers specific requirements. Thin, thick, flexible or rigid System Label have the capability availbe to print on almost any material. Our material offering includes PVC, polyester, polycarbonate, paper, card, polypropylene, polyethylene, polyimide, acrylic, aluminium and glass.

All finished products are delivered with full traceability, detailed paperwork, proof of delivery and certificate of conformity (where required). We also offer call-off, Kan-Ban and direct line feed services to ensure your lines are fully stocked and continue to run.

A self-adhesive product is no good unless it stays in place. With our vast experience and supplier relationships, well make sure the right adhesive is used for your product.

Guillotine, die cutting, CAD plotting, routing, laser cutting and embossing. Depending on the material and type of finish required System Label has the capability to meet your demands.

At System Label, our commitment to every customer continues even after an order is delivered. From product improvements and developments to price reviews and LTAs where suitable

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Proops 2 Solid Steel Doming Dapping Block, 18 Depressions from 3mm – 40mm. (J1504) Free UK Postage

25 pc Doming Block and Punch Set made of Steel Dapping craft metal working tool

Proops Wooden Doming Block and Punches. (M0031) Free UK Postage

Pro Quality 2.0 Solid Steel Doming Dapping Block Metal Shaping Bead Jewelry etc


Proops 41 piece Doming Block and Punch Set Made of Steel. (J1144) Free UK Postage.

Proops Large Doming Dapping Block, Bowl, 150mm 100mm 80mm. (J1126) Free UK Postage

Beadsmith DMW1 Wood Doming Block 2.25-inch x 2.25-inch x 2.25-inch

Proops Solid Steel Doming Dapping Block 2.5. (M0035) Free UK Postage

Jewellers Flat Doming Block 27 Concave Depressions 2.5mm to 25.0mm

Beadsmith V-DMW01 Wood Doming Block 2.25-inch x 2.25-inch x 2.25-inch

Pro Quality 2.5 Solid Steel Doming Dapping Block Metal Shaping Bead Jewelry etc

Jewellers Tools 37 pc Doming Block and Punch Set made of Steel Dapping craft metal shaping tool

Proops 8 Pc 5-27mm Doming Dapping Punch Set & Steel Doming Block in Wooden Stand (J1401). Free UK Postage

Proops 56 Piece Steel Doming Dapping Block Punch Swage Set Jewellery Making (J1475). Free UK Postage.


Watch Jewellers 2 1/4 Dapping block wooden wood holes doming forming tool

Proops Wooden Dapping Block with Steel Block & 5 x Wooden Doming Punches Set (J1500). Free UK Postage


Proops 2.5 Wooden Dapping Block with Channel Groove, Doming, Forming (J1354). Free UK Postage


3 Round Solid Steel & Nylon Doming Bench Block Anvil Jewellery Jewelery Tool


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Blu-ray Review LAND OF THE DEAD Collector

For some horror fans, the late, great George A. Romero is considered the George Lucas of horror: he created a trilogy of classic films that changed the face of the genre forever, then years later returned with a second trilogy that was less well-received. But whereas Lucas second set offilms close off his universe, answering unasked questions and making his world feel smaller by tying every corner of it together, Romeros 2000s trilogy expands his living dead world further and brings the series into a new millennium. They dont diminish the legacy of his first three zombie movies. If anything, they make it richer.

Land of the Dead, new to Collectors Edition Blu-ray courtesy of Scream Factory (a disc was previously available from Universal), marks Romeros return to the zombie genre he created after a 20-year absence and is his first (and only) made for a major studio. Its the directors examination of post-9/11 fears and the increasing class disparity in America.

The wealthiest 1% have barricaded themselves in high rises towering over the city while the rest of the country is forced to fight for scraps amidst the zombie apocalypse below. Within this world operates Riley Denbo (Simon Baker), a scavenger who helps supply those living on the ground with food and supplies courtesy of his armored truckDead Reckoning. He runs missions for Paul Kaufman (Dennis Hopper), who rules over the high rise city and has promised Rileys second-in-command Cholo (John Leguizamo) an apartment among the wealthy in Fiddlers Green. When those plans fall through, however, Cholo stealsDead Reckoningand plans to level Fiddlers Green, leading Kaufman to hire Riley and a crew of military policeas well as Slack (Asia Argento), who is rescued along the wayto retrieve the truck and stop Cholo. As all of this drama is unfolding, an army of zombies, led by the increasingly intelligent Big Daddy (Eugene Clark), make their way to the city.

Though its not up to the impossibly high standards of his first three living dead epics,Land of the Deadis easily the best of Romeros latter trilogy and probably his last best film. Like several of his other works, his original vision was compromised by working within a studio system. He was once again forced to make concessions on the film; Romero had written the lead role for a black actor but wasnt allowed to cast one, so he cast Eugene Clark as Big Daddy, the lead zombie. The film also had to go out in theaters with an R rating, and while the theatrical cut did retain a considerable amount of gore, I would always prefer to see Romero work without his hands tied in any way (for comparisons sake, both the R-rated and the unrated cut are included on this Blu-ray). But, despite some of these limitations, Romeros commentary on the world is as bleak and savage as ever.

Here, the ruling class are simply ignoring the problem while both the rest of the population and the zombies themselves organize an insurgency. In many ways,Landpredicts major events like the economic collapse and the Occupy Wall Street movement just a few years later, or even the massive tax reforms of recent months which benefit the wealthiest Americans while forcing the rest of us to suffer. Romero recognized this disparity years ago. Its precisely whatLandis all about.

If I have reservations about the movie even more than 10 years later, its that Romero doesnt explore these ideas enough. Much ofLands real estate is given over to being a straightforward action movie, and while its certainly entertaining in that regard, its hard to shake the feeling that theres a richer, better movie underneath just crying to take shape. Something likeDawn of the Deadwas more successful at balancing the thoughtful, socially conscious horror with the comic book action to which Romero often felt drawn. The commentary exists on the fringes ofLand, but its more or less a straightforward zombie action movie. But its also a really solid zombie action movie, with a couple of strong characters and some moments of the gnarly gore for which Romero is known (more so in the unrated cut, of course). While Simon Baker is probably a very nice person, hes too bland at the movies center, failing to register as anything but generic white hero guy. Thankfully hes backed up by the likes of Leguizamo, Robert Joy (as his scarred sidekick Charlie), and, especially, Asia Argento, who isnt given much to do but leaps off the screen with a dark charisma unmatched by any of her co-stars. That she is horror royalty only makes her casting that much more special.

Scream Factorys Blu-ray ofLand of the Deadoffers two cuts of the movie: the 93-minute R-rated cut released to theaters and the 97-minute directors cut previously available on Universals Blu-ray. Both versions of the movie are offered in 1080p HD, but the theatrical cut has been given a brand new 2K scan while the transfer for the longer unrated cut appears to have ported over from the old release. Many of the bonus features have carried over from past releases, too: the audio commentary from Romero, producer Peter Grunwald, and editor Michael Doherty; a nearly 30-minute making-of piece (Dream of the Dead); a shorter EPK-style featurette; deleted footage; featurettes on Simon Pegg and Edgar Wrights cameo in the movie as well as the makeup, the gore effects, the storyboards, and the casting; a photo gallery and the original trailer presented in high def.

Exclusive to this two-disc edition are some excellent newly-produced bonus features: a commentary from several of the featured performers who played zombies in the movie, new interviews with actors John Leguizamo, Robert Joy, Eugene Clark, Jennifer Baxter, Jasmin Geljo, Boyd Banks, and Miguel Arce, plus a few previously unseen deleted scenes. Its a pretty jam-packed set.

While Im happy we gotLand of the Deadat alleven with the compromises Romero had to make perhaps the greatest tragedy of the movieis that it wasnt released in the 1990s. While that would have undoubtedly changed its thematic concerns, it would have meant that Romero made a zombie film for each of the last six decades. No other horror filmmaker can come close to touching that. Sadly, hes gone now, but lives on in the greatness of his work a greatness that is celebrated on Scream Factorys disc. We miss you, George.

Movie Score: 3.5/5, Disc Score: 4.5/5

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Stamping Process

Communications Equipment Manufacturers

Construction Equipment Manufacturers

Communications Equipment Manufacturers

Construction Equipment Manufacturers

Stamped tags are created in a similar fashion as embossed plates. This produces either raised or recessed text, designs, or copy on such plates, depending on what your specification are. This particular marking method is used on military dog tags, which are made out of stainless steel, and on serial number plates, which can also be made using stainless steel, bronze, brass or aluminum plates.

By stamping into the metal with a steel type, the characters needed for the nameplate is produced. These tags are almost as durable as etched plates, but without having to spend as much. For this process, the copy is generally set with existing steel type from our inventory, but a special die can be produced if other typestyles are needed. For special dies, please contact us so we can have this specially made for your stamped metal nameplate production.

Stamping can also be done by hand with the use of any of our readily available hand-held stamping devices. These marking devices are often used to create unique alphanumeric combinations that can be added to asset tags, model and serial plates, and inventory tags. Hand-stamping can be done with detail presses, typewriter-type stamping devices, and dies that need to be struck with a hammer in order to create the recessed designs and details that you need.

Nameplates, 87 Empire Drive, St. Paul, Minnesota 55103-1856

Custom Labels – Custom Roll Label Printing

The email may take serveral minutes to arrive. Please check your spam folder if you suspect its taking longer than it should.

Reach the customers that matter most, for less. Its direct mail made easy and affordable.

Have a mail list of customers or leads that you want to reach? Select our traditional direct mail service.

They are available in opaque white polypropylene (BOPP), clear polypropylene (BOPP), and Bright Metallic Silver. These roll labels are self-adhesive and stick to a variety of surface and are resistant to water and oils. Our Semi-Gloss Paper Roll Labels provide a budget conscience alternative when water and oil resistance is not a requirement.

Water and oil resistant opaque white polypropylene labels

Water and oil resistant clear polypropylene labels

Natural color and texture containing 30% recycled material

Heat and chemical resistant metallic silver labels

An elegant protective lamination that is silky smooth to the touch

Budget friendly with a glossy UV coating

Not sure which style is for you? We can send you examples of our products – free of charge!

Custom roll labels great for business, personal branding and customized product labels. You can easily place them anywhere, anytime, and on just about anything. Theyre ideal for product packaging, stationery, gifts, presentation folders, decorations, guerrilla marketing, or for showing your support for a favorite political candidate or cause. Find out more by visiting our.

On average, ourturnaround timesvary between 1-7 business days and depend on the selected label printing and finish that you order. Some of our products are available for rush production.

We believe in giving you the best customer service possible. For customer support issues, visit ourFAQ sectionor click the live chat button below to speak with a representative. (Monday – Friday 8am- 7pm EST).

As a premium printer, we understand the challenge of creating the best design. Whether youre struggling with the vision for your design or have crafted the final draft, we have you covered. Choose from our selection to get your perfect designed. Keep in mind that all of our square and rectangular come with a 1/8 rounded corners. Before designing your next label, we know it can be challenging, so we have a blog that you may find to be useful mentioning avariety of design tips.

Do It Yourself:Have you completed your design? Great! Explore our files and artwork section to ensure your design will result in the highest quality product possible. We prefer for you to save your files as a .PDF, but jpg, tiff, jpeg, tif, or ai with fonts outlined works as well. Dont worry; well assist you with the ordering process.

Let Us Help:Are you unsure about where to start? Ourgraphic design teamcan develop your next design. Well take care of the details, so you can focus on cultivating your brand. Just complete ouronline design formto get started. Make sure you check out ourdesign gallery.

10 Ways to Market Your Business with Postcards

Learn How to Successfully Market Your Restaurant

Elevate Your Brand With Custom Presentation Folders

5 Easy Ways to Improve Customer Service

are trademarks of the United States Postal Service

. Primoprint is an independent provider of printing services that is not associated, sponsored, or otherwise approved by the United States Postal Service to provide these services.


Colorflex is the premier provider of custom factory printed labels. Our labels are backed by a lifetime guarantee of performance. All labels are self-adhesive, ready to be applied. Factory printed labels come in a choice of standard gloss or optional matte finish.

Colorflex dealers have expanded into areas beyond the file room! If you have a demand printing application, let us quote your custom label. We can offer you the following features:

Customized blank face stock designs

Custom design factory printed labels (can match current face stock in many cases)

Custom materials to match the needs of outdoor, manufacturing, or presentation quality label needs

Colorflex has an array of additional dies with various and unique label sizes/formats. If your requirements call for a custom label, one of these dies may provide the label size to fit the application, and enable avoidance of the cost and time of ordering a custom die.

IF YOU CAN THINK IT… WE CAN PRINT IT!© Copyright 2009 by ENGINEERED DATA PRODUCTS, LLC (EDP/Colorflex). ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. This site is protected by copyright under the Universal Copyright and Berne Convention and trademark.

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demak doming machine

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like new machine that automatically mixes the two part resin and self cleans the machine at the end of the production run

All quotes / Products / Company Profiles / Images and other contents are posted by the user, Tradekey shall not be held liable for any such content. However, Tradekey respects the intellectual property, copyright, trademark, trade secret or any other personal or proprietary third party ownership, we expect others to be able to do this. If you have questions, please contact us .

Mumbai-based Kunal Enterprises promoted its new partnership with Toppan Printing, Japan and showcased its range of products including the EP-Pak.

Ajay Gandhi, managing director at Kunal, said, The EP-Pak is a seven layered paper liquid container with film barrier for a long life of products. The packaging offers long storage period at ordinary temperature for range of contents. Gandhi said, the machine can be coupled with a filling machine from Shikoko of Japan, which can be supplied as part of the solution.

Kunal showcased Sakurais new roll-to-roll screen printing machine for printing of applications like electronics, ceramic transfer, and industrial labels among others. Screen printing is the only method, which ensures high deposition of inks needed for industrial applications, said Gandhi.

The company also showcased new upgrades to the Demak doming machines. While all the machines have been given a facelift, the entry level machine will now be available with an oven, and a better price, said Gandhi.

A publishers needs in todays marketplace The Noel DCunha Sunday Column

We need to learn from the past: Madhur Bhatia of Pearson

No Industry For Young Talent The Noel DCunha Sunday Column

Denied supply of magnetic cylinder, PGI Technologies Atre produced one

Pragati shows off Indias first Miyakoshi intermittent offset label press

PM Modi and the Government has vowed that India will abolish all single-use plastic by 2022. Technically, flexible laminates, tapes, labels, shrink films also are single-use plastics. Is this a viable course of action?

Messegelände60327 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Are you ready for the PrintWeek India Awards 2014?

Akshaya Patras annual photography exhibition!

Eleven packaging mantras by Sriraam Selvam

Winner announcement: Whats your Kodak Quotient?

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List of Exhibitors Screen Print India Goa

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Glitter, Water Base Inks, Sticker Adhesive, Two Pack Reducer, Pvc And Phthalate Free Inks, Photo Emulsions, Pvc Base, Plastisol Inks, Screen Reclaiming Chemicals, Metallic Powder

Dryer Machine, Screen Printing Accessories, Microscope, Screen Printing, Ink, Tension Meter, Aluminium Frame, Screen Printing Services, Mesh, Aluminum Frames, Unmatched Chemistry, All Mesh Prep 25, Uvh-120b Mat

te Varnish, Uvh-Gloss Varnish For Matte Materials, Uvh-3d Effect Varnish, Aluminum Emulsion Coater, Micro Lense, Cutomized Frames, Ulano Chemical Gel 23, Health & Sfety Information, Stencil Remover 4, Magic Mesh Prep, Frame Adhesive (Epl) With Catalyst, Acti Ghost Rapid Gel, Uvh-Refractive Varnish, Squeegee Cutter, Pallet Knife, Mesh Checker Patti, Screen Printing Post Production Chemicals, Film Imertion Chem, Liquid Concentrated 42, Autostrip Powder, Uvh-Snow Varnish, Wooden Handle With Squeegee, Ulano Round Brush, Aquatex V Violet, Squeegee Hardness Meter, Bolting Cloth, Frame Adhesive, Fast Acting Haze Remover, Ulano Exposure Calculator, Ulano Thickness Gauge Meter, Ink Washer, Screen Printing Squeegee, Extra Heavy Blockout 10, All Purpose Ink Wash, Uvh-Wrinkle Varnish, Anti-Static Roller, Screen Pri

Solvent based adhesives, Stencil Cleaning, Sefar Swm, Equipments-Sefar Rotacombi, Sefar 3a Clamps, Polycol- Xxl, Special Adhesive Products, Evograf UV Ink, Serilor Cut, Sefar Pme, Sefar PCF Mesh, Kiwo-Stretchin

g & Bonding, Sefar-Mesh-Sefar Pet 1500, Polycol Supraplus, Galacryl Water-Based Overprint Varnishes, Photo-Emulsions-Azocol Poly Plus-S, Kiwocol-227 Diazo Emulsion, 2amx, Tubofast UV Curable Screen Ink, Varnishes-Translex St163, Wessco UV Adhesive For Film Laminating, Mesh Post-Treatment, Sefar Tensocheck-100, Azocol Z1, Azocol Z 130, Textured Varnish St 206, Serilor Hr, Sefar LFM, Polycol Uno, Encres Dubuit-Uv Inks-Multiplus Ink, Uvitube UV Curable Screen Ink, Fimor-Serilor Sr, Ceracop 2300, 8500-100 Series Epoxy Ink, UV Varnish Ultralight St 888, Sefar 2 Clamps, Sefar Humicheck, Kiwocol 18, Water Based Adhesives, Screenable UV Adhesives, Polyflex 248, Polyplak Series Gloss Uv Ink, Accessories-Serilor Diamond X-2, Serilor Mach, Reclaiming, Polyplus UV Ink, Solvent Inks-Mirror Ink Am9212, Schmid

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Fujifilm Sericol India (P) Ltd., Pune

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Currently, we dont have any suppliers from USA selling labeling machines

» Lets Find out the Latest USA Labeling Machines Suppliers and USA Labeling Machines Buyers

» Find Labeling Machines Prices in USA for less. Shop the way you want it on

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Demak machine at work producing domed badges and resin domed badges

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