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Passengers and crew members pose on a platform at Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station on Sunday next to an extra-long model of the Fuxing bullet train. The model, whose length is double that of the normal trains, began service on the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail link for the first time. YIN LIQIN/CHINA NEWS SERVICE

Railway passengers in China are expected to make 647 million journeys during the summer travel peak, which began on Sunday and lasts until the end of August, according to China Railway Corp.

The figure is 7.6 percent higher than the previous year, representing a daily average of more than 10 million passenger trips, the company said.

In response to heavy summer passenger flows, the company is taking measures to raise capacity and improve services.

Starting on Sunday, the country"s railway network began adopting new train schedules, with the addition of 37 pairs of medium-and long-distance passenger trains.

During the 62-day summer transport peak, the number of China"s Fuxing bullet trains in operation will exceed 170 pairs each day. Normally, around 114 operate.

Designed and manufactured in China, the Fuxing series of trains made its debut on the Beijing-Shanghai line in June last year, with a maximum speed of 350 kilometers per hour. The trains are more spacious, reliable and energy efficient than previous models.

The company will also improve the passenger travel experience by providing services, including air conditioning in stations and on trains, online meal ordering and check-in procedures using facial recognition technology.


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