Brown Tool Auction

POINT OF SALE DISPLAY. Happy Carpenter Sign. Stand-up sign advertising Stanley screwdrivers. 14-1/2 tall. Colors a little faded, missing the rear hinged stand so will need to be propped up. Good 60-120

B-2BEDROCK JOINTER PLANE. Stanley No. 607C. Type 5, T mark on cutter, wood fine, japanning 90%. Faint initials SEM stamped on sides. Fine 150-250

B-3CHISEL-EDGE PLANE. Stanley No. 97. Third sweetheart on cutter, nice and clean. Fine 250-450

B-4CABINETMAKERS RABBET PLANE. Stanley No. 10. Prelateral with vee cutter. Japanning 95%, wood near fine. Good+ 100-200

B-5ALUMINUM BLOCK PLANE. Stanley No. A18. Sweetheart on lever cap, large J trademark on cutter, mild wear on lever cap, otherwise very clean. Good+ 120-220

B-6BEDROCK JACK PLANE. Stanley No. 605. Type 9 with original sweetheart cutter and orange lever cap, attractive grain and 80% decal on tote. Fine 100-200

B-7SHOEBUCKLE BLOCK PLANE. Stanley No. 110. Type 2C with one-piece cast brass locking screw. Large J mark on cutter, japanning 75%, original knob. Good+ 200-400

B-8PRELATERAL JACK PLANE. Stanley No. 5. Type 2 but with 1892 patent cutter. Wood and metal both near fine. Good+ 100-180

B-9ALUMINUM BODY PLANE. Stanley No. A5. Between 1925 and 1935 Stanley had the bright idea of making its line of Bailey-type planes with aluminum bodies to make them lighter and easier to handle. Unfortunately they also scratched very easily and oxidized. leaving black streaks on the wood. Theyre scarce, and this is a nice example with only very minor scratching on the bed and nearly complete tote decal, some loss of nickel plating on level cap. Good 100-200

B-10LOT OF TWO RABBET & FILLETSTER PLANES. Stanley No. 278. Both have patent date on cutter, one with original unmarked cap screw, the other with a later style. Both have proper fences, depth stops and nickers. Good+ 180-300

B-11LOW ANGLE JACK PLANE. Stanley No. 62. Mouth free of the chipping that afflicts most of these planes. Cutter has the block letter mark used in 1909 only. Japanning nearly complete, wood near fine. Good+ 200-300

B-12SHOEBUCKLE BLOCK PLANE. Stanley No. 110. Type 1 with boat shaped body, repainted, proper unmarked cutter, original knob. Good+ 200-400

B-13CARRIAGEMAKERS RABBET PLANE. Stanley No. 10-1/4. Vee mark on cutter, both patent dates behind frog, B casting mark, japanning near complete, wood and metal both fine. Fine 250-400

B-14VENEER SCRAPER. Stanley No. 12-1/4. Uncommon narrow version of the No. 12. Type 2 with sweetheart cutter, japanning retouched, handle near perfect. Good+ 150-250

B-15BEDROCK FORE PLANE. Stanley No. 606C. Type 6, T mark on cutter, moderate speckles of surface rust, wood fine. Good+ 100-180

B-16SET OF TWO SIDE RABBET PLANES. Stanley Nos. 98 and 99. Depth stop types with vee marks on both cutters. Moderate nickel loss on both. In a user made wooden box. Good 100-200

B-17LOT OF TWO CORRUGATED SOLE BENCH PLANES. Stanley Nos. 3C and 5C. No. 3C is Type 11 with T mark, wood and metal both near fine. No 5C is Type 7 with B casting mark and 1892 patent cutter, tote has some minor chips but a striking streak of sapwood. Good+ 100-180

B-18SCRAPER PLANE. Sargent No. 59. The cutter has an elaborate Simonds etch. Japanning 80%, minor roughness to tote. Good 150-250

B-19DOUBLE-ENDED BLOCK PLANE. Stanley No. 131. Adjustable version of the No. 130 with no damage to reversible adjustment mechanism. Japanning worn on lever cap, otherwise good, large J mark on cutter. Good+ 80-150

B-20PRELATERAL BENCH PLANE. Stanley No. 3. Type 4, improper cutter with W block mark, mild pitting and some scratches on sole, wood near fine. Good+ 100-200

B-21LOT OF TWO FLEXIBLE SOLE PLANES. Stanley No. 13 and 20. No. 13 is Type 2 with J mark, japanning 90%. No. 20 is nickel plated version with Victor No. 20 cast into the adjustment knob and vee cutter, nickel 80%. Good 180-300

B-22TAILED BLOCK PLANE. Stanley No. 9-3/4. 1930s vintage with notched rectangle cutter, good round ball handle. Good+ 100-200

B-23SKEW CUTTER COMBINATION PLANE. Stanley No. 46. One of the nicest examples weve ever seen. Type 4 with its wraparound depth stop. Japanning 95%, wood fine with the Traut patent date stamped on the tote. Full original set of cutters, plus some kind of weird angular attachment of unknown use. In a user made box. Fine 450-700

B-24SIDE RABBET PLANE. Sargent No. 81. One of Sargents rarer planes. Clean with 90% nickel plating, knob has very light wear in a few spots. Good+ 75-150

B-25RABBET SCRAPER PLANE. Stanley No. 85. Nice and clean, japanning 99%, light wear to wood, replaced cutter. Good+ 250-500

B-26DOOR ROUTER PLANE. Stanley No. 171. Part of Stanleys mission to provide a specialized plane for every task, the 171 was designed to cut mortise pockets for door hinges and locks. This one, like most, has only one of three cutters, but the usually missing rods and fence are present, japanning is 95% and totes near perfect. Good+ 200-400

B-27CHAMFER PLANE. Stanley No. 72. Type 3 with old style lever cap screw and patent date on cutter. Wood fine, metal grimy but without damage. Good+ 200-400

B-28CHUTE BOARD PLANE. Stanley No. 51. 1892 cutter, japanning nearly intact, wood fine. Fine 200-400

B-29FLOOR PLANE. Stanley No. 74. No handle, repainted. Good 150-300

B-30LIBERTY BELL PLANE. Stanley No. 104. Type 2 with 1892 cutter. Japanning nearly complete, some mild discoloration to steel, wood fine. Fine 50-100

B-31LOT OF TWO SCRUB PLANES. A Stanley No. 40-1/2, japanned model with beech handle with faint trace of decal, sweetheart cutter. And a Millers Falls No. 10-1/2, japanned with stained hardwood and original cutter. Good & better. 180-350

B-32SCRAPER. Stanley No. 12-3/4. Rarest of the scrapers; manufactured only for a short period during the sweetheart era with extra-thick rosewood sole on a 12-1/2 body; nice and clean, japanning 95%. Sweetheart cutter; original brass bushings. Good+ 600-1200

B-33DOVETAIL PLANE. Stanley No. 444. One cutter and missing both nicker blocks, nickel mostly intact. Good 100-200

B-34NUMBER TWO SIZED PLANE. Stanley No. 602 Bedrock. Type 5 with later cutter, 2 stamped into tote and a nick, wood otherwise fine, B casting mark on lever cap, scratch in sole otherwise very clean. Good+ 250-500

B-35CIRCULAR PLANE. Stanley No. 13. Type 2 with solid adjusting nut and no lateral, no model number, Bailey mark on cutter. Sole riveted rather than screwed. Looks repainted, light pitting on sole. Good+ 90-180

B-36WEATHERSTRIPPING PLANE. Stanley No. 239. 1/8 size, sweetheart mark and patent date on cutter, japanning good, original depth stop and fence. Good+ 100-200

B-37COMBINATION PLANE. Stanley No. 45. Type 1, later version with screwdriver slots in fence screws. Includes two of the four optional sets of hollow and round bottoms (Nos. 6 and 8), the japanned unnumbered version that were offered as an option with the early 45s and not separately patented and marked until later. Doesnt include the short rods (which were optional in early versions) or the beading stop. Includes the cutters for the hollow and round bottoms and 15 additional bead and plow and one tonguing cutter, loose in a cigar box. In its original wooden box, in rough shape with only traces of the label and no sliding lid. Good+ 300-600

B-38RABBET PLANE. Stanley No. 92. US made, notched rectangle cutter, has been kept in near mint condition in a custom made sliding lid box. Fine 100-200

B-39BELTMAKERS PLANE. Stanley No. 11. Japanning almost complete, block STANLEY mark on cutter used in 1909 only, good handle with one minor chip. Good+ 75-150

B-40MILLERS PATENT PLANE. Stanley No. 41. Type 2, includes filletster bed and wraparound filletster fence, includes a full set of cutters in original wooden box. Comes with a user-made display stand. Super clean. Fine 450-800

B-41ROPEMAKING MACHINE. Hawkeye Mfg. Co. Cast iron, 9 tall, complete with original instructions that modestly proclaim it to be the Greatest Farm Rope Making Machine America Has Ever Known! We havent actually tried to make any rope with it but everything seems to work smoothly and we have no doubt we could. Only one weve ever seen. Fine 150-250

B-42EPHEMERA. Lot of Advertising Mirrors. One each for Hibbard, Spencer & Bartlett Hardware, Starrett Tools, Worley Hardware of Reading and Grants Gilt Edge Butter, both of Reading, PA. Good & better 75-120

B-43EPHEMERA. Keen Kutter Materials. Almost exclusively KK or Diamond Edge, including a photo of Keen Kutter headquarters with the entire staff, a Keen Kutter cookbook, and a number of tags and lapel buttons. Plus a Stanley and a Starrett button that somehow snuck in. Good & better 60-120

B-44SET OF THREE JEWELERS ANVILS. Three anvils, all mounted on wooden bases, ranging from 10 to 4-1/2. One marked with a French name, the others unmarked. Good & better 100-200

B-45STAKE ANVIL. 11 long, hand forged, 1 square end designed to fit into a hardie hole or workbench plate. Striking surface is 4 x 1-1/4 with horn and pritchet hole. Good+ 150-250

B-46ENGRAVERS BALL. Unmarked but obviously manufactured. It consists of a mahogany base with a drawer containing a number of dapping and forming tools, topped with a vise with a number of holes to accommodate different types of jaws or tools, mounted on a very heavy metal bowl that rests in a composition collar that allows it to be moved to any position. Very elaborate and well made. Good+ 250-350

B-47MEASURING INSTRUMENT. Okay, we have no idea what this gizmo does. It has a cast iron body mounted on a slab of marble, 14-1/2 X 4, with a brass gimble mounted arm controlled by a round brass handle and ending in a pair of calipers that rest on either side of a rotating disk. If someone recognizes it please let us know, otherwise it will make a very attractive paperweight or doorstop. Good 100-200

B-48PATENT MODEL. Nutcracker. Covered by design patent D1249 issued to Samuel Smith in 1860, this nutcracker in the shape of an eagle is graphic. Has its original patent tag, torn and faded but complete. Good+ 300-600

B-49SALESMANS SAMPLE. True Temper Pitchfork. Three-tined with tine guard, 30 long, original finish with label worn but legible. Good+ 200-300

B-50BEST IN THE WEST FAVOR. Striking Knife. The miniature tool favors produced by the Pacific Northwest Tool Collectors to commemorate their biannual Best in the West meets are legendary and collectibles in their own right. The 2012 favor was a model of an elegant striking knife. Mint in its original packaging. Collect them all! New 80-160

B-51MODERN MAKER. Miniature Replica of Sargent Ladybug. 2 replica of the 1508-1/2 including fence and depth stop. Not marked but looks like Paul Hamlers work. New 150-250

B-52REVERSE MARKED LEVER CAP. Stanley Bench Planes. Uncommon variation on the Stanley lever cap with the sweetheart mark on the reverse side. Rare. Fine 150-250

B-53FOOT POWERED MORTISER. W. & F.J. Barnes. 60 tall by 24 with a 40 working surface. Three paw feet, red pinstriping, and the Barnes name (and Rockford IL) cast into the uprights. It has a 1/2 hollow chisel. The original bracket that holds the spring that returns the pedal has been replaced with some angle iron, the pedal is a wooden board, and the machine has been fastened onto a wooden base with holes through the paw feet. Good 100-200

B-54TOOL CHEST. 35-1/2 by 16 by 15. Nice decorative paint including an elaborate CK monogram on the front, inside lid has inlaid star, two sliding compartments, original brass handles, hinges and reinforced corners. The heavy lid has started to cause the rear hinges to tear out so needs to be opened carefully. Good 150-300

B-55TOOL CHEST WITH CONTENTS. J. Hilton. This ingenious chest, which is featured at page 68 of Treasure Chests by Lon Schleining (Taunton Press 2001) was built sometime in the mid 1800s by Hilton, a Connecticut cabinetmaker. From the outside it resembles a typical black painted pine chest, 38-1/2 by 23 by 29 (with wheels). Its unique feature is that when the lid is open, the entire front section pivots outward to provide access to the internal compartments. It contains almost 400 tools, and since most of them are marked by Hilton we are selling it as a complete set rather than breaking it up. Among the tools are 11 side beads by Ames of London, a set of even numbered hollows and rounds by Union Factory (numbers 4 through 24), a beautiful matched set of eight Butcher gouges fitted in the top compartment, more gouges and chisels by Butcher, Ward, and Charles Buck, a wide array of measuring and marking tools, including several French-fitted into recesses in a drawer, a set of rosewood and ebony handle try and mitre squares and five ultimatum style marking and mortise gages, two Spear and Jackson saws and two smaller saws. An absolute treasure trove of the working tools of a nineteenth century craftsman. Fine 2500-5000

B-56CARRIAGE TRIMMERS TOOL BOX. The former property of one W. L. Gale of Amesbury, Mass, who, according to his business cards (two of which are enclosed) was in the business of carriage trimming and painting, Neatly and Promptly Done. The box is of dark stained wood, 30 by 17 by 9, with lock and original key, designed to be hung on the wall, and with drawers along the bottom of both sides. Includes a variety of specialized tools, mainly gouges and chisels, and several packages of metal shapes that may have been used as decorative elements. Also includes an ebony sizing stick with Willie Gale inscribed. Good 100-200

B-57TAKEDOWN SQUARE. Nicholls Mfg. Co. Moses Nicholls 1901 patent was for the series of scales used to lay out rafters. Locking mechanism works smoothly, scales all clean. Good+ 50-100

B-58T-BEVEL. 13 brass and ebony handle with 24 blade. Unmarked but likely English with slotted locking screw. Blade has mild pitting but no damage. Unsigned but a couple of lightly stamped user names. Good 80-150

B-59CARPENTERS RULE. Chapin-Stephens No. 78-1/2. Fully brass bound, four-fold, two foot, with double arch joints, super clean with light scratching and tarnish. Good+ 100-200

B-60CARPENTERS RULE. Hubbard Hardware Co. No. 59. Hubbards Middletown, CT, mark on inside. Double arched, pins ok, light wear and a ding or two but fairly clean for age. Likely dates to before 1872 when Hubbard bought Warrick Tool Co. and changed names to Hubbard & Curtiss. Good 80-160

B-61ADVERTISING RULE. Stanley No. 75 Boxwood Rule. Clean, two-foot, four-fold, single arch. Marked in quarter-inch increments on inside. Outside has Compliments of the Washington Hydraulic Press Brick Co. Washington, D.C. Brass a little scratched and outer edges have light wear. Good 100-200

B-62LOT OF THREE MEASURING TOOLS. Stanley No. 42 ship bevel, brass replica of the No. 1 Stanley Odd-Jobs marked SMTC (Simpson Machine Tool Co.), and a marking or slitting gauge that looks like zebrawood and we think is a modern maker but cant identify, very attractive grain. All nice and clean. Good+ 120-200

B-63DISTILLERS RULE. F. Palliser. All boxwood, with two sliding and three fixed scales. We cant tell you what all the scales do, but there are several references to Proof and it was made by Palliser of Wolverhampton, the leading manufacturer of Sikes Hydrometers, which were used to measure the proof of alcholic beverages. Near mint condition. Fine 200-400

B-64HATMAKERS ROUNDING JACK. Used to cut hat brims, the curved edge rides around the hat crown. Unsigned with a nice old patina, 9 long. Good 100-200

B-65COMBINATION TOOL. Stanley No. 1 Odd-Jobs. Stanleys iconic combination level, bevel, marking gauge and square. Type 2 with proper rule and marking point. The tool itself has good nickel plating, vial wet, scribe at the peak of the triangle worn pretty flat. Good+ 150-250

B-66COMBINATION SQUARE. Standard Tool. Ornate combined square and center finder patented by O.R. Chapin in 1866 (and reissued in 1880). Mounted on an original 9 Standard rule marked with the patent date. Good+ 100-200

B-67GRASSHOPPER MARKING GAUGE. Nicely made of rosewood, wedge to lock arm, one good point and a hole where a second one may have been, stamped with users name twice. Good+ 40-80

B-68IVORY DRAFTSMANS RULE. McCarthy & Sons. 6 x 1-3/4, lightly yellowed, no staining or damage. Good+ 80-150

B-69LOT OF TWO MORTISE GAUGES. Both with ebony stems and oval heads. One by Thos. Ibbotson, brass plated head and brass framed stem, typical English set screws, the other by I. Sorby with Punch trademark, faint, brass ring in head and end screw for mortise point adjustment. Points nice and sharp. Good+ 100-180

B-70LOT OF TWO SQUARES. Both with brass framed ebony handles and unruled blades. A mitre square with 11-3/4 blade by J. Frost of Norwich, also with some lightly stamped user names and carved initials, and a try square with a 6 blade with a name too faint to read, can just make out warranted. Good+ 100-200

B-71LOT OF TWO NARROW IVORY RULES. A Stanley No. 90 and a Stephens & Co. No. 89. Both four-fold, one foot, unbound, with round brass hinges. Both have moderate yellowing, clear on inside face and worn on outside, tight with good pins. Good 100-200

B-72TRY AND MITRE SQUARE. Stanley No. 1. Type 1 of the square based on Winterbottoms mitre patent, cast iron frame with black walnut infill and lead-filled rivets, rarest 4 size. Stamped with both Winterbottoms and Trauts patent dates. User name neatly stamped on blade. Near mint condition. Fine 80-160

B-73FARRAND RAPID RULE TAPE MEASURE IOB. One of the first mass produced pocket tape measures, manufactured by Hiram Farrand of Berlin, NH. The early version 8-foot nickel plated Model A in mint condition, box is also immaculate. Fine 75-150

B-74FOURSQUARE ADVERTISING TAPE MEASURE. Marked with a clock face with Stanleys Tools around the edge, and the slogan A Good Rule at Any Time. Mint condition. Fine 150-300

B-75CLAMP ON INCLINOMETER. Green Patent. Patented by Henry Green and manufactured by Tower & Lyon, this is the brass model with the level vial canted forward. Near mint condition, accompanied by a copy of a page from the T&L catalog. Fine 60-120

B-76PLUMB BOB WITH INTEGRAL REEL. Looks like a Stanley No. 2 bob but not marked, brass with steel tip, 4 long, minor dinging. Good+ 60-110

B-77LOT OF EUROPEAN PLUMB BOBS. All cast brass. One is a bell shape with flat brass plate, marked Fayet A. Bourges and JL on the bottom, the other two are cylindrical, 3 long, one marked 28. Good+ 80-160

B-78WONDER CLOTH MEASURE. A.E. Putnam & Sons. Weve seen a fair number of the Improved Cloth Chart manufactured by the Putnams of Washington, IA, but this is the first of these gadgets weve seen. Its basically an 8 diameter Bakelite tape measure with special markings and instructions on how it can be used to determine the amount of cloth on a bolt without unfolding it. Mint in its original box. Fine 60-120

B-79ARTIFICIAL HORIZON. Stackpole Bros. and Megearey. Includes the cover and base but missing the bottle that would have held mercury poured into the base to form the reflecting surface. In its original mahogany box with a paper level that has the names of both Stackpole and Bror and Alexander Megearey. Screws that attach arms are different. The Stackpoles and Megearey were both Irish immigrants who made instruments in New York in the mid-1800s; we havent previously seen a label with both names. Good 250-500

B-80SURVEYING INSTRUMENT. Keuffel & Esser No. 4400 Hypsometer. Used primarily in forestry to measure the height of trees. It consists of a 6 long base rule with a Jacobs staff mount, a hinged rule with sights, and an altitude scale that slides along the base and is held vertical by a weight. In near mint condition in its original wooden box. Unusual. Fine 150-250

B-81LOT OF CHISELS AND GOUGES. Union Hardware. Four bevel edge bench chisels and one gouge. From different sets with socket handles. All nice and sharp. Good+ 100-200

B-82LOT OF CARVING CHISELS AND GOUGES. J.B. Addis. Fourteen total in various sizes and shapes from various sets, all with boxwood handles, clean and sharp. Good+ 200-300

B-83LOT OF BUTT CHISELS. Stanley No. 40 IOB. New old stock. Two each in the 1/8, 1/4,1/2, 5/8 and 3/4 sizes and four 3/8, packed two to the box in five original boxes with steel corner staples and original packing paper. Fine 200-400

B-84LOT OF MORTISING CHISELS. Spear & Jackson. Five total. 3/16, 1/4, 5/16, 3/8 and 1/2. All with good hickory handles, in a modern canvas roll. Fine 150-300

B-85LOT OF TWO BUTT CHISELS. Millers Falls No. 30 IOB. New old stock, appear unused with their red permaloid handles, 1/2 blades. Box fully intact with complete label and original confetti packing. Fine 60-120

B-86CARVING TOOL SET. Henry Taylor Acorn Tools IOB. A No. 4 set with five tools, black painted handles. All tools present, clean and sharp, box is worn but intact. Good+ 80-150

B-87LOT OF TWO SHARPENING STONES. Buck Knives. A 135 Hard Arkansas stone, and a Washita stone with crack, both in original wooden boxes. Good+ 50-100

B-88SET OF PLANEMAKERS FLOATS. A total of four crank-neck push floats, flat faces in different widths, unsigned but clearly from the same set, All in good clean sharp condition. An unusual set. Good+ 100-200

B-89SLICK. L & I.J. White. 2-1/2 blade, 18 socketed handle with ball end. Clear mark, clean and sharp. Good+ 100-200

B-90SLICK. Lewis Watts. 4 blade, old 10 socketed handle with iron striking ring. Marked with Watts 85 Av. D N. York address which dates it to around 1850, user name punched into opposite side. Good+ 100-200

B-91LOT OF TWO BOWL ADZES. Both have marks cast around handle, one looks like Magme the other is illegible name cast in the back. Both are 4-3/4 across, steeply curved blade, old handles, nice and sharp. Good+ 100-180

B-92BIT BRACE. Millers Falls No. 771 IOB. One of MFs premier braces, fully chromed, with the patented Lion heavy duty chuck. In near mint condition, slight wear to the grip but decal fully intact, in a box that originally held two braces with intact label, split seam. 12 sweep. Nobody made braces like Millers Falls, and in the Lion line they were at the top of their game. Youll look a long time for a cleaner example of one of the worlds best braces. Fine 80-160

B-93LOT OF TWO RATCHET BRACES. Peck, Stow & Wilcox No. 102. Two different versions of the PEXTO brace with Obed Pecks 1879 patented chuck and Caspar Reisings 1884 patented ratchet. One has the fluted chuck design used by PS&W on their earliest braces and a split lignum grip with pewter rings, the other has the later knurled version with locking set screw and the solid grip, both have good lignum heads and 10 sweeps. The grip on the early version has some damage, otherwise very clean. Good & better 80-160

B-94LOT OF TWO BRITISH BRACES. Scottish type steel brace with round stock, ebony head, elaborate wingnut on chuck, 12 sweep, and a ball handled gents brace with good boxwood head and grip, 8 sweep. Good+ 80-160

B-95LOT OF TWO METAL BRACES. One milled from flat stock, scandinavian shape, good boxwood head, spring operated chuck, 7 sweep. The other is a cagehead, wide flat breastplate, thumbscrew chuck, 10 sweep. Good+ 80-150

B-96CAGEHEAD BRACE. Unusually elaborate cage head mechanism, looks more manufactured than the typical smith made example and works smoothly. Large flat breastplate, sweated metal grip, thumbscrew locking chuck, 10 sweep. Good+ 60-120

B-97LOT OF TWO PATENTED RATCHET BRACES. A PEXTO No. 7010, with Obed Pecks original 1879 patented chuck, lignum head and grip, PEXTO mark very faint. And a BB brace manufactured by E.C. Simmons and marked with Frays 1888 and 1889 patents for the chuck and ratchet, lignum head and split grip with pewter rings. Both super clean and work smoothly, 10 sweeps. Good+ 80-160

B-98LOT OF TWO PATENTED BRACES. A pianomakers brace with 4 sweep, fixed grip based probably on Roses 1868 patent, and one based on Amidons 4/20/1880 chuck patent, 8 sweep. Good 80-140

B-99EBONY FRAMED BRACE. William Marples Ultimatum. Circa 1860 version with Hibernia Works cap on head, complete ivory ring, short nozzle. Good clean example. Fine 200-400

B-100ULTIMATUM STYLE BRACE. Atkinson Bros. Macassar ebony fill with beautiful grain, complete ivory ring. All complete and never cleaned or polished. Atkinson was primarily a cutlery firm and braces by them are not common, even by ultimatum standards. Good+ 250-450

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