Traditional and Contemporary Techniques for Working with Metal and Mixed Media Materials

Metal-jewelry-making books tend to fall into three categories: technical soldering guides, PMC showcases, and craft-chain-style project books that assume premade, purchased components (including bead, wire, findings, and so on). This book sidesteps these standard categories by becoming a whole-craft guide for the aspiring artisan from outfitting the bench block to engraving metal pendants and setting beveled stones. Competitive titles are either tool or technique-heavy without including inspiring projects or they are heavy on the projects without motivating the creative energy from the core.The Jewelers Studio Handbookintegrates tools, techniques, projects, and creative inspiration into a single package.

Brandon Holschuhhas been a jeweler for nearly 20 years. He is a member of the Society of North American Goldsmiths and The American Craft Council. Brandon is an accomplished exhibitor, winning numerous awards and merits. Visit

Be sure to pop on over to his website, the photo on the opening page is of an AMAZING piece of jewelry!!! and over to Amazon to see more inside pages fromThe Jewelers Studio Handbook.

But why you ask am I so excited about this book? Because I just got a doming cube and I know very little about how to use it! Here are two pages that show how to cut and shape:

My first attempt at using my new tool I played with some recycled materials, I used a bottle cap and I tried the side of a soda can that I punched the circle out with a regular paper punch.

I cant wait to try new things with the help and inspiration fromThe Jewelers Studio Handbook.

Do you have a doming cube? What do you make with it? Leave a link or note in the comment section and as thanks youll be entered to win a free book of the week!

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Dont have one myself, but got to try one during a jewellery course once. They are for a very specific purpose and Im sure I can justify another gadget. The effect with the bottle caps is rather cool though, and I do have a stash of them. Ill have to rethink getting one.

I dont have a doming cube, although Id love to get one (keep meaning to check out Harbor Freight, as Ive heard they have good prices on them).

Ohmigosh, I love what you did with the punch and the coke can – Ive heard of folks doing that but have never been brave enough to try it myself. But I have the punch you have pictured (and a ton of cans) so Ill have to give it a go! As always, thanks for the project.

Posted by: wendyFebruary 26, 2009 at 09:18 AM

Thanks for the great recommendation on this book. It looks wonderful. I have been doming some bottle caps. Now I have to figure out how to put 2 together to make a bead. I love your idea about the soda pop can. I may have to try that.

I have a doming cube in hardwood which works fine for thin and lightweight metals. I do need to buy some steel punches, or use those available at my college.

What was the new tool that was being demonstrated in the last photograph please? It looked like an upsutned punch of some sort.

Thanks fos showcasing this book. It looks well worth a purchase.

Posted by: SuellaFebruary 26, 2009 at 10:38 PM

Another great book! I dont have a doming cube but it sure looks interesting and something I need to check out. Love your blog. So many interesting crafts and techniques.

Used it with anything i could get my dirty little hands on- Check

Use it to make dommed silver and copper components for my jewelry-Check

I Love this book! I am usually just a little disappointed when checking out metalsmithing books, all for the reasons you listed. But this Mother bear! I nearly cried when i had to put it down to deal with the we have been here for EVER!! IM HUNGRY…candy? and did not have the brain power to handle the crisis and drool over the book. Went back the next day… IT WAS GONE!! I did, in fact, cry.

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