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Its time to start thinking about the added value that Custom Branding can create for you. This is what we do; this is our expertise and our business. Let our team of experts work with you to create labels for your line of t-shirts that will surely put you at the top.

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Our Hem Tags and Shirt Labels Speak for Themselves!

Excellent customer service. Always got in touch with my rep. No complicated phone tree. Extremely fast response, unbelievable. quick art set-up, and proofing. Great price for small runs. Dont change a thing in customer service.

The ordering process was very easy and I received my ordered of shirt tags much faster than expected. I also appreciated that your sales team was available to answer my questions and give advice on which products to choose.

Ordering Custom Woven Labels is Easy With Us By Your Side.

Our exclusive online ordering system makes it easy to be in control of your order process. You call the shots!

Our Ordering Process From Start To Finish

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We love our t-shirt labels and hem tags so much, we needed to showcase them all appropriately:

The fact that you are on this page reading about branding your line of T-Shirts with custom labels tells us you are already aware of the ever-increasing need to brand your company and market your brand. The popular trend for custom hem tags and labels worn on the sleeve, collar and bottom of the shirt enables designers to be more creative with their work by not having to somehow incorporate their name into every design. As with any business today, competition is tough and everyone is looking for different ways that they can stay up on the competition.

Its tough for t-shirt companies to stay ahead of the competition. Its important to find ways to advertise and market your brand and we believe that adding Custom Labels is the ideal way to achieve this with a minimal investment.

Attaching custom t-shirt labels or clothing tags with your name or logo to your products is a solid solution that has a variety of positive effects. To start with, they addprofessionalismto your designs and what it is maybe more important, theyput your name in front of your customerswhich in the long term will increase your brand awareness.

And dont forget yourprinted hang tags!

Yourt-shirt labelscan include everything from yourname, brand,addressorwebsite. But they can also be as simple as symbol, logo or one word that represents your company.

Think of the NIKE brand. They dont need anything but the swoosh and you know its NIKE. The same can be true for any up and coming brand. Think simple, think powerful, and be as creative as you want, what you put on your labels is up to you.

There are several categories or styles of t-shirts out there. Take into consideration the image your company portrays, the style of t-shirts, and the message you are trying to send. Are your t-shirts designed for naturalists? If so, you might consider a printed on cotton styled label. Are you designing for children or musicians, hot rod race enthusiasts or surfers? Each one would have its own identity and its very important tomatch the design of yourcustom clothing labelsto the style of your product and the target audience you want to reach.This is the first step in building an identity for your brand with your custom labels.

There are many different ways to be creative, and even the location you choose to put your label can be unique. The trend towards hem labels and visible labels is evident just by looking around at the brands in our marketplace now.

Custom T-shirt labelsare an effective way to promote your line of T-Shirts and products and definitely worth the small investment. Success lies in the small details and sometimes its the small details that can make your item soar!

Keep in mind, the location you want to place the labels will probably define the style of labels youll need to create. For example, if youre planning to sew the labels in a visible place such as the front or in the sleeves and you want something very distinct and may lean towards soft PVC or Woven Damask Labels.

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