Doming plate

4mm female hex to 1/4 male hex screwdriver bit

Angle grinder pigtail for polishing

Bench power supply 240Vac ~ 35Vdc @ 1A

Breadboard Patch-leads & Peripherals

Casio fx-991ES Plus calculator Keymap

CBT 250 counter shaft bearing housing mod

Custom Cocobolo scales for my straight razor

Dewalt DW872 tct metal chop saw mods

Die grinder spindle for 125mm discs

Font path listing bash script for nf

Ford Transit 17mm Propshaft Bearing Spanner

Ford transit mt75 gearbox quickchange

Garage / workshop doors with Stainless steel hardware

Leather pouch for modded bevel edge chisels

Lexmark E120N mono laser printer psu fix

Linux & Microchips Low pin count demo board

Linux, my most used terminal commands

Logitech QuickCam Pro 3000 USB telescope webcam

Nogging master for arched wood roofs

Not boschs HSS twist drill bits for plastic

Not Snap-ons non-ratcheting screwdriver handles

one-hand temporary earthed bench power outlet

Planer / thicknesser blade honing jig

Regulated BENCH POWER SUPPLY 240Vac ~ 24Vdc

Single bevel edge fishtail carving skew

Wallpaper cheat sheet Microchip PIC

Wooden retro rocket plant pot stand

Stuff Ive made and other bits (click knoba to see more)

Doming plate for producing identical convex ends for tubing (block made with angle grinder)

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