Doming Process Creates Attractive Nameplat

Vital Signz Inc. specializes in theDoming process That will produce an attractive coating to your nameplates,medallions and signs for use on appliances, such as sporting goods, computers and much more.

(Port Orange, Florida–January, 2000)–Companies looking to improve their product image gain tremendous benefits. The process of doming applies a controlled supply of composition to the surface of a substrate.The DOME process is maintenance free and will generate an end product beneficial for use in all types of heavy-duty and aestethic applications. The colors are enhanced not distorted.The doming process also provides resistance to extremes of heat, cold, wind,Humidity, salt sprays and dusts.

The Vital Signz Inc. has earned National acclaim as a leader in the doming process. They take pride in the production of attractiveDomed products and are committed to their clients needs.


4187 Dairy Court,Port Orange, Florida 32127

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