Geodesic Domes

OurContinental geodesic domes require less energy to heat and cool and lendthemselves geothermal HVAC systems & other types of alternative energysources. Our domes can save you up to over fifty percent when on standard (onthe grid) electrical and gas hookups. This saves you tons of money for years tocome! All our domesare wood frame construction for the shell, so you have better insulation for even more savings on heating and cooling, in all types ofclimates

OurContinental geodesic domes have been proven to withstand severe inclementweather all over the world, better than the standard box type construction,including snow loads, tornadoes and hurricanes, making them a safe and secure place to live. After all, can you think of anything stronger than interlockingtriangles?

TheContinental Quick-build Geodesic dome kit home is ideal for the in-experienced do-it-yourselfer. Only basic hand tools are required to assemble the basickit. Everything is precision cut and color coded for ease of assembly, and comes with complete blueprints and instructions. Only regular every day tools are needed and our complete instruction manuals make it a very rewarding andenjoyable experience. We do all the hard stuff, so you reap all the benefits.Once the kit is assembled, everything else is standardconstruction.

OurContinental dome structure itself requires about forty percent less buildingmaterials to enclose the same amount of space than the standard square boxbuilding. This saves natural resources and the energy used to produce theconstruction materials, as well as saving energy consumption after the home isfinished. Again less energy used means more savings to you and is better for our environment.

OurContinental dome can be designed with literally hundreds of different floorplans to suit every need for you and your family. You can start with a small tomedium sized dome and add others in a cluster arrangement as your family growsor your needs change. This can be done much easier than standard housing because you are not limited by or worrying about load bearing walls, roof trusses, and marrying in the addition so it does not look like an add on. The additional dome or round home can be added to any opening area you wish, with just a little aforethought during the design phase. The domes or round homes can be done in stages and finished as your schedule & budget permits. This allows you to be in charge of costs better than a room addition or remodel project.

Ease of Construction Without Skilled Labor or Heavy-lift Equipment Allwooden components of a CBI-Geodesic Dome are pre-engineered or pre-cut and pre-drilled toexactingspecifications, and color-coded to make it easy forunskilledpeople to assemble them with precision and confidence. Two people cancomplete the framework for even the largestdome in less than two days. Thelargestpiece for a 45 dome is a 10 ft. long 2 x 6,which is easily handled by one person.

CBI-Geodesic Domes are completely free-standing duringconstruction. No shoring up is needed. Nospecial tools or expensivelift-equipment, like cranes or forklifts, are necessary to assemble a CBI-Geodesic Dome.

Domes 24 to 35 in diameter are designed withriser walls to give greater height to the structures. CBI-Geodesic also offers optional height riser walls for any size dome. Riserwalls can be built up to 8 inheight.

Each riser wall section comes to you pre-engineered or pre-cut and pre-drilled toexactingspecifications.

Select Structural 2 x 6 studs are nailed 16 on center between a rot resistant sill plate and a top plate. The outside isfinished with a 1/2 CD exteriorgradeplywood. Hex bolts join each color-coded section to thenext.

All CBI-Geodesic Struts are made from kiln-dried 2 x 6 Select Structural Hem Fir or Douglas Fir, which can withstand considerable compression

and tension. Every strut is beveled on its outer edge toensurethat the plywood panels lie flat on the struts. We do not use automaticfeeds organg drills. All struts are pre-engineered or pre-cut and pre-drilled toexactingspecifications &/or individually cut and drilled atcorrectangles. In addition to purchasinglumber that is graded and rated forstrength, we personally inspect each piece forknots, or warping. You getonly top quality struts that are accurately pre-cut, pre-drilled, and color-coded.

Each patented Stuttgart Steel Connector in theCBI-Geodesic Assembly System is fullyengineered and fabricated with correct axial and radial angles to assure maximum strength, durability, precision and ease of assembly.

The Stuttgart Steel Connectors are manufactured from schedule 40 steel pipe and 10-gauge hot-rolled steel.

They are painted with industrial primerand then color-coded for easy identification. The wooden strutsbutt directly up to the central pipe, which virtually eliminates shear in bolts, and allows for strong compression loads.

The patented Stuttgart Steel CBI-Geodesic Ledger Hangerhardware uses the existing structural framework of a 5/8 sphere CBI-Geodesic dome itself to form an auxiliary framework for a second floor.

Studs are fabricated from 2 or better Douglas Fir or Hem Fir. Theyare precision cut to be installed at 16

on center throughout the framework. The result is an enhanced framework that conforms with standarddimensions of conventional finishing materials.

Plywood Panels The triangular plywood panels are made from 1/2 5-plyStructural Grade 1 plywood, pre-cut and colorcoded.

Dome symmetry permits the placement of skylights virtually anywhere in the structure. In addition tocreating an attractive natural light ambience, a skylight pattern that follows the path of the sun provides passive solar heating, increasing your energy efficiency.

precisely cut solid 4 x 6 pressure-treated beveled base plates are mounted to the foundation (or to the top plate of a riser wall) to achieve the correct angle to support the bottom struts of the dome structure.

Richard Buckminster Fuller and the History of Geodesic Domes

The design principles of the Continental domes are based on the revolutionary work of American inventor, architect, engineer, mathematician and cosmologist, Richard Buckminster Bucky Fuller (1895-1983). He was the second president of Mensa and awarded 25 US patents.

Throughout his life, Fuller was concerned with whether or not humanityhad a chance to survive lastingly and successfully on planet Earth, and if so,for how long? In pursuing this lifelong experiment, Fuller wrote more thanthirty books an pioneered numerous inventions, chiefly in the fields of designand architecture. In the 1940s he set out to create a design science thatwould produce the best solution to mankinds housing problems using minimalconsumption of energy and materials.

Byreplicating natures own co-ordinate system which can be found in all spheres

from planets to molecules and understanding that gravitational forces are spherical, his work challenged the efficiency of the traditional linear architectural structures, and the geodesic dome was born.

Thisremarkable, sphere-like structure was based on theories of energetic-synergetic geometry. Fuller demonstrated that a sphere was the most efficient space as it encloses the most volume using the least amount of surface area. Any dome therefore has the least surface through which to lose heat and has the unique ability to stand up to potentially damaging winds.

Fullers efforts in creating the geodesic dome were applauded in 1970when he was awarded a gold medal by the American Institute of Architects,critically acclaiming it as the strongest, lightest and most efficient means of enclosing space known to man.

Carbon molecules known as fullerenes or buckyballs are so-called because of their resemblance to a geodesic sphere. Although the geodesic dome was widely hailed as a credible solution toworld housing shortages, this ability was never realized. However, its efficient and economical shape makes it perfect for a range of applications in the modern world.

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