How to Make a Bottlecap Necklace

Making a bottle cap necklace is an easy project that requires inexpensive materials and very little time. You can make a basic version in less than half an hour, although you may also need at least 12 hours curing time if you use resin.

Self-adhesive epoxy dots turn making a bottle cap necklace into an almost foolproof project. If you dont have these dots on hand or want to include three-dimensional objects, self-doming resin works quite well, too. Syringe packs make it easy to measure accurately and eliminate almost all the mess.

Choose an image for your necklace. Scrapbook paper, photographs, and book pages work well. If you have a 1-inch circle paper punch, its easy to punch out a perfect circle around the image. If not, use a circle template to draw a circle around the image you select.

Carefully cut out the circle along the marked line. Cutting a fine line is easier if you rotate the paper as you cut rather than moving the scissors to a new position after each cut.

Punch a hole in the edge of the bottle cap. A metal punch makes this very easy, but you can use a hammer and nail if you dont have one on hand. Position the hole toward the outside edge of the caps lip, between two ridges.

Remove an epoxy dot from its liner and set it over the image, carefully aligning the dot with the cut image. Hold the edges of the dot and avoid touching the back so you dont smudge the adhesive.

Squeeze a small amount of craft adhesive onto the bottom of the bottle cap. Use a toothpick to distribute the adhesive evenly. Note: you do not have to remove the rubber seal inside the bottle cap, but if you prefer to, use a razor knife to pry up an edge, the pull the seal away from the cap.

Set the image-backed epoxy dot into the cap and press down. Rock the dot from side to side a bit to spread the adhesive across the back of the image. Line up the dot and image so the hole in the bottle cap is centered at the top of the design.

Open a jump ring, using jewelers or needlenose pliers. Slip the open edge of the jump ring through the hole in the bottle cap. Close the jump ring. This is easier if you have two pairs of pliers — one pair to hold each side of the jump ring.

Thread a leather cord through the jump ring. Cut the cord at the desired length. Line up the ends, hold them together and tie a simple knot.

Cut out the image and glue it to the bottom of the bottle cap as previously described. Punch a hole in the side of the bottle cap, and place a piece of tape over the hole.

Squeeze a couple of teaspoons of resin into a disposable cup. When using a syringe-type applicator, put one thumb on each plunger and exert equal pressure on each. Using a popsicle stick or other disposable stirrer, mix the resin for 2 minutes.

Drip resin into the bottle cap. Work slowly and distribute the resin evenly around the cap. The resin will pool into somewhat of a dome. Set the cap on a level surface to cure overnight or as the manufacturer suggests. When the resin is dry, remove the tape. Add a jump ring and leather cord as described in Section 1.

Drop resin over image. (Image:Jeff Farris)

When using resin, do not fill the cap so full that the resin covers the hole for the jump ring.

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