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Two hardwood punches and dapping block for shaping cases, removing dents or dapping blanks into domed shapes. Wood will not scratch or mar precious metals. The block features different size depressions on each side and is 2.25 (57mm) square.

Emily Miller uses this dapping block in ourPMC Leaf Buckle Spaceronline class.

This works great for a variety of projects. My favorite is stamping a name on a sterling circle, then punching a hole then dapping it in this block to make a really nice domed pendant.

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It offers larger sizes than the metal ones, so I use these often. They do start to shred after many uses.

Lots of size options! easy to work with and quality wood

This is a great tool for shaping your metal blanks. I find with the wooden dapper there is less marking on our metal blanks when shaping. I also have a metal dapping set, and this is the one I prefer over the metal. It does shred over time from use, however I have had my first one well over 5 years, and just purchased a new one.

This gets the job done and you cant beat the price!!!

As above, great tool for shaping metal blanks. I prefer the wood dapper to the metal dapper. After I use it, I take 3000 (yes, three thousand) grit sandpaper. This removes any tiny loose wood that can come loose in a larger piece. Great product.

I had never thought about dapping before a recent Facebook live. I ordered this dapping block and am thrilled with how easy it has been to dap. Thus far, Ive only practiced on scrap circle blanks, but Ive been able to form nice domes. I think this dapping block will be a great tool to help give my pendants a more finished look AND this tool is a great value!

Love playing with this dapping tool. Does a great job and I love the price!! Thanks for providing us with awesome values!

This block is OK. I did not receive quite what was in the picture. Both punches were small and not very round.

I love the dapping block! I may eventually order a metal one but Ive used this one and it works perfectly! I tried a few of the sizes, very versatile.

I love this dapping block. I researched it and found the wood block was very popular and I can see why. I have used this on dog tags to give them more of a shape and it is great. I am enjoying this item very much and very happy I purchased it.

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