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Established in Adelaide, South Australia since 1980 supplying

Woven labels for – School Children and Nursing Homes – Crafts and Hobbies – Woven Designer Branding – Garment branding – Woven Size Tabs, Care, Content and Washing Instructions

Printed for – Care, Content and Washing Instructions from stock or made to order – Sizing – Lingerie – Zip Pulls – Bean Bag and Fire Warning

We use different materials for these, soft satin, polyester, cotton etc. We can Custom make care labels as well.

Ideal for the Garments and Clothes, Clothing Dressmakers & Textile Industries, Quilters, Knitters, Craft and Hobby Sewing Enthusiasts.

Zip Pulls – Stock Swing Tags – Swing Tag Attachers and Ties

Nursing Home and School Children are best woven so the wording will not fade or wash off. We offer both sew-on and iron-on types, however do not recommend iron-on lfor Nursing Home situations

as these are heat activated and due to the heat used in commercial laundering they can lift off. This defeats the purpose of labelling. Save the cost of lost, use an Apparel woven name tag.

We have a range of colours and writing styles for you to choose from.

As well as personalised names we also offer Designer tags for small garment makers, designers, etc. There is a range of colours, typestyles and pictures to select from.

These are ideal when starting your business up as there is not a hugh outlay.

Woven and Printed Brand to your own requirements. Whether you need your own font and perhaps a logo we can assist with getting the label just right for you.WOVEN NAME LABELS

Printed on CottonSTOCK CARE & CONTENT


Standard sizes Printed on PolyesterCUSTOM MADE CARE AND CONTENT




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Name labels for School children and Nursing Home Residents – Sew on and Iron on types available

Its a lot cheaper to label rather than lose clothing

Information to help youchoose the most suitable label for your situation. Either for School Children or Nursing Home Residents. These woven labels, unlike printed labels last indefinitely and will never wash out. Both sew on and iron on are available.

way to place your order for name labels. Ideal for School name labels, Nursing Home name labels all woven. View the samples and check the prices. Available in Sew-on and Iron-on.

Designer woven name Labels – Design your label from our range of choices

This is another wayof labelling your garments in small runs for commercial use.

Take a look at some we have made for a number of clients.

These Motif Labels are another variation on the commercial woven name labels.

Not only can you have your own or your company name. You can also have a choice of a small graphic design to enhance your label. Again these come in small quantities and cheap prices.

Brand new to our range, the page is currently underconstruction. Feel free to email through your choices and we can send a layout/mock up of how your label could look. If you are happy with this we can then send a link for you to submit your payment details.

How many times have you thought that your creations were worthy of a distinctive label that would express your personality? Well

is your opportunity. We will help you create such a label at

cost. Our design team is at your disposal. Just fill in the quotation request form with your basic ideas and we will do the rest. There is absolutely no charge for the design. There is no compulsion to have the label made, that is your choice. However we will be happy to weave the label for you at a competitive price if you wish. This is the best offer you will ever get for label design, are you going to ignore it? YES! it is FREE and NO! there is no catch.

Commercial woven label quotation request form

that you will find here, have been created for the Mums and Grandmas, who put so much love into the items that they make for their families. They can buy the labels for themselves, or better still, they make a wonderful gift .

New coloured satin and self adhesive white now available

These are super soft satin printed labels. May be used in certain applications where the expense of a woven label is not justified. Have a look at the colour range andsamples

Lingerie Labelshave for a long time been a problem because they irritate.

Not so these with labels, Read about them.

Swing Tag Tagger Guns are used for attaching swing tag and hang tags to garments with nylon ties. Both guns and ties are available herehave a look.Prices are very competative.

Zip Pullsmake and additional embelishment to any garment with a zip. It is another way of advertising on the garment that is readily accepted

Washing, Care, Content and Size Labels

In Australia if you are selling what you make by law you must have care & content labels on clothing items. We can custom make them to order or you can view our range of stock labels by clicking on any of the buttons below.

Printed on CottonSTOCK CARE & CONTENT


Standard sizes Printed on PolyesterCUSTOM MADE CARE CONTENT

Custom size Printed on PolyesterCUSTOM MADE CARE CONTENT

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