Polar Domes

An insulated dome is like a good Coleman® cooler… it will keep cool inside when it is hot out and keep warm inside with just a small heat source when it is cold out! Our insulated domes are good to go in any climate, from desert to Antarctica.

AtInterShelter™, we strive to provide our clients with new and innovative ways to provide shelter in every climate and terrain on earth. After examining countless ways and products to insulate our domes we came in contact with a independently manufactured product called P2000.

P2000 is a hybrid rigid-board insulation that in our opinion is decades ahead of the conventional ideas and products used for insulating building structures.P2000 is made with a dense expanded polystyrene (EPS) core and utilizes a high grade reflective finish on one side and a very durable white woven finish on the other. P2000 kits for ourPolar Domescome precut to fit in the interior of our structures with no fasteners because of this woven finish; all you have to do is tape the seams. The added benefit once youve installed the P2000 kit in yourPolar Domeand taped the seams is that you now have a vapor barrier, radiant and convection heat barrier, wind barrier, thermal barrier, bug barrier and a beautifully finished interior for yourInterShelter™Polar Dome.

Our P2000 insulation kits have been field tested from the areas of Fairbanks, Alaska, at 35 degrees below F to the deserts of the Middle East at 115 degrees F.

With the P2000 kits you can warm yourPolar Dometo 72 degrees F when its 35 below outside with nothing more then a 1,500 watt space heater. The P2000 kits come in thicknesses of 5/8 and 1 thick. Whether you are setting up base camp at Mt. Everest or the plains of the Sahara; the insulatedPolar Domewill provide you with the luxury comforts of home.