I have never used resin on polymer clay before so I have been doing some research on it, and it seems resin tends to turn yellow with age and sun exposure.

Has anyone had any luck using a resin that has not yellowed?

Depends on what you want to do and what resins. Ive used two resins where I just found they took too long to cure for the purpose of what I wanted them to do /eyes and features) besides that Ive used a white resin as a base that worked out well but Id recommend magic glos or otherwise known as polymerclay uv resin if using for small features if you are wanting to use slot in the other hand be prepared to pay for it as resin starts to get costly

I have heard about uv resin, will look into it more. Thanks

You can prevent the yellowing on resins (especially epoxy resins and especially if those are cast and deeper than 1/8 at a time) by coating the cured resin with a clear gloss polyurethane (water-based version usually) that is itself UV-resistant–like Varathane (indoor gloss version, now made by Rustoleum).

You could instead use a polyester resin, but its fiddlier to use and needs to be treated in certain ways to prevent the natural stickiness it will have on any areas exposed to air during curing (one of which is to apply polyurethane on top after curing).

Or for small applications, you could use an epoxy glue thats known for being clearest like Devcons 30-minute set 2-pt epoxy glue (2-Ton).

And some brands of cold enamel dont seem to yellow, and a few come in transparent rather than pre-tinted.

It takes a fair amount of UV light (sun, fluorescent lighting) or heat to yellow resin though so that might never happen unless the item were outside a lot or heated in an oven, etc, or the yellowing might just make the colors more toned down and vintage looking, though so slowly it might not even be noticed. And of course any yellowing wont be as noticeable on dark colors, or yellowish or brownish colors.

Or you could possibly just use the UV-resistant Varathane/polyurethane instead of resin.For many uses itll be thick enough as is, but it layers of it can be added to make the coating thicker or items can be dipped into it for thicker layer/s.

If youre interested in more about resins, polymer clay finishes, and using polymer clay outdoors, check out these pages at my polymer clay site:

My pieces are small, earrings and necklaces.

I have been thinking of using polyurethane too as I know some brands state they are UV-resistant and non-yellowing, I just wanted to achieve a doming effect, but Ill try your suggestion of dipping and see how that goes.

If you really want a doming effect, you could use a doming resin or other doming product first, then add a coat of UV-resistant polyurethane on top for more scratch and moisture-resistance (especially if its one of the products that arentactualresin but do dome).

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Hi! I just started using resin on my pieces (jewelry) a few weeks ago.

I notice another commenter recommended Varathane. I would NOT recommend this for jewelry. I made a ton of jewelry and beads and put it on there – – after a very short time, makeup, skin oils etc made the beads and jewelry brown and dirty looking. I was so disappointed. However Ive cleaned some of the pieces and put resin over top of it and that seems to be okay.

However resin seems to be working so far. I am in the USA and I got mine at Michaels, its called Envirotex Lite. You can also get it on Amazon but I was in a hurry haha.

So far I have been pleased with the results. Its 100X better than the polyurethane. It gives it a thick, beautiful glassy finish, where as Varathane actually magnified the imperfections, such as fingerprints etc. Resin seems to cover them up which has been excellent. It also brings out the colors and any glitter or pearliness in the clay.

Sorry I wasnt able to answer your question more specifically but thats what Ive found so far. Good luck!

Edit: so I decided to make an Imgur account to share pics of my work on here and I didnt realize its a vicious, mean nasty place lol!!! Anywayshereis the difference I noticed. Those are made from the same raw clay design and one is clearly nasty and the other looks beautiful.