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How to calculate the size of your design in cm2

In order to use our price list below, you will need to calculate the size of your design in cm2. To do this all you need to do is measure the maximum width of your design (in cm) and multiply this figure by the maximum height of your design (in cm). The value of this calculation is the size in cm2 used in the left column of the price list. For example, if the tallest part of your design is 2cm and the widest part of the design is 7cm, 2 x 7 = 14, so 14cm2 is the area of your design. This would fall into the up to 16cm2 section of the price list. If you prefer to work in mm e.g. 20mm tall and 70mm wide, multiply together e.g. 20 x 70 then divide by 100 to get cm2.

All prices include GST unless otherwise stated. Non-standard shaped stickers that require intricate doming like stars, donut rings or text may be subject to extra charges – please contact us for a quote. Artworks done for custom shaped stickers includes additional charges.

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