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Manufacturing & Processing Machinery

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Y&D7300N bench-top robot is our most popular industrial robot with a dispensing area of 300mm X 300mm X 100mm With specialized Teach Pendant PC Y&D 7300N dispensing robot systems are easy to program and quick to set upThree-dimensional motion control allows easy programming of dots stripes arcsand patterns on different planes These capabilities enable our customers to tackle more complex projects that require precision fluid dispensing and placement while increasing product quality and yield

1 Easy to program – Dedicated fluid dispensing software eliminates the need for complex robot language programming

2Programmable interface via teach pendant or PC

3 Fully integrated positioning and fluid dispensing functions

4Suitable for many fluid dispensing applications

5Fast highly accurate and produce more parts with less process time

6 English handhold control box easy use

7set the glue amount speed and time etc Stable glue flow and no leaking

Automobile mechanical parts coating cell phone buttons point glue mobile phone battery packaging laptop battery package the coil point glue PCB bond fixed sealant IC sealant horn external punctuate glue PDA sealant LCD sealant IC packaging IC bonding casing bonding optical device processing mechanical seal etc

Silica gel EMI conductive adhesive UV glue AB glue fast dry glue epoxy adhesive sealant hot glue grease silver glue red glue solder paste cooling paste prevent solder paste transparent lacquer screw fixation agent etc

The product in the process of bonding infusion coating sealing filling drop lineararcround glue etc Dispense in point line surface arc circle and irregular curve and triaxial linkage function is available etc

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Manufacturing & Processing Machinery

Other Chemical Equipment & Machinery

Manufacturing & Processing Machinery

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Main Products:Automatic Glue Dispenser Dispenser, Liquid Robot, Gantry Conveyor Dispenser Robot, Right-Angle Dispenser Machine, Barrels and Tips, Storage Tanks, Dispenser Valve, Adhesive Dispensing, Precision Dispenser, Cartridger

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