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We have laundry safe, stick on & iron on clothing labels that can be stuck to virtually any clothing. Great forsweaters, jackets, t-shirts,school uniforms& more!

– Use on just about any clothing item. Theyll last the longest if you stick them to the sewn in care tag or to the brand stamp.

– An alternative to stick on labels. A

socks, underwear and all clothing items.

Select your labels below to get started!

Small Round Clothing Labels – .8x .8

Small Square Clothing Labels – 1 x 1

IRON ON Small Round Labels – .8 x .8

IRON ON Small Square Labels – 1 x 1

IRON ON Thin Rectangle Labels – 1.5 x 0.25

IRON ON Small Rectangle Labels – 2 x 0.5

Stick On & Iron On Waterproof Labels for Clothes

Ourstick on clothinglabelshave industrial strength adhesive so they stick, wash after wash! Stick them to the garment care tags for best results in the washing machine. For tagless clothes, just peel and stick the adhesive labels on the manufacturers brand stamp. Our clothing sticker name labels stay stuck.  These personalized name tag labels for clothing are waterproof and durable so theyre laundry safe. You choose what text to put on your labels for clothes: name, phone number, email, room number… whatever suits your fancy. Our Stick On Clothing Labels Are Great For Everyone!

OurIron On Waterproof Labelsare a permanent labeling solution and work great on any type of clothing that you can iron without damaging the clothing. Lots of our customers buy the stick on clothing labels as well as the iron on labels to take care all of their labeling needs. Iron on tags are awesome especially for tagless clothes like socks, tshirts and underwear. These clothing labels iron on and stay stuck. Our iron on labels for clothes are a permanent labeling solution.

Use our Stick On & Iron On Waterproof Labels for –

Kids- Our name tag labels for clothing are perfect for kids. Label their daily clothing, outerwear, snow clothes and sports practice/game clothes. Dont forget to useKids Iron On Labelsfor all their other stuff too – backpacks, sports gear, water bottles, video games, school supplies, camping gear, the list is endless. Our labels are ideal for labeling daycare items too!

Senior Citizens- Ournursing home labelsare great for all sorts of care facilities. These are the best clothing labels for nursing homes that you can find. Dont forget to get an extra page or two of our stick on name labels for clothes, and all their other personal belongings – glass cases, sheets, walkers, books, toothbrush, hairbrush, the list goes on.

Athletes- Oursports name tags(and all of our labels) are waterproof so theyre great for all the clothing and gear an athlete has to cart back and forth from the field, court or gym. Put our sports equipment labels on everything from clothing, water bottles to all the sports gear you and your family lug around.

Adults- Our stick on & iron custom name labels for clothing just make sense when it comes to keeping track of all your things. Great as iron on tags but also great for everything you own.

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