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ir bitten um Hilfe aus unserer Mitbrgerinnen und R2 Bauherren

, diese Stckliste ins Portugiesische bersetzen

Nous demander de laide de nos collgues constructeurs R2

traduire cette liste de pices

Necesitamos ayuda de los compaeros constructores de R2para traducir la Lista de las Partes en Espaol.

Pedimos a ajuda de nossos construtores R2 colegas

para traduzir esta lista de peas




View all the R2D2 parts names for referencehere

Read or Download theParts Check Listfor your Droid.

R2D2 Sound FX KIT Video: – it can controlled also with your smartphone –

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Other R2D2 parts available for sale:

These are most of the R2D2 parts available for sale.

– Ankle Bracelet – Ankle Bracket – Ankle Cylinder – Ankle Cylinder Holder – Ankle Wedge

– Body – Battery Harness – Battery Harnesses – Battery Box – Booster

– Dome – Dome Bumps – Dome Light Kit

– Feet – Foot 3rd – Foot Strip – Leg Center Ankle – Leg Stabilizers – Front Upper & Lower Vents

– Half Moon – Holoprojector – Horseshoe

– Large Data Port – Leg Strut – Leg Hydraulics

– Radar Eye – Restraining Bolt – ROBOTICS ( foot drives, RC board with PS2 remote, dome spin)

– Shoulder Button – Shoulder Details – Shoulder Hub – Shoulder Flange – Side Vent – Skirt

Active Duty or Retired Armed Forces get 20% OFF**

Charity, Noble causes and Educational get similar discount.

Droid Builders help and building services available.

Accurately built and painted ;made out of Fiberglass Resin and detailed in Urethane Polymer Resin.

These R2D2 Units arethe most affordable price in the market, The intention is for every fan to have their own r2 unit, if the want to.