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Tube End Forming Machines Information

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Tube end forming machines are used to perform various operations on the end of a tube to finish it for its desired application or use. The operations performed by tube end forming machines may include end reduction, cutting, end expansion, flanging, chamfering, roll beading, flaring, facing and notching. Tube end forming machines may use any one of several forming processes to shape the inside and/or outside end of a tube. The tube altered by tube end forming machines may be round, rectangular, or square in shape.

There are several different processes used by tube end forming machines. The basic methods employed by tube end forming machines are segmented tool sizing, ram forming, rotary forming, roll forming and spinning. When tube end forming machines use segmented tool sizing and ram forming, they work the entire circumference of the tube at one time. When utilizing rotary forming and spinning, tube end forming machines work around the tube more gradually. Tube end forming machines that employ ram forming use an impact process to drive a tapered plug inside a tube or a tapered cup over the outside of a securely held tube end. These tube end forming machines work the full circumference of the tube end uniformly. The process is designed to smoothly transition the tube end to the finished contour. Hydraulic tube end forming machines are typically most effective in delivering the power and speed required by this type of process.

Tube end forming machines use segmented tool sizing to get the job done. Tube end forming machines that employ segmented tool sizing work the tube circumference radially. These tube end forming machines use a set of segmented dies. At the beginning of the process, each tooling segment contacts the tube at two points, but by the end, the segments contact the total tube circumference. Tube end forming machines can produce a wide variety of tube end geometries including, expansion with a shoulder, expansion with internal threads, chamfer, tube stop beading, double bead, bead, and rounded roll over. Other effects produced with tube end forming machines include end reduction with transition, end expansion with transition, threaded expansion, threaded reduction, flanged, radius groove, machined barbs, spherical closed end, and conical flare.

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