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Medium Gable Peak Canopy with Valance Tarp

Medium Gable Peak Canopy with Tarp over 2 sides

High Gable Peak Canopy with Tarp over 2 sides

ShelterLogic Garages, Sheds, Canopies

ShelterTube Wind and Snow Rated Shelters

PVC Greenhouse Kit (Fittings and Snap Clamps Only)

Tufflite Commercial Greenhouse Film

4 INCH wide Snap Clamps (Fabric Clips)

48 INCH wide Snap Clamps (Fabric Clip)

Shade Sails, Shade Cloth & Fasteners

Haul-It Wood Mover – Rolling Firewood Cart

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Over 125 Do-It-YourselfCanopy Kitsstarting at $68.

Large selection oftarpsizes and styles to choose from including heavy duty poly tarps, mesh and fire retardant tarps. Fully enclose canopies with gable end tarps and side tarps. Check out our selectionhere.

Our selection of PVC Fittings will provide all the shapes to make your project look professional.

Need accessories for you canopy project? Check out the selection of ball ties, foot pads, anchors and much more.

Use this unique web app to custom design your own gable, tent frame or slant roof canopy with all order and material information provided.

On a single printable page you get a frame diagram, tube cut list, and final dimensions.

Large selection of welded steel Canopy and Tent fittings. Create your own custom designed shelter to fit your needs.

2x4BasicĀ® products by Blitz are designed to be built with standard 2x4s with no angle cutting required. These products are a DIY dream. If you can use a saw and a screwdriver you can build these projects. All 2×4 ends are cut at 90 degrees, no complicated cutting and fitting of joints. All products are designed to be built to your length requirements. Check these innovative products out.

We have a large selection ofcanopies, canopy frame parts and tarps. Our kits include high quality joint fittings designed to be used with EMT tubing (electrical conduit) or chain link fence tubing. They include heavy duty tarps available in multiple colors and all the ball ties required for assembly. Our canopy kits are not only the low cost answer to those high priced shaky pop-up-type shelters or flimsier PVC pipe structures, but also provide unlimited applications. Due to the expense of shipping we do not include tubing with any of our kits. Tubing can be purchased at many building supply or fencing supply stores.

If you are interested in building your own canopy we have over 300 different fittings and tarps to choose from. Select from our steel EMT tube fittings in either 3/4 inch and 1 inch sizes or our 1 3/8 inch, 1 5/8 inch and 1 7/8 inch chain link fence tube fittings (fittings are used in the construction of a shelter to connect tubing at corners and joints). We carry fittings for flat top(90 degree), 102 degree slope, 110 degree slope and 120 degree slope roofs. We also carry many specialty fittings. See our canopy examples page for ideas. Our tarps are made of laminated heavy duty polyethylene with woven reinforcing cloth and come in sizes from 6 feet to 60 feet and in white, silver, green, and striped. Our selection includes tarps made of materials which are flame retardant, 100% sun blocking, and mesh for sun screen. We also have a new line of PVC Vinyl Tarps for a long lasting solution. To complete your design we carry high grade ball ties (bungee), foot pads, claw anchors, auger anchors, duckbill anchors, ratchet tie-downs, S-hooks, grommets, tarp tape, spring clamps, fabric clips (snap clamps), ZIPUP TM zipper. We would be happy to assist you in designing a canopy for your application or try our unique canopy design tool.

We also carry a full line of Furniture grade PVC fittings. These PVC fittings are used for construction of many projects, including PVC Greenhouses, PVC Row Covers, PVC Raised Garden Beds, chicken coops, temporary shelter, and much more.

We are continuing to grow our product line, and recent additions include Shelterlogic Greenhouses and Instant Garages, and Solexx Greenhouses and Solexx paneling. We also carry 5.5 mil Panda Film, 7 mil Panda Film and 6 mil greenhouse film. Along with that, are the fabric pots, and a growing selection of greenhouse supplies.

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