Baking Smallwares

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Servingware and Dinnerware Accessories

Menu Holders and Guest Check Presenters

Stock your bakery with baking hand tools and utensils. Youll find rolling pins, scrapers, cutters for cakes and pies, and slicers for candy.

Enhance the presentation of your baked goods with these display stands. We offer everything from cake stands and pastry baskets to display cases.

Bake your cakes, pastries, breads, rolls, bagels, and other baked goods with our professional baking pans.

Outfit your bakery with the proper measuring tools. We carry measuring cups and spoons as well as mixing and measuring bowls.

Add detailing to your cakes, cookies, and pastries with our decorating tools. Stock up on items like pastry bags, pastry tubes, and icing spatulas.

Paper Cone Cup and Pleated Paper Drinking Cup Dispensers

Hotel Room Ironing and Laundry Supplies

Hotel Shower Curtains, Liners, Rods, and Accessories

If youre looking for baking smallwares for your foodservice establishment, then youve come to the right place. Whether you operate a small, local bakery in town or a large catering business or supermarket bakery, were sure to have the products you need. Plus, by stocking up on these items in bulk, youll receive great wholesale prices that you cant find anywhere else. While youre shopping for products for your bakery, be sure to also check out ourcommercial mixersholding cabinets, andbakery convection ovens. If youre wondering where to buy baking smallwares, we have a large selection of baking smallwares for sale at the lowest prices.

While commonly used for icing, pastry bags are a versatile tool that can also be used to pipe whipped cream, fill doughnuts, form pastries, and even pipe mashed potatoes! With so many different uses, it is important for you to pick the right pastry bag since not all are created equal in terms of flexibility, strength, or grip. Need to pipe thick dough? Try a canvas pastry bag . Fatty or oily product? Maybe a plastic-coated bag would work the best for you. Read on to learn about the features of each type of pastry bag, and soon decorating your desserts will be a piece of cake!

Aluminum, aluminized steel, carbon steel, non-stick…with so many muffin pan options to choose from, its a wonder how anyone has time to bake their petite treats! Thankfully, we created this handy guide to break down the types of muffin pans to make this purchasing decision easier than cake.

Accommodate More Customers with Gluten-Free Baking

Have you ever been curious about why some people go gluten-free? As many as 3 million people in the United States are diagnosed with Celiac disease. Those who have this disease cannot eat and properly digest gluten products without harming their small intestine. As awareness of this disease has increased over time, owners of bakeries have started to accommodate their customers with this intolerance by adopting gluten-free baking operations. Not to mention, gluten-free diets for individuals without Celiac disease are growing in popularity, and you can capitalize on that by producing gluten-free goods. This being said, if you are interested in catering to customers with gluten-free diets, its important to have a basic understanding of gluten, Celiac disease, and how gluten impacts those affected by the disease. What is Gluten? Gluten is the protein found in wheat, barley, rye, and other similar grains like triticale, a hybrid of wheat and rye. This protein acts as a binding agent, making batters and dough sticky and giving them their structure and shape. Gluten provides elasticity and stability, holding together cookies, cakes, pastries, and other favorite baked goods. What is a Gluten-Free Diet? A gluten-free diet completely exludes the use of gluten, and it may include gluten-free substitutes in order to enjoy traditionally glutinous foods. While a gluten-free diet is necessary for people with Celiac disease, many modern diet systems also recommend going gluten-free. For this reason, any gluten-free goods you produce will appeal to customers interested in these lifestyles and will also accommodate individuals diagnosed with Celiac disease. What is Celiac Disease? Celiac disease causes the body to be hypersensitive to gluten products. It occurs when the bodys natural defense system reacts to gluten by attacking the lining of the small intestine. If an individual with Celiac disease continues to eat gluten products, they can potentially ruin their healthy inte

If you operate a bakery, then be sure to stock up on the baking smallwares you need to properly prepare baked goods. Youll find measuring tools and ingredient bowls for preparing batters, as well as cake pans and molds for baking cakes, cookies, and other desserts. We even carry merchandising items, like pastry baskets, cupcake stands, and sample dome trays, that help boost impulse sales.

By outfitting your kitchen with the proper baking smallwares, you can create delicate baked goods that not only taste delicious but are visually appealing, as well. Use pastry tips, bags, and fondant smoothers to intricately decorate cakes and cupcakes, and stock up on pie cutters to serve equal portions of cake in your bakery or at your special event. Also, dont forget bakery smallwares, like bagel boards, candy scoops, pan extenders, and draining grates, that make your preparation processes more efficient.

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