BHO Extraction

obtained by using butane gas as solvent.

Here youll find equipment and accessories tomake your BHO extractseasily and safely. Fromstainless steel or borsilicate extraction tubestorefined butanegas refills, all the products listed here have been tested by our specialists with excellent results.

Purging the BHO extractto remove the solvent is another crucial part of the process. For this purpose, we offer herevacuum pumps, vacuum chambersandheating plates. Also, and especially if youre a professional, our selection ofvacuum ovenswill surely meet your requirements.

Remember that butane gas is highly flammable, please follow the proper safety instructions before attempting to make a BHO extraction. You shouldnever use butane gas indoors.

There are 49 products in the category BHO Extraction

Thanks to Herborizer, finally theres the possibility for everyone to perform BHO cannabis extractions at home using a closed circuit! This small passive closed circuit extractor is now available online for you to discover at Closed […]

With these extractor tubes you can use around 1kg of dried buds to make top grade BHO extracts. Concentrate your cannabinoids easily and fast! They are made of food grade 316 and 304 stainless steel, and their design allows you to soak the plant mat […]

With this extracor tube you can process up to 500g of dried herb to make BHO extracts. Concentrating cannabinoids with butane has never been so easy! These columns are made of food grade 316 and 304 stainless steel, and allows the user to soak the p […]

This extraction tube has a capacity of 150 grams of dried buds, allowing the user to make BHO cannabis extractions efficiently and easily. Now available in Alchimiaweb. The tube is made of 304 and 316 food grade stainless steel, with two safety togg […]

This extracor tube allows you to use up to 80g of dried herb and make top grade BHO concentrates. Extracting cannabinoids with gas is fast and easy with these tubes. Manufacturing materials are food grade 316 and 304 stainless steel, which ensures […]

Alchimiaweb presents here these manual extraction tubes to improve your BHO equipment, which provide better yields and are very easy to use. These columns allow the user to use up to 50gr of dried buds, a relatively small amount ideal for home growe […]

Alchimiaweb adds to its catalog this 90L vacuum oven, the ideal tool for purging your BHO extracts quickly, efficiently and safely. The combination of heat and vacuum provide excellent purging efficacy. The interior is covered with stainless steel h […]

Vacuum ovens are used to purge BHO cannabis extracts in a very easy, fast and efficient way. Already available in Alchimiaweb. This 54L oven purges your extracts through heat and vacuum. The stainless steel heating tubes inside the oven distribute t […]

Alchimia offers you the possibility to purge your cannabis resin extracts in the best possible way. Purging your BHO will be easier, faster, safer and more efficient with this range of quality vacuum ovens. These ovens efficiently purge solvents fro […]

Now available at the VRR12M gas recovery machine, designed to move butane gas from the closed loop BHO extraction system. This professional recovery pump is designed to move the butane gas from the tank to the resin extraction tu […]

Alchimiaweb presents this closed loop system for making BHO extracts, aimed at professionals and with a capacity of 5kg of dried herb. Closed loop systems allow the user to recirculate the solvent (gas, in this case), so the waste of butane is minim […]

Alchimiaweb presents these new BHO closed loop systems, designed for professionals and with a capacity of 2,5kg of dried buds. With closed loop systems the user can recirculate the solvent (butane, propane…), which means that the waste of gas is m […]

BHO closed loop extraction systems are already available in Alchimiaweb. Now you can make your BHO extracts in a safer and more professional way thanks to this system, with a capacity of 1kg of dried buds. With closed loop systems we can recirculate […]

Alchimiaweb presents here this closed loop system to make BHO extractions in a professional way. With this system, you can process up to 500g of dried herbs in one go. Among the main advantages of these systems we have the option to recirculate the […]

D-Luxe steel extraction tube, designed for big BHO extractions, and built to last for a long time. This marijuana resin extractor is large, with a total length of 55cm and a diameter of 3cm, which will process a considerable amount of cannabis at on […]

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