Craft Product Review SuperClear Resin bysin Obseson

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Craft Product Review: SuperClear Resin by Resin Obsession

Craft Product Review: SuperClear Resin by Resin Obsession

I enjoy using resin in some of my jewelry and mixed-media projects, but I know its intimidating to some. Theres mixing involved, and often the materials are considered toxic. Then there is the question of what resin is best for what applications.

Today Im reviewingSuperClear Resin: a non-toxic, 2-part casting resin for jewelry making fromResinObsession. This is unlike other 2-part resins Ive used, both because its non-toxic and because its really just for casting objects in molds.  But more on that soon. First, lets review what the website has to say about this new resin on the market:

         shipped worldwide

         non-toxic formula

         4 oz bottle of resin, 2 oz bottle of hardener

6-8 hour cure time at room temperature

1 hour cure time with 150 degree F heat, example: putting it in a hot box

The age old question on yellowing the resin with a torch. You should not touch the epoxy with the flame of the torch,  all this does is burn the epoxy and cause it to turn amber. All you need is the carbon dioxide from the torch to break the bubbles not the flame.  Just by putting the torch over the epoxy will start the bubble removal, and keep the flame away from the epoxy.

The first thing that strikes you is that its a 2-to-1 ratio: you use two parts of the Side A material and only one part of the Side B activator. Also,  Im used to mixing two materials with the same viscosity. So be careful when pouring, because Side A is like honey but  Side B is very runny- like water. It would be easy to over-pour.

Interestingly, it got a little cloudy when I started to mix. Youll see in the photo above that Im using a plastic mixing paddle- those came with the kit. The ResinObession folks maintain that mixing with wood introduces more bubbles into the resin.  I seem to have a lot of bubbles anyway, even though I took care to fold instead of rapid stirring.

However, the directions tell you to mix for minutes and then let it sit for 5 minutes (presumably to let the reaction begin and let the bubbles rise.) Heres how it looked after it sat for its resting period:

Time to pour! I love conversation heart candies in resin- so I poured some resin in, added a few hearts, then finished my pour. I also added some Swarovski chatons to another one. There was no real odor, to speak of, either. Nice!

I should mention that I did see some bubbles, but I just used the heavy breathing technique on them- that is, breath slowly and heavily and the CO2 from your breath will pop bubbles close to the surface.

I set these aside to check the next day.

Now, on the label it says that this resin will cure in one hour if you put it in a 150 degree Fahrenheit oven. Intriguing! So made some jewelry using Jill MacKay bezels and some seashells Id collected.  I also tried pouring some resin on a polymer clay piece as a glossy topcoat. (One of my favorite uses for resin.) I put that in the oven, too.

Always use an oven thermometer. Trust me on this.

I went about my merry way and checked on my pieces about an hour and 15 minutes later. Now get ready for the good, the bad, and the ugly!

The good news is that YES, after an hour the pieces were beautifully cured and crystal clear. Take a look at those bezels!

Nice and glossy, but not really doming. Which leads us to the bad.

Obviously, I was a little messy in my pour- OR I thought it was doming, but it wasnt.and some resin spilled onto the tile. This effectively GLUED IT TO THE TILE.

Oh, crud. This thing will not come off!

Hard as I tried, I couldnt remove my bezel. The best I could do was completely break the tile.and even then, I couldnt get all of the tile off. Heres how it looks:

Geez, Louise! What an epic fail! Thats not the fault of the resin, of course, but I share it as a cautionary tale. Now onto the polymer clay and that just turned out kinda ugly.

This resin does NOT dome, and so it just slid off the edges.See the puddle?

At least I could peel the polymer heart off of the tile and remove the excess so that all was not lost. But there it is: this is not a doming resin and will not work as a top coat- it just doesnt have the surface tension.

Use another brand of resin as a top coat for polymer clay.

Now, again, this isnt the fault of the resin- the packaging says that its for molding. (I just wanted to really test it, you know?)

Remember those pieces I poured? Well the next morning I popped them out of the silicone mold (no release spray used) and they come out clean as a whistle. Take a look:

Nice! So, overall, Im actually very pleased with this resin- I think it might be a great candidate if Im going to teach a class, because itll cure in an hour and folks can take their pieces home with them without having to schlep out the UV light or worry about areas not curing. But again, only for bezels or molds.Ill keepIce Resinfor its fabulous doming properties, and Magic Glos for quick top coats, but I think SuperClear Resin has a place on my craft table, too!

Chief Craft Test Dummy, Craft Evangelist, Founder, Editor, bottle-washer, trouble-maker, and creative whirlwind.

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Love resin, cant wait to try this one!

This does look interesting. Ive never tried resin because my husband says its bad, but I might try this.

Cool review Jenny! I havent seen that resin before. So good to see you tried it with polymer and in bezels, since that is mostly what I use resin for. (Also loved seeing your epic craft fail! hehehe story of my life!) Have you ever tried UltraDome UV Resin (aka Jewelry Glaze) from ? I love the stuff! It is quick and easy to use. Super cheap and domes beautifully. I love it so much for my polymer clay projects that I have become friends with Terry the owner of the company. Anyway, thought you may want to add it to the products to test and see what you think of it.

Oh thats a fascinating review! Im really pleased at the dry time. Keeping in mind that it wont dome, I am still interested in picking some up for myself.

But I have poured some of those little silicone molds full of resin and objects and now they are just sitting around like crazy ice-cubes. How do I drill holes in them? Maybe you could cover that some time!

Rachel- good idea! Ive used my Dremel to drill holes from front to back. Also, I use glue-on bales and ring blanks a lot with resin. Just a thought!

This is a great article, very informative. I use envirotex lite for my serving trays, but this sounds great for small pieces, no fumes, and sets fast. I will try it. Thanks

Sounds great! Thank you for the in-depth review. I have never worked with resin, but am thinking about it. I am trying to find a true non-toxic resin to use. I find it a bit humorous to read about how to use a non-toxic resin and they recommend a mask. I have cats and cannot possibly get a mask for all of them. That is the only thing holding me back from creating my own beads with resin.

Does this product require a mask or is it good to use without one?

Hi, this is a great article and saves me a lot of time and $$$. LOL. Id like to know if you have every used a quick dry resin for jewelry. It hardens in 20 minutes and is usually used for model cars and such. Just thought id ask.

Hello, I tested this resin, but Ive added a drop of synthetic watercolor and it hasnt hardened, I do not know if I have made a bad mixture or this resin not support that painting. Thanks

Pili- Sadly the addition of the watercolor paint interrupted the chemical reaction needed for the resin to cure. They do make resin dyes though- make sure you use those next time!

does anyone know if that resin is really non yellowing??? Jenny you wrote your review a while back how are the pieces you made now?? Still clear???

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