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The square base will cover a larger opening and conforms with and follows all roof profiles, while wider cone sizes means each Dektite will cover a larger range of penetration diameters

Flash over or around, a standard Dektite and Retrofit all in one.

Specifically designed for square penetrations sized 20-125mm ( 3/4 to 5). The Dektite Combo Square is suitable for both standard and retrofit application, covered a 20 year warranty.

Metal Roof Flashings, Metal Roof Flashings

The original watertight flashing for hot or cold flues and pipes on metal roofs. A tough weather tight seal and a strong flexible base, the all-in-one flashing that started the revolution.

When its not possible to slide a flashing over the top of a pipe or vent, you need a Dektite® Retrofit™. Great for repairs on existing installations. Available in black and grey EPDM or Red Silicone.  EPDM will withstand constant temperatures at the roofline of -50 C to 115 C and up to 150 C intermittently. Red Silicone will withstand constant temperatures at the roofline of -50 C to 200 C and up to 250 C intermittently.

Red Silicone can withstand constant temperatures at the roofline of -50C (-58F) to 200C ( 392F) and up to 250C (482F) intermittently.

Dektite® EZi-Seal™ features a revolutionary closed-cell foam gasket which is non-absorbent and non-porous. It hugs the roof line to provide a watertight seal without the need for silicone.

Deks Square Flashing DFF103DCS

Metal Roof Flashings, Tile Roof Flashings

Dektite flashing for square penetrations through tiled and metal roofs with full adhesive base suitable for 20 – 125mm pipe

The perfect flashing for all tray roofs. The large base of the Dektite® Soaker™ dramatically reduces rainwater back up on very low or very high roof pitches and deep ribbed roofing profiles.

Metal Roof Flashings, Specialty Flashings, Tile Roof Flashings

Flashing your Evaporative cooler is now so much easier

Electrical, HVAC & R, Metal Roof Flashings, Products, Top Hat Roof Kit

The Top Hat Roof Kit consists of 6 components that create a roof penetration system that is quick and easy to save you time and money.

Dektite Solar Aluminium USA

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