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How To Build Your Very Own Kick-Ass Racing Simulator

The Best New Concept Car Designs For The Future

How To Build Your Very Own Kick-Ass Racing Simulator

A petrolheads home wouldnt be complete without a kick-ass racing simulator. Heres how you can build one yourself

If youve got a spare 40,000 lying around, then fantastic; buy yourself an all-inclusive simulator and get cracking. For the rest of us, however, well stick to the built not bought approach. Before getting started, youll need to research the price of each component and set a spending limit. That way, you prevent being left with a half completed project. If youre working with a very low budget, consider using existing pieces for now and upgrading as you go. Theres nothing wrong with mounting your wheel to your desk and sitting in an office chair until you can buy a nice seat and mounts.

The bedroom is a great place for a racing simulator if youre single or in a student room. If you have someone in your life who thinks the bedroom has better uses than racing, however, stick to a communal area of the house for your setup. An office or spare room is ideal if you play on a PC or want to use a simple desk and chair setup for now, and the living room area is usually preferred if you play on a console. No matter where you set up, keep in mind that it will eat up a lot of space, and be sure to leave room for friends to watch you race.

The first piece of the simulator puzzle (and the only piece if youre following the low budget plan) is your steering wheel. Get familiar with the feedback and control of a good wheel while gathering your other parts. Remember, you can always mount it to a table or desk and upgrade later. Logitech, Mad Catz and Thrustmaster make the most popular and reliable wheel set ups that come with a shifter and pedals. The Logitech G27 wheel is the most widely used wheel among gamers with powerful force feedback, a six speed shifter and paddle shifters on the wheel. When shopping for a good price, be careful buying used wheels because they could have been mistreated or heavily used by their previous owner. The safest choice is to shop around online for a new wheel with a manufacturers warranty, just in case you get serious road rage in your first race.

Size matters. So does quantity, refresh rate and clarity. Never has there been a better reason to run out and buy a new curved TV, but there are other options. Shop for the biggest screen within your budget. An LCD with LED backlighting and an anti-glare screen will give the best in-game visual experience. A high refresh rate, or the number of times per second your screen projects a new image, will give you less motion blur. Shoot for at least 120Hz and be careful of some manufacturers tricky wording and marketing that will make you think the TV has a higher refresh rate than it actually does. Also reference a third party reviewer like CNET before buying. Want even more? Buy three screens and place the outer two at a slight angle to give you a surround screen feel, but be sure to check first if your graphics card supports triscreen output. Again, if you have something you can use already to save money, then do it.

Whether youre moving from a desk to a full cockpit or starting with the full setup kit, there are a few things you should watch out for with screen, wheel and shifter mounts. If you chose a large TV, make sure the mount can support it. The new GTR simulator set comes with a one-screen or a three-screen mount and claims to be improved from the earlier, less sturdy model. This kit and similar products come with a screen mount, an adjustable racing seat, steering wheel mount, pedal support and shifter platform. Playseats, Spec-D Tuning and KMJ Performance offer seat and mount sets that include everything but the screen mount. This is the best option for playing on a big screen because you can mount it directly to the wall and use multiple mounts to build a triscreen. If youre also going to use the TV for anything other than gaming, make sure you purchase an adjustable mount that can slide up and down and set the TV to the right height for each use. If you want to just sit back on the couch and game with your television where it sits, there are also smaller portable stands available that hold just the wheel, pedals and shifter. For a truly

design, build up your seat box first about 10cm off the ground, then center your TV slightly above your natural focal point looking straight ahead and build a shelf for your wheel at a comfortable distance and height. This will take more than one round of sitting and adjusting until you find your perfect positioning. There is no wrong or right placement for each component. What matters is that it feels comfortable to you.

Unless youre competing to build the slickest simulator, theres no reason to spend a fortune on a seat. Find your favorite race seat online or head to a scrap yard to see what you can pull for yourself to save some money. If you purchase a seat separate from a mounting kit, you will need to be handy with your carpentry skills to build a seat box.

: if you have the space, put in a second seat for your passenger who is guaranteed to enjoy being part of the action.

Why is building your own racing simulator so much better than buying an all-in-one kit? Because

make it your own. Car enthusiasts can appreciate different models for their performance and design in the same way a gaming enthusiast appreciates their simulator. If you are taking the time to build your own set up, get creative. Give it some unique style: paint your frame, add some decals, make a mock roll cage with painted PVC piping and surround your cockpit with speakers for an incredible sound. When youre all set up (or if youre set up already) share pictures of your rigs below.

This article was written by freelance journalist Kelsey Sakamoto.

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Diecast car collecting is a hobby children and adults have enjoyed decades. Dedicated diecast fans often keep this hobby throughout their life and collect and trade cars feverishly. Many avid collectors often want to design their own diecast cars, whether to replicate a design they cant find, to improve upon an existing design or simply to create something original. If you have a design idea for a diecast car youd like to see, theres no need to wait for someone else to make the design.

Decide what scale your car will be (see Resources). Scale is the ratio of the size of your diecast car to the real thing. The scale model you work from will depend upon the size you want your diecast car to be. Early Hot Wheels were at a 1/64 scale and later models (in the 1970s) were 1/43. Use a scale conversion chart as you work through the design process (see resources).

Take measurements from your real-life model if one is available. Measure it with the doors, trunk and hood open and closed. Measure the width, height and length of your real-life model. Take detailed measurements of the open parts of the vehicle as well. Take as many photographs of your real-life model as you can, especially of the engine and the underside.

Rough out the design of your car. Start with the body of the car first. If youre working from photographs of a real-life model, lay the photos out or pin them to a cork board so you can see them as you develop your rough sketch. Sketch your design from every angle, taking care to add notes on dimension. Use a separate sheet of paper for each angle.

Sketch the detailed parts of your diecast model, which includes the engine and the underside of the car.

Work from your original rough sketches and do a polished sketch, this time putting the car together in one sketch. Draw every angle of the car both with doors, hood and trunk open as well as closed.

Color your car with colored pencils. Add any emblem details. The finished set of sketches, complete with dimension and design notes written in the upper left-hand corner of each sketch, is the final design model for your diecast car.

Carl Hose is the author of the anthology Dead Horizon and the the zombie novella Dead Rising. His work has appeared in Cold Storage, Butcher Knives and Body Counts, Writers Journal, and Lighthouse Digest.. He is editor of the Dark Light anthology to benefit Ronald McDonald House Charities.

How to Create a Model Car From Scratch

How to Make a Model Car With Household Items

How to Build a Scale Model of Your Car

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like the ones presented here, the future has never looked this beautiful.

Of course, in order to drive some of these properly you will serious roads to be at the same level.

Thanks to a few automotive designers out there, these new andcool concept carshave reached us and made us crave for them.

Even though most of us cant afford such incredible automobiles we still appreciate their exquisite design and, if they would be built, we would consider as being a leap forward in car making.

New concept cars are often a vision for future models.

Manufacturers create innovative designs which pave the way for future goals.

However, you might not always get to see these designs or features until some time in the future.

Cool concept cars are often presented at shows in order to gain insight into customer reaction.

Although concept car design is often presented to be crazy or futuristic, it might be argued that in recent times, cars have become overly boring and practical.

With the growth of the suburbs, an increase in long distance relationships, and the struggling economy which forces many to commute, cars have gained importance. These days, cars are often valued for being practical, safe and affordable. Cars which add to the future of the planet are often held in high esteem.

However, we might ask whether our cars have become boring? Have we lost the innovation Henry Ford once showed when, instead of creating a faster horse, he came up with the Model T Ford? The futuristic designs of the 1970s have become a thing of the past, and popular standard models are often lacking in imagination.

However, there is a wide range of concept cars that have been produced.

Some were wild and crazy, some of them never made it, but concept cars pave the way for the future.

Concept car design means creating a new prototype in order to develop new styling. Designs often present radical shifts to current options, and may or may not be reproduced.

By the time a concept car hits the showroom, it has often been changed or adjusted, and the original idea may never be mass produced. However, they always represent a leap forward in automotive design.

Car manufacturers often work with designers or engineers in order to produce new and brilliant designs for future cars. These cars are then showcased to establish customer response.

Car styling is often considered to pinnacle in the world of design, and California is the epicentre of this creative community. Most manufacturers have a studio located here, while they continue to design the concept cars of the future.

The BMWs, Hondas and Mercedes currently visible on the road, were often dreamed up by innovative teams working from Southern California.

The Art Center College in Pasadena is one of the worlds leading car design schools. Students graduate from this college three times a year, and often have backgrounds in illustration or engineering. Taught by experts, over eight accelerated terms, these students establish their vision for the future, hoping to create cool car designs which will ripple through the automotive industry.

Future designers are taught all aspects of automotive design, from manufacturers themselves, who often provide sponsorship or internships. This means students gain practical experience in creating prototypes, creating renderings, clay models and computerized designs. The goal is to bring passion and creativity into the concept cars of the future.

Although concept car designs are radical, they are not out of this world and maybe put into production in a matter of years. Californias automotive design scene has not only inspired future car concept designs, however, but yacht design, sports equipment and toy designs.

Although the designs which make it into Art Centers Graduate Show might impress the strongest of critics, interviews show that student innovation is higher than the designs chosen. The short time students have to produce their designs, and the multiple criteria which enable selection mean that there is not enough time for true metamorphosis to occur.

We might ask how future car concepts will unfold?

In true Back to the Future style, cars are going to be broader, lower on the ground and lighter than current designs. Self-driving cars may no longer be science fiction, although the programming of such cars would be incredibly complex. Designers will, therefore, emphasize spacious and comfortable interiors, so that the owner may relax while the car drives.

Low ride cars will improve speed and aerodynamics. As unnecessary mechanics are removed from interiors, cars will be both lighter and more spacious.

Changes in car concept designs have already begun, and there are many cars which already have extended windows. As cars become self-automated, it makes sense that a panoramic roof will further add to the passenger experience. These roofs will be made from strong, unbreakable glass, and offer excellent views.

They will also add the illusion of a more spacious interior. Double doors on cars are the way of the future, offering the functionality of four-door vehicle, with large doors which swing outwards.

With the right headlight design, cars gain a sharper look. The new trend is away from the bright, rounded headlights of current models, and into sleeker, more aggressive designs. Newer technologies, such as LED lighting will enable the car to emit a stronger light without draining as much battery power from the car.

As the car will become self-driving, and possibly even voice-operated, the car will become a sophisticated computerized system. The internet will be a part of future concept cars, and the windshield will display information about the car and its surroundings. As a result, designers will need to design car interiors to suit this sleek and sophisticated new method of driving.

Although a fully electric car which can run on batteries and drive for long distances is the ultimate goal, car manufacturers express that this goal is not possible in the short term. Instead, current cars will be designed to make use of existing technology, while making use of new developments which will eventually bring complete transformation.

The result will be hybridized cars, with both electric and diesel power. Manual cars will be able to drive or park themselves occasionally using cameras and sensors.

In this part of the article you will see some of thebest concept carsof the future, a bright one if these vehicles would be built or their features implemented in other contemporary cars.

Although cars have been evolving ever since the very first design, with automobile design, and therefore concept cars representing the pinnacle of industrial design, car manufacturers have the opportunity to ensure their vehicles constantly change and evolve.

With science developing rapidly, and dynamic new computerized programs continually evolving, cars have more potential than ever before.

Future concept cars offer a radical and progressive route to innovation, transforming the way the automotive industry works today.

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Bogdan is a designer and editor atDesignYourWay. Hes reading design books the same way a hamster eats carrots, and talks all the time about trends, best practices and design principles.

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Designers, use these WP themes for building portfolios in 2018

Consulting WordPress Theme that Perfectly Fit any Business Site

What Is Creativity And The Importance Of Creative Thinking

Portfolio Website Examples And Tips To Create Them

How to find suitable Stock images on Depositphotos

What is a focus group and what its good for

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Amazon expands its checkout-free Amazon Go retail concept with a second, larger store, also in Seattle, which it says will open in fall 2018

Amazon is expanding its checkout-free Amazon Go retail concept with another location in the companys backyard, GeekWire has learned.

The VergeEngadgetFast CompanyPocket-lintTechSpotFortune, andCNET

Amazon is opening a second cashier-less Go store in Seattle this fall

Amazon is preparing another checkout-free retail store in Seattle

Amazon will open a second automated store in Seattleand this one is much bigger

What is Amazon Go, where is it, and how does it work?

Amazon is planning to launch a second Amazon Go location in Seattle this fall

Amazon Will Supersize Its Second Grab-and-Go Grocery in Seattle

Amazon may be opening its second Amazon Go store in Seattle

Sources: Uber and Careem are in preliminary talks to combine their Middle Eastern ride hailing services

Uber seeks majority stake in Middle Eastern rival, sources say Careem is raising money at a reported $1.5 billion valuation Uber Technologies Inc. and Careem Networks FZ

Uber Maybe Planning Merger With Middle Eastern Competitor Careem, Insists This Merger Is Different

Uber in merger talks with Middle East ride-hailing startup Careem

Uber in talks with Dubais Careem to merge in Middle East: Bloomberg

The California Supreme Court rules that Yelp cant be forced to remove negative reviews from users, overturning a lower courts decision against the company

Businesses cant sue Yelp to get defamatory reviews removed, Californias Supreme Court has ruled.

YelpNew York TimesEngadgetSilicon Valley Business Associated PressFortuneThe HillHit & RunThe Next Web, andTechnology &

A Case for the Internet: Hassell v. Bird

Yelp Cant Be Ordered to Remove Negative Posts, California Court Rules

California court says Yelp cant be forced to remove negative reviews

Hannah Norman /Silicon Valley Business Journal:

Yelp cant be ordered to remove reviews, California Supreme Court rules

California high court: Yelp cant be ordered to remove posts

Yelp Doesnt Have to Remove Defamatory Review, California Supreme Court Rules

California Supreme Court: Yelp cant be ordered to take down negative posts

The California Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Bad Yelp Reviews

Court rules Yelp cant be forced to remove reviews

Eric Goldman /Technology & Marketing Law Blog:

The California Supreme Court Didnt Ruin Section 230 (Today)-Hassell v. Bird

Yelp prevails in Hassell v. Bird. Plaintiff cant evade CDA 230 by suing an online speaker for defamation, then getting a takedown order that purports to bind a non-party platform. Yelps blog post:

Another big ruling today: California Supreme Court says businesses who get bad reviews cant force Yelp (or other online rating services) to remove the reviews by suing people who panned them. Case is Hassell v. Bird. Heres Yelps take:

US provides ZTE temporary authorization through August 1 to continue supporting equipment and consumer devices already deployed

So it can update phones and other equipment The US Commerce Department has temporarily lifted a portion of the ban on ZTE that all-but shut down the company almost three months ago.

US Department of CommerceBloombergReutersSiliconANGLEThe RegisterGizmodoCNETEngadgetBGRThe Hill, andAndroid Central

Authorization Regarding the ZTE Denial Order

U.S. Allows ZTE to Resume Some Business Activity Temporarily

U.S. allows ZTE transactions to maintain networks

Commerce Department partially lifts ban on ZTE ahead of permanent order

China wins one, loses one in US trade spats

ZTE Is Starting to Resume Operations Under a Temporary Commerce Department Waiver

ZTE allowed to temporarily resume some US business

US says ZTE can resume limited business while sanctions are debated

The US ban on ZTE has been temporarily lifted

US to allow ZTE to resume some operations temporarily

ZTE is being allowed to temporarily operate in the U.S. until August 1

NEW: @CommerceGov confirms to @cgtnamerica that waivers for companies to do business with @ZTEPress have been granted. Denial order is NOT lifted, Waivers are for 1 month, no rationale specified.

On Tuesday, Wikipedia Italy set all of its pages to redirect to a statement protesting a July 5 EU Parliament initial vote on changes to copyright law

Last month, members of European Parliament voted to move forward with a sweeping overhaul of the European Unions copyright laws that critics

BBCPersonanondataThe LocalPlagiarism The Register, andPrague Monitor

Italy Wikipedia shuts down in protest at EU copyright law

Wikipedia Italy goes dark to protest EU copyright reform

Breaking Down the New EU Copyright Bill: Article 13

Artists bring copyright fight to European Parliament

Wikipedia Italy launches site-wide protest against the EUs proposed copyright reforms

Italian Wikipedia goes dark in bid to save memes and remixes from new EU online copyright law

Italian Wikipedia shuts down in protest of proposed EU copyright law

Call your MEP! Wikipedia blacks out for European YouTube vote

Pirate protest says EU copyright directive censors Internet

Google says Cloud COO Diane Bryant has left the company, less than a year after joining from Intel, where she had been for 32 years

Google Cloud chief operating officer Diane Bryant has left the company after less than a year. We are grateful for the contributions she made while at Google

The RegisterReutersBusiness InsiderTechCrunchInvestors Business DailyGeekWireSilicon Valley Business SiliconANGLEThe HillZDNetFortuneAxios, and9to5Google

Ex-Intel exec Diane Bryant exits Google cloud

Ex-Intel executive departs Google as chipmaker searches for CEO

Google is losing top cloud executive Diane Bryant just months after she came over from Intel

Google Clouds COO departs after 7 mon