Domed Labels (Encapsulated

Dome labels, also known as encapsulated labels, 3D Labels or domed labels, use a liquid polyurethane that is poured onto a printed part. The polyurethane utilizes the natural surface tension that is created by the edge of the part to stop flowing, rise slightly and cure. The polyurethane is very rugged and has self healing properties if dented or malformed. They can be used for both decorative and protective features. Customers have often used them to both brand hand held devices and to help pass drop testing. Domed labels (Polyurethane Encapsulated Labels) are a great way to make your product stand out. We can dome just about every label we produce including labels created byscreen printingdigital printing, orflexo roll labelprinting. Please contact us today and we can assist you with your application.

This is the official website of Beckers Fabrication. BFI produces, flexo, flexographic, membrane switches, labels, coffee wraps, brewer wraps, over sized coffee wraps, capacitive switches, capacitance membrane switches, overlays, variable data, digital printing and other graphics. Often these are referred to as facias, stickers, front panels, front panel overlays.

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