Epoxy anti-static floor

Epoxy anti-static floor: Scope: require a high degree of clean, beautiful, clean, sterile electronics, microelectronics industry to have anti-static requirements of the occasion. Features: Using solvent-free high quality epoxy hardener; surface smooth, beautiful, up mirror effect; acid, alkali, salt, oils, corrosive media, particularly alkali-resistant performance is good; wear and pressure, impact-resistant and elastic.

Material Properties: Solvent-reactive curing type, surface gloss beautiful, good conductivity. The main raw material: solvent-based epoxy resin and a conductive material wear resistance: 15mg (abrasion wheel CS-17, the weight of 1,000gf 9.8N wheel rotational speed rotary 1,000) adhesion strength: 230N / cm2 (Newton: International Unit) Impact will: 1Kgw / 1mh no crack, no peeling, no deformation. Hardness: 1H-2H

Abrasion resistance (750g / 500r, weightlessness)

30 days allowing a slight discoloration

Water resistance 60 days no change wear 750g / 500 rpm, Weightlessness g 0.3 resistant H2SO4,5% 60 days no change resistance 120 gasoline and lubricants remained unchanged 60 days

Acceptance criteria 1, ambient temperature is 25 , 2-3 days after construction should reach hard work, that is, complete the curing hardness of about 80%; 2, the surface can not appear stickiness; 3, the bubble: flat coated type, mortar type no bubbles, self-leveling allow a small air bubble / 10 square meters; 4, good leveling, no trowel marks, a large area of the interface is substantially flat;5, no blurs, color uniform, large-area interface allows a very obvious color; 6, no coarse impurities, but allow dust in the air caused by the drop in the minimum defect; 7, floor The surface should be smooth smoothness, gloss should meet the design requirements (high gloss 90, bright 70, semi-gloss 50 to 70), flat coated type of light, water-based semi-light ~ matt; 8, orange peel, mortar Non-slip surface effect should be obvious.,

Guangdong Kimsun Purification technology co.ltdGuangdong Kimsun Purification technology co.ltd is a company specialized in designing and constructing hospital operation room and laboratory, clean room of cosmetics, electronics, pharmacy, food and drink factory etc. Meanwhile, we do researching and development of production of purification products for the clean industry. Such as FFU fan filter units, air shower, transfer windows, clean bench and Air condition unit.With a group of professional technicians, as well as the technical guidance from the professor of the cleansing industry, we provide hundreds of project all over the world every year.Thanks to our powerful technical strength, strict quality management and excellent after-sales service, we have won trust from customer at home and abroad.We are looking forwarder to cooperate with you for mutual development

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Guangdong Kimsun Purification technology co.ltd

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