First Resin Pieces

Hello again! I know, its been a while since I even mentioned resin but in this post youll actually see what Ive made. Ive got a confession to make though, I made these a while ago and I even started another batch (which is now fully set). I know, I shouldve written about them at the time but Ive been super busy recently. Anyway, I hope you like what Ive made!

Okay, so you may be wondering why Im using a cutting mat thats still in its packaging as a work surface Its simply because Im currently living in uni accommodation and I dont want to damage the desk. Greaseproof paper is supposed to be decent for protecting work surfaces but I dont have any. Ive been looking for a silicone mat, but I have yet to find one (if you know where they sell these, please tell me!)

As you can see from the picture I made 6 pieces; 5 were intentional, the white one was just leftover resin I didnt plan for. I could have made at least 2 other pieces from it, however, I didnt have any designs prepared, and I didt want to risk the chance it could set. When resin starts to set when youre still working with it, its difficult to do handle. Ill show you in another post what happened when I found that out

But first, here are the completely set pieces from that batch:

I am so pleased with how this one came out! It is definitely one of the best pieces. The only thing I would change is the heart to the right of the Hello Kitty sticker; I just dont like the way its facing, so if I could go back, Id flip it. Thats just a me thing though, it makes me uncomfortable for some reason, its probably fine to other people. Oh, and also theres a small area on the back which doesnt have any glitter on, you can probably see it. Annoying! For the back of this piece I used tinsel glitter: pink, and iridescent.

This one didnt turn out so well. Its quite flexible, not as flexible as it was at first, but it still isnt completely hard. The mould is really thin, which Im guessing is the problem. I knew this when I bid on it (eBay), however I didnt think twice about it. I just fell in love with the design, but when I realised that the resin would probably be an issue in this mould, I was praying for someone to outbid me. Which they didnt. It doesnt matter though, because it was only cheap (2).

I might put more resin in the centre of the frame to see if that helps with its flexibility issue. The other problem with this is that one corner of the mould is deeper than the rest of it, I didnt notice this until I popped the finished piece out. Im assuming its like that so the hole bit at the top doesnt get covered. I tried to fill just the frame part of the mould (not the middle bit) to see if it would make a difference. It was still bendy and the resin overspilled anyway so there was no point! These problems could have been avoided if the part of the mould for the hole was level with the sides. I did use my craft knife in an attempt to cut some of the resin off but I didnt want to risk making it uglier.

This one isnt too bad I suppose. The sticker is too dark which makes it difficult to read whats on it (time lord). I had to make it clearer in the second photo, thats why it is so ugly (excuse my fingers). I made the background lighter so the sticker would stand out. Im not sure whether I used two different colours of glitter but I definitely used a pale purple one. As this was my first attempt at resin crafting I used a sticker that I wouldnt miss if it went wrong. Not sure what Im going to do with it, it might make an alright keyring though.

Another small one! Im not a fan of red but I love how this one has turned out. My only issue is that I shouldve used more glitter. I have had the heart stickers for years (since 2010 I think?) so Im glad theyre getting used for something like this.

This is the one made with leftover resin. To make it white, I used a few drops of my acrylic ink and added some glitter to make it less boring. I probably wont be doing anything else with it, but I have domed it, which will be shown and explained in another post.

This one was one of my favourites. Note that I used past tense It was ruined when I was doming these pieces. Im quite upset because it is probably one of the best ones. The tiny hearts inside the resin are actually all different colours, but because of the angle I took the photo at, you cant tell. I used a silver fine glitter on the back and green tinsel glitter.Rest in peace my beloved child Or pieces, if I decide to launch you out of my window.

Thank you for reading, I hope you have enjoyed seeing my designs! My next resin post will include: the domed pieces from this post, the next batch I made, and what happens when resin starts to set when youre still using it. Spoiler alert its messy.

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