How to dome a printed decal easy as 1-2-3

Weed your printed work to prepare it for doming.

Lay your work on a flat glass sheet use masking tape to secure.

Place plunger into dispenser, ensuring serrated edge faces the handle.

Place the cartridge into the dispensing gun.

Remove the safety cap from the cartridge by turning 90◦ and gently pulling.

Gently break off the seal of the cartridge. Keep the seal in a safe place for resealing later.

Squeeze the dispenser until both cylinders are both ejecting resin.

Now attach the static mixer to the cartridge. (This screws in)

Pull gently on the trigger until the resin is ejected from the end of that static mixer.

Wipe excess resin from the static mixer.

Dome your decals by gently squeezing resin onto the surface. Be careful to not apply too much or too little (this will come with practice). The resin will automatically move toward the silicon coated backing paper. Dont worry if it doesnt move all the way to the edge of the decal.

If any bubbles appear on the surface of the domed decal use a gentle heat source (such as a hair dryer or flame) to pop the surface bubbles. Do not apply flame directly to the resin.

Repair decals that have uncovered areas by dragging the resin gently outwards with a scalpel or utility knife.

Next, place a sheet of glass on spaces over domed decals to prevent dust etc from affecting your decals.

15.Relevant sections of the instructions can be used for all domed objects.