How to Use a Silicone CakPop Moulder

Use this silicone brush to wipe silicone cake pop moulder (top and bottom) with oil. This will ensure that your cake pop will be removed easily from the moulder.

Use 1 tbsp. measuring spoon to scoop cake batter.

When your covering the bottom part of the moulder, be sure to lock the top of each hole. See the next photo.

Pinch each side of the moulder. Look the photo closely.:)

See how do it?:) This is to lock the bottom part to the top part of the moulder.

When finished put the silicone moulder in a rectangular pan before baking this is stabilize the moulder when baking.:)

When baking is done. Put the silicone in a rack

Pinch each pop. Look at the photo.:)

Then turn the silicone moulder at the other side and do the same.

Pinch evey pop gently. Be sure ur still wearing ur pot holder bec. Its super hot!:)

Gently open to avoid breaking the cake pop.

Here are your cake pops baked in a silicone cake pop moulder. I preffered using this moulder rather than the pan moulder because its much easier to use.

When releasing use silicone spatula.

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