How to Use Different Kinds of Resins for Jewelry Makg

How to Use Different Kinds of Resins for Jewelry Making

One of the easiest ways to create a pendant is to incorporate paper or even beads, fibers, glitter and small findings to a purchased bezel which is then filled with some sort of resin. Resin can also be used to coat and seal.

Resin is definitely a popular trend. If you are wondering which resin or which types are safer to use, wonder no more!

AMAZING GLAZEby Judikins is a dimensional embossing powder which is scooped into the bezel and then melted in a toaster oven. This one works well for kids although adult supervision will be required for correct handling of hot bezels. It can be mixed with other embossing powders for different colors and effects.

is a versatile dimensional adhesive. Its water soluble so there are no nasty fumes. It just needs time to set. I really like the nozzle which makes application so easy.

Below is amy mosaic tile and glitter designusing diamond glaze. According to the manufacturer, it can be mixed with dye based inks, water colors and so forth.

ECOPOXY CRAFT RESINis a 2-part resin which is harder and more glass-like than the resins above. Its actually made from organic materials such as soy beans and peanuts – its not allergenic in the final resin form but susceptible individuals might wish to avoid working with this product.

Like Diamond Glaze, its solvent free. It is heat activated but the heat source is internal – from the chemical reaction between the resin and the hardener when mixed together.

Ecopoxy Craft Resin can also be used as a waterproof layer- just paint it on! Test for potential bleeds first! Whats interesting about this resin product is the ratio flexibility ranging from 2:1 (resin to hardener), 3:1 and 4: 1 depending on how much doming one wants.

ICE RESINis a rising favorite of jewelry artisans because it dries ice-clear, self-domes, has a glassy finish and will not fade. It is a 2-part epoxy resin which is non-toxic and durable when cured. It can be colored and used as a casting agent. Many artisans like to use it as an adhesive and sealant.

Its safe enough to use indoors. According tothe MSDS, youll have to inhale it after heating at a high temperature to be of a concern! No issues either with skin contact unless you are going to be using buckets of the stuff. Bear in mind there are always a few people who will be allergic to any given substance.

Art BeadssHow to Use Ice Resin videois very informative – it gives the curing times including how to fast track it. If you are using Mod Podge to seal papers, make sure you use multiply applications or the colors might bleed.

Great post today! I have used resin a couple of times. I agree with your statement to seal the paper a few times. I sealed a beautiful piece of paper a couple of times and it still bled! I will try to seal it at least 3 times for the next adventure. One other piece of advice is to be careful you dont get resin underneath the bezel or it will stick to whatever is underneath it. I now have a lovely pendant stuck to an old cookie sheet! Live and learn.

I completely agree with Willi…Even after sealing the paper a couple of times, one of my pendant looks very foggy and seems as though the resin has eaten away some of the paper and resin underneath a bezel..not good at all!!

Pearl this is a great post and I intend to bookmark it for future reference. Ive never attempted to make anything using a resin but Ive mixed up enough epoxy to know that it creates cute, clear coins at the bottom of my plastic mixing pots … unfortunately I cant use these coins for jewelry making as they usually have a wooden popsicle stir stick firmly embedded in them.

Anna – youre hysterical! Yes, resin jewelry really needs planning as one has to make several once a batch is made.

Ive recently tried some pendents – still working on my technique. 🙂

If you get the chance to choose between embossing powder and 2 part resin or if resin wich one you would use?

There are many resin products on the market. I personally like using the Brilliant Resin from Little Windows because it is very clear, has a long shelf life and domes well. Ice Resin is also another brand which is good for jewelry making – dont buy too much as it will go off with time.

Youre AWESOME! Thanks for the comment and feedback. You do make a difference on my blog!

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