Jewelry Resin and Transparency Film

Jewelry Resin and Transparency Film

This vintage watch face features an image printed on transparency film for an ink jet printer. I also usedJewelry Resinbut please remember you can always useEnvirotex Lite!

Transparency film or transparencies are that clear plastic film you usually use so that you can make a presentation on an overhead projector.

I made hundreds of presentations with my overhead projector!

Who knew I would use that office supply product for art work? You can see that I printed some images of a vintage playing card on a transparency and also pulled out some old ledger book paper.

My first step was to place my ledger paper in the watch face. I sealed the paper withUltra Seal(you can use mod podge) three times. Each time the glue/sealer dried clear before I did the next application. Both Ultra Seal and Mod Podge can be used as a glue too.

Then I glued in my image using the same sealer.

At this point you have to be careful that you dont move your image and make the ink jet inks run.

While I was waiting I also took the same steps to place this transparency image onto shell.

I poured in my Jewelry Resin! I let this cure and did a second doming pour 24 hours later.

For the shell I painted on a glaze of Jewelry Resin. I really like this effect!

Here is my watch face after the second doming pour! So, to those readers who asked if you can work with transparencies…the answer is ABSOLUTELY!!

For more information on thedoming effectplease read this post.

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