More Resin over Polymer

Necklace and Earrings from blue and yellow swirl cane. Coated in Resin.

Here are a few more polymer clay cane slices that I attached to black clay. I usually run them through the pasta machine afterward to get an even top, as you cant always slice each cane piece exactly the same thickness. I try to make the black sheet of clay a few notches down from the thickest, so that when I run it through (on the thickest) after adding the cane slices it doesnt distort the cane pattern too much. I either cut random shapes out with a blade, like squares or triangles, or I use a cookie cutter. Right now I only have a set of flower shapes, but I hope to get other shapes soon. After baking, I had been setting them on deli paper to pour the resin on, but have been having problems lately with the resin dripping over the sides (even when I am trying to be SUPER careful) and then I have paper sticking to piece sometimes, which is a pain in the butt to get off without leaving a trace. So this time I set them on a wire rack, which worked better, but still not ideal. The ones that did drip and stick, they stuck to the metal wire and instead of having to try and pick paper off, I was forced to peel off the ENTIRE piece of resin, which did come off in one big piece.

green pixelated retro cane and an orange and blue cane (from FL Gator football season last year)

Resin over polymer clay Earrings with dangles

I bought some colored foil paper from a company called Little Windows, they have these special foils that you put inside of resin and they are the closest thing I have found to making a piece of resin that looks like dichroic glass. Super Cool! Anyway, they sell a doming tray which is made exactly for drying resin pieces on, and it is only like 3 or 5 dollars, so I am going to order that. If you like dichroic looking pieces, I highly recommend checking out FransLittle Windowswebsite. Everything is priced very reasonably.

pink, white and green circles from a failed flower attempt, and blue and yellow swirly cane.

Some leftover cane scraps from other projects mounted on black clay base

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