Piccolo Instant UV Curing Resin from GlobeCraft

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Piccolo Instant UV Curing Resin from GlobeCraft

Piccolo Instant UV Curing Resin from GlobeCraft

Resins are very big right now in jewelry-making and mixed media, but most are 2-part epoxies that take hours to dry. What if you could get the same, non-yellowing jewelry grade effect in about 3 minutes? WithPiccolo Instant UV Resin, you can.

Heres how its described on the website:

Piccolo Instant UV Resin cures in sunlight or under a UV nail salon light in 3 minutes.

It is scratch resistant, never yellows and waterproof.

It has low odor and requires no mixing you apply it right from the bottle.

Comes in 3 sizes ½ oz, 1 oz, and 4 oz sizes.

This is one of those products that benefit from a video to really show and tell just how it works!

fairly goof-proof if you apply thin layers

Works in bezels, polymer clay, jewelry, etc.

LOVE the doming effect without pulling from the edges

you might need a salon nail lamp (UV light) for consistent results

pricey- $9.99 for 1/2 ounce, $19.99 for 1 ounce.

not readily available at all retailers/ box stores (best to order online.

Its such an addictive product- you just keep thinking about that awesome, glass-like finish in under 3 minutes and pretty soon you are adding it to everything. I have a few more ideas for embellishments and jewelry pieces that I cant wait to try!

What are your thoughts? Id love to hear them, and Ill answer any questions I can!

Disclosure-sample provided for review purposes.

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Looks like fun, I wish it wasnt so exspensive. Will they have this for sale at Michaels and hobby lobby? I want to make numbered push pins for a self renewing cork calendar. Epoxy scares me. This looks like it is very user friendly.

Charlotte- first, it IS very user friendly. One thing to keep in mind that it has to lie flat to cure, so youd need to push the pins into a foam block to make sure the surface is level. (With either kind of resin.) Secondly, youll have to contact Globecraft Memories for any distribution questions. Its a small company in Michigan and Im not sure what the plans are. Third, while its a bit of a sticker shock, 1 oz of Ice Resin (2-part epoxy) runs a least 10 bucks and you need a whole day to cure. So you pay a bit more for the time factor! Plus I bet you project wouldnt use a lot and youd have a bunch left over. Good luck!

Saw this demonstrated at CHA in January and I fell in love with the product. Ive been hesitant to use resins because of the mixing, toxicity levels, smell and drying time and mess. With this product there is none of that.This product really does exactly what it says. I do know that the company sells smaller 1/2 oz and 1 oz sizes, which is what I purchased to try out the product. The price for the larger size makes it more cost effective for making multiple pieces and with the 90 second drying time, you can make lots of pieces quickly.

My recommendation for ease of use and quality of the product is high on my list.

I make bracelets out of old Scrabble tiles I glue square images to the back of the tiles and then use a clear dimensional glaze to get the domed effect of resin. Do you think the Piccolo resin would work for this instead? Id love to be able to have the tiles done in a few minutes instead of waiting overnight.

Ive used the two-part resins in the past not a lot of fun, but effective for larger projects like paperweights. I like this for the ease of use, safety, and drying time, altho a bit pricey.

Have you heard anything about a new trimmer/ sore board from we r meroy keepers. Could. you do a review on it for us. I would like to know a littel more about it before i buy one. thank you

Jennifer- I havent seen any new trimmer or score board from WRMK. But Ill keep my eyes open!

I make jewelry. Can I add colors and/or mica powders to this resin? Also, for filling a bezel with a clear dome, this sounds like it would work. What do you think?

Jessamyn- you COULD add colors- translucent ones only- to this resin. If you add something opaque like a powder or a mica inclusion, you now make it so the light (UV rays) cannot penetrate it to cure it.. and it would stay liquid or gel forever. For this reason, Id not suggest adding anything at all. This has a good doming property with multiple coats. Did you watch the video? There are some helpful tips in there.

Hi, I really want to try this resin, only as a top coat or for doming. But what I want to know is how long is its shelf life. Will it go off in the bottle if you keep opening nd closing the bottle. I understand that it would have to be kept out of the sunlight otherwise it will go off. So as I want to buy the big bottle I thought it would be a good idea to put some into another bottle and keep the main bottle in a very dark cupboard. But would just like to know that if I didnt use it for some time would it go off in the bottle. Thanks and Cheers Rosie.

It looks like its no longer being sold. That said, I would recommend the Lisa Pavelka Magic Glos UV curing resin as my favorite. You can purchase it here (affiliate link) read the review here:

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