resin compounds – epoxy lyurethane silicones

doming resin, potting compounds, thermal compounds …. epoxy, silicones, polyurethane…

doming resin, potting compound, thermal compounds..

Established in 1983, Fong Yong is a leading resins manufacturer, who has devoted to the R&D of Resins for a long time. Our production line include epoxy, Polyurethane, silicone. Suitablel for epoxy coating, polyurethane coating,clear epoxy doming, doming, polyurethane doming resin, urethane doming, doming resin series, resin jewelry, clear resin, epoxy potting compound, silicone potting compounds, epoxy silicone encapsulating, encapsulating compounds, encapsulating electronic, RTV silicone, casting resin, silicone gel, thermal compounds, heatsink compounds, silicone coating, silicone sealant, adhesives..

Doming resin (clear doming) : Epoxy, PU (Polyurethane, urethane), UV cured resin

1) Hard / Flexible / non-sage system resin

a. PU (Polyurethane, urethane) doming resin

c. Epoxy flexible system doming resin

d. Epoxy non-sag system doming resin

2) High gloss clear and colors system

3) Application for decoration, Ornaments, Gifts & Souvenirs

suit for various materials such as metal parts and plastic products ex., stickers, labels, automotive emblems, solar panels, badges, luggage tags, key-rings, nameplates, hair-pins, picture frames, metal parts, signs,button, cufflink, PVC, PC, ABS products and various promotional accessories etc…

It can resist least 15 KV even at 1 mm thickness.

Good adhesion properties to most materials.

Cured products exhibit good resistance in high level of acid and base solvents.

4. Good protection of design secrete

Cured products perform high-durometer, not easy to be destroyed.

1. Excellent stability to temperature alteration

Stability over a wide temperature range from -40 to 200 oC.

Prolonged outdoor usage, not easily age, harden, crack, and flake off.

3. Good protection from mechanical shock and vibration.

Cured silicones exhibit excellent elasticity, provide good protection from mechanical

The backbone of silicones contain inorganic silicon, provides excellent insulation;

therefore, it is very suitable for applications of electronic products.

crystal clear two parts epoxy doming — hard (rigid) type system

crystal clear two parts epoxy doming — soft (flexible) type system

crystal clear two parts epoxy doming — non-sag type system

epoxy potting/encapsulating/coating/sealant compound

silicone potting compound, adhesive, coating

Cpu Cooling Systems- thermal compound, thermal paste, heatsink compound, heat sinks paste/grease