Resin Counterfeits being sold on eBay

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Resin Counterfeits being sold on eBay

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Resin Counterfeits being sold on eBay

This is Bill Drennen. I want to post this message to everyone because Im totally against anyone who produces unauthorized copies of my products or others products and tries to profit from copyright infringements. This eBay seller below has posted and sold black resin Kenworth W900L hoods and cab knock-offs of my copyrighted W900L on eBay without my consent. I asked him nicely to remove his auctions, but he did not. He left me no choice but to turn him in to eBay as well as filed a Copyright Infringement charge against him.

I ask of you to please do not promote this sort of behavior by purchasing the counterfeit products and if you suspect someone of this behavior, please contact the modeler who produced the originals to verify first before you make your purchase.

I, as well as others on this website have put long hard hours into making our products and have taken the funding cost to pay royalties and casters to produce our products in order to make them available to you legally. To have individuals such as this person taking advantage of our work for greed of profit is detestable. If you want to check his auctions out the numbers are listed below. And, if you know who he is, or who made these casting; I certainly want to know to take further action against those individuals producing counterfeits of my product.

You can send me a private email anytime.