Sustainable Innovative CustomizablPackaging

Sustainable, Innovative, Customizable Packaging

Providing innovative, sustainable food packaging SOLUT!ons directly to the food handling and processing industry.

Uniquely durable disposable bakeware, catering plates and trays and custom bakeware creations, trusted by clients such as Panera Bread, Sams Club, Rich Products, Costco Wholesale, Rain Creek Baking, and Whole Foods Market.

We are the manufacturers of paper food packaging products, and we pride ourselves on producing new custom, sustainable food packaging SOLUT!ons

Owner-management team brings years of product development and business management experience to achieve our standards.

Our unusually strong, convenient, disposable, and environmentally friendly paper plates and catering trays are perfect for commercial food packaging, restaurant carryout, and catering. Most are available with clear PET dome lids to aid merchandising of your product.

Our dual-ovenable paper trays provide a unique, cost effective, attractive, and sustainable food packaging alternative to plastic (polypropylene, CPET, PET), aluminum foil, and metal trays. Our formed corrugated trays and loaf pans (pictured above) offer superior stength and rigidity.

Our food packaging expertise in paper packaging and unique abilities to thermoform corrugated paper in addition to solid paperboard, will guide you to the perfect sustainable, disposable, and ovenable package for your application. Contact us for more details.

Our dual-ovenable paperboard pizza trays are made with a thin layer of extruded PET to provide an exceptional grease barrier. The relatively thin paperboard provides good heat transfer, leading to perfect browning. Great for Take and Bake Pizza applications.

Looking for Bakeable, Disposable Loaf Pans? We have the

Safe for cooking in both microwave and conventional ovens

No assembly required, simply fill and bake

Rigid construction provides exceptional strength and performance

Made in the USA with FDA compliant, grease resistant paper

Designer print pattern for upscale presentation of baked products

Eliminates need for cleaning metal pans

SOLUT!s custom-printed 12 paper food tray was perfect for our holiday party trays. The trays offered a great combination of features that we couldnt find anywhere else. They were beautifully made, strong, and held up extremely well. The custom holiday graphics printed on the tray enabled us to offer a unique and creative presentation. And, since they are made with corrugated paper, we were very happy with their use of sustainable materials. Whole Foods will definitely be using these trays again, and we are working to implement additional products from SOLUT! using their unique technology.

Steve CameronFacility Team Leader – Whole Foods

Our national supermarket customer wanted to re-launch an existing in-store bakery item with unique packaging. The project was on a fast timeline and needed to launch in over 3,000 stores for the holidays. SOLUT! was able to provide a bakeable tray and clear dome lid that provided the functionality and look the customer wanted. SOLUT! provided samples for a test market in which product sales increased dramatically over the existing packaging. SOLUT!s responsiveness and unique packaging technology enabled us to deliver the cost-effective, functional, and sustainable packaging SOLUT!ion that our customer was looking for.

Tammy BoyerKey Account Manager Bakery Division – Rich Products Corporation

Kronos Foods has partnered with SOLUT! for the past four years to provide unique, cost-effective, and sustainable packaging alternatives to plastic for our supermarket and club store items.  SOLUT! has developed unique packaging SOLUT!ons such as introducing custom tray colors, new tray sizes, and optimized retail-ready packaging designed to fit our products and provide improved merchandising while helping to meet our retail customers price points.  SOLUT! works closely with our company from the R&D stage through production to ensure the packaging performs from production, through international distribution, to our customers retail shelves.  We continue to develop new items and look forward to continuing our partnership with SOLUT!.

Marilyn KellyVice President – Purchasing – Kronos Foods, Inc.

We are the manufacturers of all the paper food packaging products demonstrated on our site, and we pride ourselves on producing new custom, sustainable food packaging SOLUT!ons for our customers, while constantly innovating to improve upon existing ones.

We have always held that our three core standards innovation, service and integrity provide the platter from which we serve to make our world just a little bit better. In 2008, we changed our name to SOLUT! to emphasize the core of our business modelproviding SOLUT!ons. In 2014, we moved into our recently purchased and renovated 110,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Lewis Center, OH.

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