Using ICE Resin® on Paper

To Paint with ICE Resin on paper, you will need the following:

Lay the plastic trash bag over your work area, and smooth flat. Put on your disposable gloves and lay out supplies.

Step Two: Mix your ICE Resin:Mix the ICE Resin according to instructions, or read post,How to Mix ICE Resin.

Step Three: Apply ICE Resin to Paper:Pour ICE Resin out onto your paper selection and wipe it all over with a sponge, making sure you fully coat and cover the whole page. Spread the ICE Resin into a thick or a thin layer depending on your preference, letting the ICE Resin really soak into the paper.

Step Four: Turn page over and coat other side:Flip your paper over and apply ICE Resin to the other side. Again, cover the entire page all the way to the edges with your sponge.

Step Five: Allow to dry thoroughly:Leave your pieces to dry for 6 to 10 hours. When dry, peel it off of the plastic and use your beautifully preserved paper any way you like!

Step Six: Clean upDont forget that anything you used with the mixed ICE Resin needs to be discarded. You will not be able to reuse the sponge, gloves, measuring cup, stir stick etc.

ICE Resin® and Cobalt Opals Preserved Feather by Brooke Bock

Antiqued Rune Bezel by The Ice Prince aka John Creighton Peterson

ICE Resin® and Cobalt Opals Vintage Bottles by Brooke Bock

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