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AcuDome doming kit for decals

I bought the complete starter kit several years ago, never used it until last year and the epoxy was way over use date. Hate to throw away the whole kit-if anyone is into doming and wants it, let me know and Ill put it in a one-rate box and mail it-you pay the postage. All you need to buy is the doming cartridges and you can dome small decals off the Versca camm. Just didnt get into like I thought I would. Ill wait a week-if no one wants it then it goes in the dumpster.

I have done some doming and show it at the VersaCAMM workshop. Neat stuff and can add some value and price to jobs.

Mike, email me directly with your mailing address and Ill have my wife figure out what size box it will fit in from the post office. I can take a charge card over the phone or you could just mail me a check.

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