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The TOPWERK GROUP is an international machine manufacturer in the concrete industry. With more than 850 Employees and subsidiaries all over the world the TOPWERK GROUP provides machines and equipment for the production of concrete elements. The headquarters of the TOPWERK GROUP is located in Burbach-Wahlbach, Germany.

Each TOPWERK company is specialized in a certain product division. HESS provides concrete block machines as well as mixing devices and handling systems. These machines can produce various elements such as pavers, curb stones or hollow blocks. Continuous technological developments such as the oil bath vibration, filler box planning roller or high performance hydraulic system have made HESS the leading manufacturer of concrete block machines.

SR-SCHINDLER perfectly complements HESS by providing value adding lines and hermetic slab presses. The Bavarian machine manufacturer offers a great number of product modifications such as bush-hammering, grinding, coating, curling, coloration or shot-blasting. SR-SCHINDLER is constantly searching for innovative possibilities of surface finishing in order to let their customers enter new markets. Besides the actual production lines SR-SCHINDLER also provides complete transportation and handling systems like haul roads, curing racks or cubing machines.

Long-established PRINZING-PFEIFFER are specialized in concrete infrastructure products. PRINZING-PFEIFFER machines produce numerous concrete elements for sewerage, drainage, power supply, telecommunication, sewage water treatment, rainwater utilization, building or road construction. A special focus is on machines for concrete pipes and manholes. In the course of integrating HESS into the TOPWERK GROUP PRINZING-PFEIFFER emerged from the famous machine manufacturers PRINZING and SCHLOSSER-PFEIFFER.

The fourth member of TOPWERK is HESS AAC SYSTEMS. The Dutch company provides turn-key plants for autoclaved aerated concrete products. The spectrum includes the complete working process: Raw material preparation, casting, tilting, cutting, bed removal, autoclaving and packing. The headquarters of HESS AAC SYSTEMS are in Enschede, The Netherlands.

The HESS Training Academy anounces new dates for intensive training: Hydraulics/ Mechanics:…read more

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concrete block machines, mixing systems

machines for concrete infrastructure products

Top-Werk Groups products and services globally form the uncontested industrial benchmark…

In our news section you will get current information for the construction industry.

TOP-WERK GmbH D-57299 Burbach-Wahlbach,

company areas of the TOP-WERK Group:

Concrete block machines, mixing systems, moulds

Plants for concrete infrastructure products

Machines and equipment for the building material industry

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Youve never seen a Pride can because weve never made one. But theres no mistaking the business were in. Because its the same business youre in.

Bottom formers,overtravel monitoring systems,floating tool packsandair bearing precision grindersmake up our entire product offering.

Being able to put everything we have into making these tools all they can be has virtually eliminated downtime for our customers. Because, in the end, our success is measured completely by yours.

As speeds increase and can stocks get thinner, consistent clamping pressure becomes more critical. Prides Hybrid Bottom Former utilizes the largest air chamber behind the piston for more consistent force continuing Prides lead in bottom former technology for down-gauging material and reducing splits.

Ram linkages stretch as bodymakers speed up. Prides long, high-mass springs accommodate changes in overtravel to reduce the pinching that causes split domes.

LOW SHOCK(RED). Most common for beverage cans. Optimizes dome depth at any speed while reducing shock.

RAM CONTROL(YELLOW). This lower force spring engages the punch before the dynamic stretch phase, helping the ram turn and reducing ram whip.

HIGH STRENGTH(BLUE). Increases buckle strength for larger beverage cans or is used for food cans to maintain panel depth.

The Guardian II safely and accurately generates bodymaker over travel, a key piece of your process information. Set up and run your bodymaker knowing youre getting good dome depth even while varying bodymaker speed to match pull from the decorator. Avoid unplanned downtime and optimize your maintenance activities by leveraging the Guardians over travel monitoring and data trending.

Pride floating tool packs parts on the line in line. Can wall quality is improved by absorbing ram vibration. Confined precision suspension system never pushes the die past center. Unique even cooling chambers extend die life with a continuous ring of coolant. Works with universal tool pack lids for faster changeovers.

Fixed tool packs are broken. They use a metal die ring and the delicate can itself to the punch back to center.

This stresses and wears the dies, but more alarmingly, puts incredible pressure on the can body. Stress you can really see in white streaks on steel cans where the tin re-melts.

Prides vibration dampening floating tool packs use a confined suspension system that never pushes the die past center, and returns it to within 0.001 of perfect center before the next ram advance. Other floating tool packs such as O-ring and quad-ring systems suffer from the same limitations of fixed tool packs resulting in increased die wear and poor can quality.

Increased die contact area and extra hard pins help rings turn more easily and without outer diameter notching.

Most tool packs have single-spot cooling. Prides tactical openings throughout the tool pack increase can wall integrity and die life.

To reduce tearoffs can must be remove from the vibration equation and cooled more evenly and quickly.

Three simple step operation with precision accuracy. Absolute scales always know where they are without referencing. Closed loop feedback means no accumulated errors between scales and control.

Four inches of solid granite secures both spindles. Air suspension eliminates low-frequency vibration disturbance. Planetary roller bearings guide the digital linear actuator for oscillation of CNC contouring.


When work and wheel head spindles are mounted together on a floating granite surface, true roundness is realized. True roundness is how you make better cans and more of them while extending the life of each die.

With new, tougher air bearings you can feed as aggressively as with mechanical grinders while greatly surpassing the tolerances and surface finishes they can achieve.

Air makes grinding ironing dies, redraw dies, pilot dies, redraw sleeves and trimmer blades even better with an extra long air bearing that allows you to feed as aggressively as mechanical grinders.

Rotary accurate to .00008 roundnessdelivering a 2 in surface finish.


The Air Bearing Precision Grinder runs on Windows™ and comes set up and ready to go. The grinder then moves automatically to the correct positions and the open architecture enables new programs to be added easily.

Pride Touch® eliminates the need for touch off. Just press the Cycle Start button and the grinder will find Z zero and start automatically.


The Pride CNC Punch Grinder 40A is specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands and exacting requirements of punches used in two-piece can body making. Because there is no compromise involved when trying to regrind punches and dies on the same machine, this dedicated package, combined with Prides extensive punch grinding experience, make it the ideal choice for can making plants located in areas where punch regrinding services are not readily available helping you reduce downtime, improve throughput and respond quickly to changing demands.


The 355mm diameter grinding wheel has the abrasive characteristics to produce the critical surface finishes you need. The increaed surface area reduces the need for frequent wheel dressings, providing super-long life and consistency at any grinding pressure to keep on workinglog after smaller grinding wheels have dulled.

The 355mm diameter grinding reducesthe need for wheel dressings.

The new operator interface requires no programming and provides a simple efficient way to input dimensions from the punch print and perform the machining cycle. The compact design and small footprint save up to 40% more space making it the ideal fit for most crowded can plant environments.

With TruePride parts, you get the same exacting attention to detail that goes into our bottom formers, tool packs, grinders. Theyre the best way to ensure youre making quality cans while maintaining the highest engineering standards and warranty validity.


Trust TruePride replacement parts and service. Call +01- or email us with your parts order or service matter.

Our free trial program allows you to install and use our products in your plantfreefor six full months. If you like the way our equipment improves your operations, its yours to purchase. If you decide its not what you want, simply ship it back with no obligation to buy.

Fill out the form below or call us at1+763.427.6250to get the process started today.

Bottom Former/DomerPrides Floating Tool PacksThe Guardian 2

Pride Engineering, LLC. 10301 Xylon Avenue North, Suite 100, Minneapolis, MN 55445

Help us learn a little bit more about your project.

Hybrid Bottom FormerGuardian IIFloating Tool PackAir Bearing Precision Grinder

10301 Xylon Avenue North, Suite 100, Minneapolis, MN 55445

Kunal Enterprise

Starting Date 26 Jul 2018 : Ending Date :31 Jul 2018

Sakurai is one of the leading manufacturers of automatic screen printing presses which offers Cylinder(Stop & Swing),Flatbed and Roll- to Roll machines with hairline precision and high speed production printing which gives perfect results …

Natgraph is leading manufacturers of conveyorised dryer which strives on principles of PEAK (P-Precision,E-Energy Efficiency,A-Application,K-Know-How).This principles signifies Natgraph dryers to offer machines which caters the need of indian …

Keywell INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. was established in 1985 and most specialized in manufacturing Screen Printing Machines as well as related equipment such as UV Conveyor Dryers, Hot Air Dryers, IR Conveyor Dryers, Screen Coating Machines, Screen …

Demak is leading manufacturer for Potting and dispensing machines which are used in industrial label applications where outdoor life and quality of potting is paramount .Kromex is again a patented technology from Demak which enables you to …

JM coatings is a leading manufacturer of screen printing inks which produces high quality result with a faster curing time which caters the need for high volume indian market at a competitive price.JM Inks have forte in metallic …

Kunal Enterprise offers solutions of lenticular by providing 3D Lenses & Software from Hong Kong & Japan. Solutions we offer are 3D Pet Lenses, HALS Solution, 3D Software and 3D Screen Printing….

Kunal Enterprise is a leading solution provider in Printing/Packaging Industry, specifically in Screen Printing genre in India since 2001.We serve customers all over India with best in class products and technology all across the globe. Our DNA is Screen Printing ,We are renowned for providing worlds best Automatic (Cylinder/Flatbed/Roll-to-Roll) & Semi-Automatic Screen Printing machines ,Industrial Dryers ,Pre-Press Equipments , Screen Printing Inks and Accessories for segments such as Automotive, Textile & Ceramic Transfers, Membrane Switch & White good labels, Value Addition Packaging & Point of Purchase(POP) Jobs, Plastic Cards & Security Printing ,Flexible Electronics, Solar & Fuel cells ,Bio-Medical. We as a company are privileged to have


A Hawera Engineering Company now produces dome ends up to 13mm thick in mild steel for tanks and vessels.

Global Stainless first started manufacturing 2mm and 3mm thick stainless steel domes for tank fabricators throughout New Zealand on a purpose built 3.5 metre diameter dome spinning machine but have recently acquired a hydraulic bumping press and a Swedish made hydraulic knuckling/flanging machine capable of forming dome ends or dished and flanged heads in most materials.

The manager Mr. Lincoln Raikes explains the method of bumping in a press or technically known as power peen forming is performed by multiple pressing action until the desired dish curve and contour is achieved. This is much like the Chinese have made their cooking woks for thousands of years but of course by hand.

The bumping press is best suited for heavier thicknesses of plate.

Mr. Raikes says the spinning method they first set up is most economical for production runs on thinner materials whereas the hydro-forming method also provided by Global Stainless is more suited to smaller quantities and where ultra high surface uniformity and minimal work hardening is required.

Some typical applications for domes made by Global Stainless are tank ends, pressure or vacuum vessel heads, air receivers, marine buoys, plastic tank dome moulds, manure spreader tanks concrete mixer bowl ends, petrochemical and dairy powder plant vessels.

Global Stainless fabricate mirror polished globes/spheres for architectural applications which they export globally and also fabricate large diameter long radius stainless steel bends.

Indian Springs Mfg Co Inc

IRVD – Chlorine Institute Recovery Vessel Instruction Booklet, ed.2

CVGS – Chlorine Institute Emergency Kit-C Replacement Gasket Set

Kit-B – Chlorine Institute Ton Container Emergency Kit

CMD – Chlorine Institute, Chlorine Manual, ed.8

ECAE – Drum Patching & Plugging Kit with Ladder Patch & Twin T-Patch

Kit-A – Chlorine Institute Cylinder Emergency Kit

TK555T – Tychem, Limited Use, Level A, Fully Encapsulating Suit (Rear Entry)

DOME – Chlorine Rail Car/Tank Truck Training Dome

Kit-C – Chlorine Institute Tank Car/Truck Emergency Kit

Kit-B – Chlorine Institute Ton Container Emergency Kit

BXGS – Chlorine Institute Emergency Kit-B Replacement Gasket Set, (Pre-2014)

CMD – Chlorine Institute, Chlorine Manual, ed.8

IBD – Chlorine Institute Emergency Kit B Instruction Booklet, ed.11

IAD – Chlorine Institute Emergency Kit A Instruction Booklet, ed.12

ISB – Chlorine Institute Emergency Kit B Inspection Sheet

ICD – Chlorine Institute Emergency Kit C Instruction Booklet, ed.10

Universal Ton Container Emergency Kit

Indian Springs Mfg. has developed a new concept emergency kit for use on

The Chlorine Institute Emergency Kit-B was redesigned in 2014 to improve the

Alex Kass (Production Engineer, Indian Springs Mfg.) was awarded the 2015

Target Lines

Lawry Shooting Sports Inc. has been in the business of manufacturing clay targets since 1975. We produce the most precise, consistent and uniform target on the market today. All of our target lines meet ATA, NSSA, and NCSA specifications. We supply factory direct targets at very competitive prices across North America. Trailer load and partial trailer load quantities are delivered with our own fleet of air ride trailers.

All of the targets we manufacture are non-toxic to the environment. Unlike most other manufactures this claim has been verified by an accredited independent body. For more informationclick here.


**108mm Sporting Clay Targets are a denser, heavier target than 108mm Trap & Skeet

targets. They are better suited for faster and further distances.**

25 Industrial Drive, P.O. Box 2153, Caledonia, Ontario N3W 1H8

Embossing Machine And Rolls

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We are a UK manufacturer of belts and we are looking for an embossing machine hand driven or motorised as well as the facility to supply embossing rolls.

We will consider a used machine, can anyone help with this enquiry please?

Havent found it on Tandys UK site, but here it is on ebay

They sell an emboss machine and have many rolls to choose from

Thank you very much for your help, we will look at the options. Tandy in the UK do not have the embosser that is on ebay

There are a couple of embossing machines available. Campbell Randall in Yokum, Texas makes an industrial quality powered machine.

They can also supply roller embossing wheels. Im not sure of the pricing but have seen the machines operating. Very high end machine for production work.

There is a hand operated machine being sold by Millers Wholesale Harness. I havent seen it but Ive seen pictures and it looks like it is well made. They also have solid brass embossing rolls. We have a few of their rolls, they are very high quality. They are Amish and do not have a website or a telephone. I think the only way that they can be contacted is by mail. There address is: 350 Spruce Pine Road, Columbia KY 42728.

We originally had one of the Tandy machines. It was hard to get a decent impression. The embossing rolls had a small outside diameter 1-1/4 to 1-1/2. We werent happy with the results and sold it.

We eventually found a 100 year old hand powered machine made by F.K. Russell with several old embossing rolls. Machines and embossing rolls were made by Russell, as well as McMillen and C.S. Osborne many years ago. If you can come across one of these, they are great machines. Its very hard to find the old embossing rolls but the rolls from Miller Harness will work in the old machines. Weve tried the composite rollers but find the steel and brass rollers give a much deeper impression.

Great thank you very much, we will contact Campbell Randall, we much appreciate everyone who have offered their help – there arent many people producing these machines anymore – yet we have regular enquiries for embossed belts.

Has anyone got experience with one of these machines, techniques to get best results – some colleagues have suggested wetting the top surface and applying heat?

The answer to your question really depends on your desired use and result. If I hear heat Im thinking of color, gold and whatever application. All of this would rule out the hand-operated machines unless there is some sort of electrical heat hooked up to it. If you are doing large quantities you might want to check with this UK company

Also for the wetting part I would say yes, for sure with the hand-operated machines. I would try both methods first before running any sort of series. And just because this company is based in Europe which might save taxes and customs fees adding this link.

I forgot to mention that the CZ store has it from Ivan. Youll find that here Orders below $5000 will be subject to a surcharge. It may be worth it if you want to add all the embossing rolls as well.

I have a machine that I had made (Along with the embossing rolls) by a guy here in New Zealand. He made the rolls (two) out of a brass material which has lasted the distance. They were not cheap but are not the cast wheels and leave a very distinct, sharp and irreversible pattern.

Here is a photo of the machine which is a cheap rolling mill from India.

I have an inch and a half and a two and a quarter inch roller for trouser and police/security belts. I line the belts which makes them very heavy and very nice.

Great looking belts Trevor, your machine looks very sturdy and well made, thank you for the information. We have found a person to make the rolls in brass for us now, we just need a good quality machine , so looking at all the options. David

Thank you, Thor have contacted Ivan leather to see what they can offer.

Leatherwork, pyrography, enjoying life, meeting new leathercrafters, and living forever.

Pyrography on leather, small projects.

while searching for another company

You might try BEILERS MFG. & SUPPLY, with warehouse at 3025 Harvest Dr., Ronks, Pa. 17572 or manufacturing at 290 S. Groffdale Rd., Leola, Pa.

Phones: Office and warehouse; and manufacturing at .

It is my understanding that hey make the machines offered by the Amish and they are, indeed, very well made. I have one that I purchased from Millers and am very pleased. They also have a great selection of brass rolls that are superb.

I have seen anew machine by Beilers and it has an open end shaft that mat allow larger rolls to be used.

The Tandy embossing machine ( thats the model 3800) pictured above on the e-Bay link has been the subject of a voluntary recall by Tandy because of inconsistent construction by their factory in China. Many machines were just not working. So Ill suggest people keep away from that model until the production problem is solved. Its too bad. Theyd hoped that the new model would fix the problem with their previous embosser.

That explains why I cant find ANY of the belt embossing products on tandys site. Anyone happen to have the diminsions for the older model 3800 rollers? I am going to see about playing with electoetching some designs on blank rollers im having a friend make, but not sure how big of diamater roller the machine can handle? I know that the inside hole is 1 and i believe the key channel is 3/16 wide, but thats about it…

The largest diameter roll I have from the evil empire is at 1 5/8. The rolls from Bunkhouse Tools weigh in at 1 7/8 and larger and dont generally work on the empires machine.

I keep threatening to make some embossing rolls but have been just too busy with regular stamps to get into any new developments. Cheers!

I have been working with leather for a long time I have even tand Dear Elke  birds small game the old ways. Every thing I know I learned how to do was on my won & studying how things was put together. I make Vest Holsters  Knives & knife sheath and what dont exsect For people who need it. There is more.

Restoring old Motorbikes, Blues Guitar, Leather work, my hot tub, my health(such as it is), and I owe it all to my lord and savior J.C., he da man!

Better than some but not as good as most on this site, but it dont deter me at all.

By Accident just surfing and poof there it was.

I know this is an old topic but am bored today and thought I would just chime in. I have one of those hand crank units from Tandy. I do not use it much, but it works fine, after fidgeting with it to get it all adjusted right. I once had the whole thing spring apart halfway through a belt! My fault for not assembling it properly! The bronze embossing wheels are expensive, not really that great in the quality of its imprints and not much of a variety out there. Wet press is the only way to get a proper emboss. About a year (2007 or so) after I bought it Tandy came out with an open end powered unit but a recent visit to the local store revealed the employees knew very little about either tool and they did not carry them. They did however have a Tippman Boss that I drooled over for awhile before the price tag shocked me back to the reality that I must hand sew for the time being  LOL.

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50 Beautiful 3d Sticker Making Machine

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