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doming resin tray

Vintage GAMUT DESIGNS Clear Resin Acrylic SEEDS CHEESE Board Tray w GLASS DOME

Resin Mold Mould Tray. Star, Heart, Flower, Dome. Casting, Craft. UK MADE. S7290

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NEW Alumilite AlumiUV Crystal Clear Doming & Coating Resin for High Gloss .25lb

ICE RESIN Kit, Clear Jewelry Resin Starter Kit, plastic cups, doming kit adh0029

Resin Mold Round 25mm 1 16 count Jewelry Cabochon Rounds Dome Cabochon

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Cabochon round bubble mold mould Resin Jewelry making crafts

Resin Mold Round Domes 1.5 37mm Epoxy Jewelry Pendant Molds Mould Dome

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1 Piece 160 Grids Ice Cube Tray Resin Casting Mold Chocolate Mould Maker

Shappy 24 Pieces 25 mm Round Glass Dome Tiles Clear Cameo with Pendant Bezel…

40 Pieces 8 Colors Pendant Trays Round Bezel, 40 Pieces Glass Cabochon Round

Resin Mold 11 Pairs 22 Count 8×9 Tray Epoxy Jewelry Molds Pendant Earrings

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Oval resin mould mold resin jewelry crafts crafting reusable plastic

Doming 3D resin – Rigid finish, Epoxy uv cured 1 component, 16 oz. bottle

Silicone Pendant Molds Making Jewelry Pendant Resin Casting Mould Craft Tool

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DIY Geometric Silicone Jewelry Box Mold Epoxy Resin Casting Craft Mould Tool

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58 Cases Tray Clear Silicone Mold Mould For Resin Jewelry Making Craft Tool

DIY Silicone Pendant Molds For Making Jewelry Resin Casting Mould Craft Tools

Ice Resin Syringe Self Doming Jewelry Resin 1 oz

ICE Resin 16 ounce kit – jewelry grade self doming epoxy resin mixed media

DIY 58 Cases Tray Silicone Mold Mould For Resin Jewelry Making Craft Tool

Alphabet Number Shape Silicone DIY Molds Tray for Resin Jewelry Making Craft

2 Pcs Silicone Fishtail Resin Casting Making DIY Jewelry Making Accessories

Star open back bezel Metal Charm for resin craft blank pendant tray backless

DIY Silicone Little Box Mold Resin Mould Jewelry Casting Ornament Craft Tool

160 Grids Mini Cube Ice Tray DIY Creative Small Square Shape Silicone Mold

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DIY Silicone Pendant Molds Making Jewelry Pendant Resin Casting Mould Craft Tool

4 DIY Silicone Pendant Mold Making Jewelry Necklace Resin Setting Tray Mould

Miraclekoo 20 Set Square Bezel Pendant Trays with Glass Dome Tiles Cabochon 2…

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5 Pcs Rose Daisy Flower Cube Chocolate Soap Tray Mold Silicone Party maker

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Diamond Shape Silicone Pendant Mold Mould For DIY Resin Ornament Ice Tray

square bezel pendant trays with glass dome tiles cabochon 25 mm blanks 20 set

Glarks 4 Colors Pendant Trays Round Bezel with Glass Cabochon Round Clear Dome T

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Buy doming tray resin and get free shippg on

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Alumi-UV 2 LBS or 32 fl oz

Alumi-UV is a single component, semi-flexible, extremely durable, clear doming and coating resin. Once cured with UV light (365nm), it produces a high gloss coating on paper, plastic, wood, metal, and more. Alumi-UV has a medium viscosity which is great for covering items and applying even coating to unsymmetrical shaped items. Multiple coats can be applied to build coating thickness. This one part system is shelf stable when stored between 55 and 80 degrees F. See Technical Data Sheet below for light curing specifications (365nm). Cure times vary based on light source.

*AlumiUV is not a UV Stabilizer additive for resin

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How to make a resin pendant using a bezel pendant tray

Where resin crafting is more than a passion, it is an OBSESSION

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Bezel pendant finding (this tutorial uses thisone inch by two inch rectangular silver pendant tray)

Resin Obsession Super clear casting resin

Trim your clip art to fit your pendant.  I decided to go with the exact shape of the bezel for this project, but certainly you could do some neat shapes.  Let your imagination go wild!

Seal your clip art with glue and allow to dry.

Seal your paper again into your bezel cup.  Put down a layer of glue, then apply your paper.  Seal on top.  I will usually seal with two coats of Ultra seal, then wait 24 hours to allow it to completely dry.

Properly mix your resin.  (We have a video onHow to Mix Epoxy Resinon our You Tube channel.)

Slowly pour your resin into your bezel cup.  Squeezing the cup together to form a spout will help you control your pour.  Only pour a small amount, then let the resin spread.  Add more as necessary.  You only want enough resin to barely cover the bottom of the pendant.  This will allow you to pour a second layer with your inclusion.

(Note:  You could add the inclusion in the first layer and be done in one pour, but I like doing it in two pours because it gives the pendant a bit more depth like the inclusion is floating)

Use a toothpick to spread the resin out to the corners of your pendant.  Allow to cure for several hours or overnight before pouring your next layer of resin.  (Dont forget to check for bubbles!)

Pour your second layer of resin like you did the first, but be careful again not to over pour.  Carefully place your inclusion in the resin.  If your inclusion is porous, it must be sealed with ultra seal first.  Read here onHow to properly seal papers or findings for including in resin jewelry.

Use a toothpick to move your inclusion within your resin.  Allow the piece to cure as before.

Unpublished Blog Posts of Resin Obsession, LLC © 2012 Resin Obsession, LLC

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If I wanted to pour resin into round earring bezels like in the link below. How would I do that and still give them a dome look?

You will need to use a doming resin. I would suggest our Envirotex jewelry resin for such a project.

Hi can I use the ultra seal to glue paper to pendant , let dry and then put ultra seal around perimeter and insert dome glass? Please advise. This is a mans man trying to do dainty work in order to please granddaughter. Thank you. Signed: sloppy poppy

@Jim, Yes, the ultra seal glue will work fine.

I have a very small work area and fill about a dozen prices at a time, usually one or two end up spilling out of the tray For various reasons. The pendants dont stick to my work surface but many pendant trays have a textured back and the resin gets in those ridges and is really hard to get off. Do you think coating the backs with Vaseline would keep resin from curing in those nooks and crannies? Is there another product I could use that I could block only the backs and is easily removed or can be washed off once the resin is dry?

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Liquid Lens Gem Doming Starter Kit

Compact, entry level manual doming system for short run and sample production. Complete with quality control unit for fast curing of domed products in a warm, dry and dust free environment.

Doming is the process of applying polyurethane resin overnon-porous materialstypically printed and cut adhesive labelvinyls,which are allowed to cure then applied to promotional items such as keyrings, badges, plaques and more. However, the possibilities with resin doming also means you can dome almost any non-porous material such as plastics, metal, glass and wood, protecting your items from from scratches, dents and creating a professional finish.

HP Photosmart C5678 Wireless All-in-One Printer

UV LED Oven for Curing DLP Resin 3D Prts

SLA / Resin 3D printers usually need some form of post curing with additional UV light to strengthen the model and to cure excess resin that is not washed away. A strip of UV LED lights inside a paint can provide the right spectrum and intensity of UV light that cures parts quickly and evenly.

After building aDIY SLA / resin 3D printer, we tried several methods to post-cure the parts after printing. Some methods such as those described on theMadesolid blogworked, but were not perfect solutions.

This little project was quick, easy to execute and only cost about $40-$50.

Other common post-cure methods include:

Submerging a part in water and using the Sun: Drawbacks I experienced were uneven cure, too fast cure that caused cracking and was hard to control.

Regardless of light curing method, a 3-4 minute Isopropyl Alcohol wash or similar part cleaning procedure is needed before UV post-cure.


To make a cheap and effective UV curing ovenYoull need:

Non-waterproof strips without the clear doming may provide more UV light

Soldering & light duty wiring tools

One gallon paint can or similarly sized container.

*Some Ultraviolet LED strips come with power supplies and dont require additional wiring.*

1) Wire the power supply to the LED strip, by cutting and stripping the 2 positive (red) and negative (black) ends of the small round connector.

2) Solder the corresponding positive and negative wires to the LED terminal.

3) Plug-in and test your LEDs with a few drops of UV resin. It may take several minutes for only a few LEDs to cure the resin. The more closely they are clustered together, the more intense the light and faster the cure times will be.

4) Make the inside of your container reflective with some foil tape to increase light intensity. A metal paint can works great because the even, round shape and its ability to dissipate heat through the can from the LEDs.

5) Use double sided scotch tape to mount the LEDs to the inside of the container as close as possible. Space rows less than a centimeter apart. A 5 meter LED strip will just about perfectly fill up the walls of a paint can. Typically, LED strips can also be cut or added to.

*Optional* Make a small tray by wrapping foil tape to a round piece of cardboard. SLA / resin 3D prints can be sticky before post-cure. UV resin irritates the eyes and skin. Always use gloves!

We found that (1) 5 meter LED strip (wavelength:395-405nm) coiled inside a paint can was sufficient to cure parts in about 10-20 minutes. Rotating parts at least once or twice to expose the bottom every 10 minutes was also helpful.

*The UV oven should not be closed while in use. Be sure your part does not have excessive Isopropyl Alcohol on it. This could be a fire hazzard.*

*Parts cured this type of UV oven had less powerdering, more even color and seemed to last longer.*

*We have an unconfirmed hypothesis that extra heat inside the chamber may help with curing.*

Did you make this project? Share it with us!

Please be positive and constructive.

I am working on DLP printer and for post curing method i have decided to use UV lamp.I would like to know the temperature and time for which the printed part should be subjected to UV light for better mechanical properties?Is UV oven better than UV lamp?

Has anyone else found that their LEDs turn yellow after around a full weeks use?


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Doming Resin Pendant Trays ?

Anyone using Colores Doming Resin (or another resin) in pendant trays? I have 100 trays from China Findings. They are too deep for the drops, so I need to make Colores work. I am getting bubbles deep (touching the image) that are too deep for me to get. They dont seem to be working themselves up to the top.

Also, the resin seems to be yellowing or something. Its so thick that next to the same image on a bottlecap, the pendant looks quite dull.

Re: Doming Resin in Pendant Trays ?

Ive been meaning to do the same but after hearing people having issues with bubbles and such lately Ive been chickening out…plus the only time I get to do it is in the nitetime when everyone is asleep otherwise Id have kids running back and forth and wanting to dig in and touch everything. Ive been debating on sending my supplies to someone to do for me.

Re: Doming Resin in Pendant Trays ?

If they are really deep i would do it in two layers instead of all at once. HTH

Re: Doming Resin in Pendant Trays ?

Re: Doming Resin in Pendant Trays ?

Thanks for the video link. I had seen that before but forgot about it. My pendant trays seem like they are 3 times that deep. Im not impressed with the amount of resin it takes to fill them.

I will try working in two layers. Has anyone done that before? I switched to mod podge for sealing my image, and I think the air bubbles that Im getting are sitting in the brush strokes from the mod podge. Its been quite a bummer to not get a perfect image, especially b/c I thought these were going to be such good sellers for me.

Re: Doming Resin in Pendant Trays ?

maybe a spray sealer would work better?

Re: Doming Resin in Pendant Trays ?

maybe a spray sealer would work better?

Ill try that, too. I used to seal with Kryon triple thick glaze, but the images on my caps kept popping up on the edges, so I moved to mod podge. I havent tried the Krylon with the pendant trays. I dont want to get a bunch of overspray on the tray though, right? Or maybe if I spray the whole thing it will not show. I guess Im just going to have to play with it…the problem is that the resin isnt cheap, and I have to use the whole batch or dump it. I dont want to waste all my supplies.

If anyone else out there uses Colores w/mod podge sealer, are you getting bubbles caught in your brush strokes?

Re: Doming Resin in Pendant Trays ?

they sell a mod podge spray sealer. i got a bottle at walmart. Hubby picked it up in the spray paint department.

Have you tried the Krylon spray sealer?__________________

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Little Windows

Whether youre making gifts, pieces to sell, or something special for yourself, personalizing adds an extra-special touch to any creation.

There are lots of ways to personalize your resin projects with names, initials and words. This video shows my favorite techniques:


So this is a post Ill be adding to as we come up with more ideas.  First up, my daughter asked for help to create her Halloween costume this year, Raven from Teen Titans.  She pulled together the costume, and I made the accessories – belt, cape pin, hand amulets and upside-down diamond-shaped bindis.  I think they came out pretty amazing so I thought Id share in case you want to try something similar:

For the gems:Cast Brilliant Resin in our Silicone Cabochons Mold, mounted Resin Color Film in Jewel Red on the back of each, followed by a cut circle of aluminum foil applied with a thin coat of resin for optimal reflection.

For the gold belt:You can buy a gold belt, but I just got some fake leather and a clip from JoAnn Fabrics and made one on the cheap.  Cast thin round shapes to back gems in our Large Circles Molds (psst – you can customize our Large or Hearts mold sets to get multiples of the shape you want!)  I mixed gold powder into the resin thinking the resulting cast would be shiny – nope, just cast them clear to keep it simple.

So I spray painted these cast Brilliant Resin pieces and the belt to get the look I wanted.

For the Cloak Pin:I made a larger jewel and needed a larger lightweight piece in gold to back it.  I found this perfectly-sided canning top at JoAnn Fabrics (spray painted above).  I didnt need the slit in the middle, but it would be covered with the jewel so it didnt matter.  I applied 2 pin-backs to this piece so make it really secure.

You could attach these pieces all together in many different ways, but since I had Brilliant Resin on-hand, I embedded the belt and the pins into thickened resin on the backs of each piece.  I waited about 1 hour before pushing the belt and pin-backs into the resin, but it was 104F here, so if its a normal temp where youre working, you may want to wait a bit longer to let your resin get nice and thick.

I placed the belt in the top half of each gem-back instead of in the center, so the gems wouldnt flip over while the belt is worn.  The finished pieces have a nice weight to them.

Finally I attached the gems to the golden belt circles using Gorilla Glue Clear (love this stuff, by the way 🙂

For the Bindi:I made a few sizes (not having her head handy), simply cut shapes out of our Resin Color Film, domed them with Brilliant Resin, and once they were set up I painted the back with silver nail polish.  You could do this on the larger pieces too but they wont reflect as well. She applied it with eyelash glue.

Finished costume (minus the wig, saving that for party night 🙂

STEP 1: Mix Glow In The Dark powder into Brilliant Resin and pour a thin layer in your mold

These powders give a much better glow than GITD nail polish, and can be found in many places.Heres a link to the one I used, which was great, but the container had waaaaaay more than I needed for years to come, so see if you can get a smaller amount to save $

STEP 2: Pop out cast pieces, stick on clear-backed stickers/insert images/paint on designs, and Dome them Up (click here to watch Doming Up how-to video).

The projects below were done the same way, but with images printed onto ourClear Photo FilmThe round NBC Jack Skellington pendant, the creepy skeleton pendant, and the skull keychain were made using theDoming Technique- clear resin on one side, resin with GITD Powder on the back side:

The pendant on this spider necklace was made using ourMedium Silicone Mold, the beads were made in ourSilicone Cabochons Mold. For these, we printed these images onClear Photo Film, and cast them inBrilliant Resin.  We then mixed GITD Powder into a new batch of resin, and Domed Up the backs. After 1-1/2 hours, I was able to embed the wire into the cast shapes.See this how-to videofor reference on embedding wire in resin.

Heres another using an image copied ontoClear Photo Film, this ones in color and domed on both sides.  On the back I added GITD Powder, and embedded a pin into the resin as it was setting.  It looks very different from day to night.

Again,heres a link to the Glow Powder I usedwhich was really strong, but try to find a smaller container for sale or youll have enough for a lifetime.

More fun project ideas for Halloween, mixed in with favorites:

The pendants above were cast in our Medium Molds, thenDomed Upover a piece ofResin Color Film, with a bit of glitter mixed into the resin.  Let that set up an hour or two, then push bent wire forms into the resin making a ripple effect and glossy dimension.

For this necklace I also embedded wire in cast pieces.  Images were printed onClear Photo Film.  I embedded the film in clear Brilliant Resin using ourMedium Silicone MoldandCabochons Mold.  We then added GITD powder into the resin to Dome Up the backs of these pieces, and embedded the wire as they were setting up.CLICK HEREfor more Glow In The Dark Project Ideas.

Youll need Brilliant Resin, Resin Color Film, a Doming Tray, and a Spring Drill, and some colored wire.  Cut strips were domed, then shaped (as shown in our Brilliant 3D Butterflies video), drilled, and attached with colored wire.  The top one is about 3-1/2 across, the bottom one is about 1-1/4 across, and can be made into a necklace or earring.

We used Dichro-ISH Films layered in Brilliant Resin, in our Large Circle Mold, with a cat sticker.  This shows how the color you put behind this film completely changes the look.

And this one has Resin Color Film behind the Dichro-ISH Texture Film.

This giant fridge magnet combines a photo with fun Halloween stickers.

This one has GITD powder mixed into the resin behind the stickers:

Here are two more pieces I just love, made with Dichro-ISH Films, but Domed.  For the first piece, we stabilized Texture Film by using Double-Sided Adhesive to stick two layers together.  Then we cut our shape, applied the sticker, and domed both sides.

Glittery stickers domed with Brilliant Resin on a Doming Tray.  To keep stickers from curling, cut through the backing in the shape you want, and leave it on as you dome the fronts.  Then peel it off to dome the backs.

For all of these we used a variety of glitters, stickers, confetti and googly eyes.  Click at the bottom of this post to watch a FREE how-to Video.

I was surprised by how little actual candy corn resembles the candy corn I hold dear in my mind from ages gone by.  The ones from Target are big and kind of lumpy.  Once I embedded them in Brilliant Resin, they didnt look very interesting, so I layered a spooky sticker on top, Domed it Up, and now I have an awesome paper weight!  Click at the bottom of this post to watch a FREE how-to Video.

Here are some simpler creations, made with

These were cast with Resin Color Film as the colorant, then we domed them up with a bit of glitter mixed into the resin, and then painted designs.  You can paint between layers or on the outside.

OK, Im a sucker for anything vampire-related (painful pun intended 🙂  These pieces use glitters, acrylic paints, nail polish, stickers and charms all embedded or layered in Brilliant Resin, using our Hearts Molds Set.  Click at the bottom of this post to watch a FREE how-to Video.

I made these charming photo frames for Halloween, but I cant seem to put them away.  Theyve been moving around my desk all year, reminding me of when my cutie girls were even cuter!

Here are some great ways to show off your Halloween photos. I love having these keepsakes to show off my peeps.  Click at the bottom of this post to watch FREE how-to Videos.

These Photo Cubes make great gifts too, so fun to have on your desk to fidget with!

Im not usually a glitter girl, but this is a slippery slope of fun!  Whether youre creating some Halloween flair, or just something sparkly and fun to wear any day, this is an easy and versatile additive.

This video shows how to add glitters to resin for use in casting projects, which can be layered and embellished to your hearts content.  Have fun!

If you have more questions, please check ourFAQ center.

Shhhhh, heres a secret, you can use the protectives tops from Secret and other solid deodorants to cast resin!

Fun designs for jewelry making, hair clips, knobs and more!

I love how this hair clip looks in dark hair, the Dichro-ISH film just glows and catches any available light.

You can make beautiful, everlasting roses with Little Windows Resin Color Film, a Silicone Doming Tray and some wire.  First, cut petals out and dome them with Brilliant Resin.  The shapes on the left below have resin applied.

After 1-1/2 to 2 hours, when the resin is getting really goopy, insert wire shapes and let them set up.  Bend the wire so it is resting on your table, to keep the pieces from tipping up as the resin sets. Pieces being domed need to stay flat.

After 12 hours you can bend each petal and hold it place with either scotch tape or ourAmazing Tape. They should be different shapes and amounts of bend, as real rose petals are. The embedded wire will help each piece retain its bend. Wrap the smallest petals around a pencil or pen.  If youd like to see how this works, have a look at these 2 videos on the Bendy Resin technique:

Roll and tape the scalloped triangle shape. This will form the center of your rose and you will attach the other petals to this base.  Allow all of these shapes to harden overnight, then you can remove the tape and assemble your rose.

Arrange the petals one at a time into an open bloom or more of a bud, using a jewelry glue and twisting the wires into a stem.  You can snip this off or wrap the stem with green wire.

These look so gorgeous as the sun shines through the resined films!

Heres a simpler look you can try.  Its the same technique above, but with much longer wire pieces embedded into each shape, mine were about 12 long. The center piece is a 2 round circle cut from the Resin Color Film – seen in an image below – then wrapped into a cone shape (no wire on this center piece).  The petals were made using the same technique described above, the embedded wire lets you shape the leaves without tape. Once bent and hardened, use the wire as a stem and wrap more green wire around the bunch.

The leaf on the left is flat, the one on the right has been bent into the shape I wanted.

See how this sparkles in the sun!  The clear, saturated color of our Resin Color Film is so beautiful.

Here is another flower I made without wire, to show the variety you can make with this simple technique.  Each of these petals started as a circle of Resin Color Film, rolled into a cone, then glued together with jewelry glue.  Id love to wear this as a pin or add it to a fancy hat, or just stare at it all day 🙂

Start with a bunch of circles cut (or punched) out of our Resin Color Film.  For this flower I used our1 Circle Punchon colors from both theJewelsandPale TintsPacks (the small punched circles are for another project 🙂

Apply resin to each piece and allow to set up for 12 hours (I love the look of this 🙂  The large red circle and green leaves were used in the long stem rose shown above.

Wrap each circle into a cone shape and tape in place using scotch tape orAmazing Tape, and allow to harden another day.  Then glue together in any configuration.

This technique mimics the now-outlawed wire-dip from long ago (toxicity=bad).

Create wire shapes as outlines for petals and leaves.  Dip into resin and place onto Resin Color Film.  The resin will adhere the wire to theResin Color Film.

Allow to cure, then cut around each shape close to the wire, place them on your Doming Tray, and dome each shape on the wire side (sorry, I forgot to take a photo of this step, but Im sure you can imagine it 🙂  After 12 hours bend the petals and leaves into shapes you like.  The wire shouldhold them in place, but you can useAmazing Tapeif needed. Then arrange them however youd like, and twist the wires together.  Then wrap the stem with green wire for a more finished look.  Im not a tidy wire wrapper, so Im embracing the lumpiness!

I had a little resin left over in my mixing cup so I quickly twisted up some colored wire and stuck it in.

After popping it out there was a little stickiness around the rim from unblended resin from the very bottom of my mixing cup.  So I domed up the bottom which became the ffront, then embedded a magnet into white resin for the back. Because this was leftover resin from the cup, which had been dipped into many times, there are more bubbles than usual, but nothing goes to waste around here!

How about photos from a beloved garden or bouquet?  Crop and print your photos on ourSpecial Resin Photo Papers, then cast or dome them to make lovely keepsakes like these, made by Pearl atthe Beading GemClick this linkfor a how-to guide and product review.  Thank you Pearl!

Look at Pearls beautiful suggestion for how to gift these treasures!  If you havent visited her site,the Beading Gemis the best resource around for all things related to jewelry-making. An

of techniques, tools, inspiration and reviews. Youll love it!

And of course you can embed real flowers to make beautiful keepsakes, but they need to be completely dried.  Water and resin dont play well, so you want to be sure all the moisture has been removed before putting any natural element into resin.  Heres a piece by Amazing Maker Alice Bignami Todd, who embedded a pressed Briar Rose into Brilliant Resin.

Here are some we made using the Silicone Cabochons Mold, these can be done in any shape of mold, in a single pour or in layers to create dimension.

Heres a real dried orchid embedded in a resincabochon, and I added a little glitter into a final layer in the back to create a backdrop for this alien-looking flower.

You can buy dried flowers both full or pressed – some natural, some enhanced with dyes.  If youd like to dry your own flowers, here are some links that will be of help from

How to dry flowers in prep for resining

Pretty projects made with these pieces

Have fun, and please let me know how your creations turn out 🙂

Here are more samples from the video, using the two different techniques demonstrated.  The before and afters show the shine you can achieve with either polish or painting:

Deep scratches will require wet-sanding with high-grit paper before polishing.

Becky atNunn Designsent me some of their Open Frame Hoops to play with, and boy are these fun. They come in Silver, Copper, Gold and antiqued finishes.  There are so many ways you can use these!

Nunn DesignOpen Frame Hoops in Silver – Grande (about 50mm outside), Large (35mm), Small (25m), Mini (12mm)

LW Resin Color Film- Pale Tints Pack (Pale Green, Pale Aqua, Pale Blue, Pale Lavender)

Jewelry Findings (I used 2.5 headpins and a necklace wire)

Pliers, small sharp scissors or an X-acto Knife, tweezers

First, cut circles of Resin Color Film to fit behind each of the Hoops – they dont have to be perfectly cut as the hoops will hide the edges.  Cut the middle out of each circle where the next smallest hoop will be, so that colors dont overlap.

I used the flat back of our Silicone Doming Tray as an easy-release surface.  Arrange the colors and hoops however youd like.  As you can see, the circles dont need to be completely perfect as the metal hoops will cover the edges where they meet.

The resin shouldnt seep under the edge of this outer ring because…

1. Nunn Design rings are quite heavy and nicely shaped.

2. The silicone on the doming tray adheres nicely to the ring and the film, keeping it in place.

3. Youll be using thickened Brilliant Resin, so the chances of leak-under are slim.

I used only 3 colors and hoops for the matching earrings.

Place only the largest hoop on top of your Resin Color Film Shapes.  Allow your mixed resin to set up for 30 minutes to thicken up, then slowly pour resin inside of the hoop, filling about half-way up the hoop.  Allow resin to set for another 30 minutes in the rings until its nice and thick.  Then place the inner hoops, lining them up with your circles of Resin Color Film.  Allow to set up for at least 24 hours (better if you have 2-3 days, so it can really harden).

The dark parts you see show where resin leaked behind the film, but it doesnt matter in this case because youll be doming the back, just make sure the resin doesnt escape from the metal hoop.

Then flip over your pieces and dome the back side with Brilliant Resin.  Allow to set up.

Place pieces on a hard wood surface and use your Spring Drill to make holes for your jewelry findings.  I used 2-1/2 long sterling silver head pins in these, bent to shape.

Heres a variation using other colors in the Resin Color Film – Pale Tints Pack (Pale Apricot, Pale Peach, Pale Pink and Pale Lilac, withNunn DesignCopper Open Frame Hoops:

So cute!  I was playing with the Open Frame Hoops fromNunn Design, and came up with this guy.  My original plan was to make the center piece with just the 3D eyes, but then I was playing with wire and decided this creature should be feline.


Nunn DesignOpen Frame Hoops in Copper – Grande (about 50mm outside), Small (25m), Mini (12mm)

Copper jewelry wire – I used 20 gauge

Small sharp scissors, pliers, tweezers

To get the ripple effect around the eyes, start by creating the smallest black pupil hoops.  Stick 2 of the Mini Hoops and 2 of the Small Hoops onto a piece of packing tape, press down to make sure they are stuck well.  Mix Black Resin Colorant into a little bit of Brilliant Resin and pour it inside the Mini Hoops.  Allow to set for at least 12 hours before touching.

Once the black centers are set up, peel them off of the tape and set them aside.  Mix a new batch of resin and blend in some White Resin Colorant, pour this into the 2 Small Hoops, filling about 1/2 way.  Let the White Resin set up for about 2 hours so its nice and thick, then place the smaller Black Resin Hoops into the White Resin and press down a bit.  Allow your eyes to set up completely before touching.

Cut a circle of Dichro-ISH Texture Film to fit inside the largest hoop.  Cut a circle of packing tape about 1/4 smaller than the inside of your largest hoop.  Then cut another strip of packing tape about 6 long.  Stick the circle-shaped tape onto the strip, adhesive sides together (in the photo Im using a piece of white non-stick paper so you can see what Im doing, yours will be clear).

This will create a ring of adhesive for the project to stick to, without having stickiness in the center of the piece.  This will make it easier to peel off later, without damaging the Texture Film.   Fold over both ends of tape strip so that you dont stick to it while you are working.

Center the Dichro-ISH Film circle on the tape, then center the largest hoop on the tape so it surrounds the Film, pressing down to ensure its stuck well all around.  Mix a new batch of resin and pour some into the large hoop until the resin domes just a bit, without overflowing the hoop.

Allow this resin to set up for about 2 hours until its nice and thick, then place your eyes wherever you want them.  Let your assembled resin piece set up to fully harden before peeling off of the tape – minimum of 1 day, 2-3 days preferred.

Create wire accents (I made ears), flip your piece over on the Silicone Doming tray and make sure your piece is level so the resin wont flow off the sides.  Mix up a new batch of resin, let it thicken in the mixing cup for about 30 minutes, then dome up the back of your creation.  Watchthis Doming Up videoto see this technique in action.

Allow it to further thicken for about 30 minutes, then embed your wire accents.  I bent copper wire into ears, but you can make anything youd like.  Let resin cure fully and enjoy your Dichro Hoop Kitty Cat!  Hang it by the ears from chain, make it into a pin or a magnet, or whatever you want.  Color shift based on whats behind the film!

These bracelets show the smallest 1 size castings, the one on the left has a leather cord, the one on the right attaches to the sterling plated bracelet we have in our shop.

This shows how the sizes of molds that are in the Set compare.

And here are just a few of the projects created in our last Little Windows Workshop!

Heres whats inside, 4 sizes of beautiful, reusable heart molds, plus a cropping template:

And to make it easy, Ive got punches that match these hearts molds!  Here they are, available in our shop individually and as a set:

Great options for opaque color, these blend easily without adding many bubbles.  The black pieces below were made with our Dichro-ISH Black Colorant, the white stripes were made with our opaque White Resin Colorant.

From fine cut to big and chunky, WE LOVE GLITTER!  You can mix any color in with your resin batch.  CLICK Resin Glitter Fun to the right for more info and a how-to video

This can be hit-or-miss as some ink colors react with the resin in weird ways. Here are some experiments weve done by applying inks to a photo, and between layers of resin:

Then I figured out how to create these tie-dye type looks:

You can mix a little alcohol ink into your resin for transparent color, but results vary, and if you add too much it will affect resin set-up.

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