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Sealants Fillers and Adhesives

Home Improvement Tape and Adhesives

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Momentive Perform Material GE284 Silicone II Kitchen …

VELCRO Brand Industrial Strength, 15 x 2 Tape, Bla …

3M COMPANY 190YLW 3/4×125 Yellow Plastic Tape

Norton NTN-4628 Mixing Tips – 24 Element, Green

Flex Tape Rubberized Waterproof Tape, 4 inches x 5 f …

Scotch Magic Tape Dispenser 4 Pack, 3/4in. x 300in. …

Gorilla Super Glue Brush & Nozzle- 10g

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Welcome to Art Tree Creations

Welcome to Art Tree Creations!orRegister

Free Shipping With Orders Over $300

when you buy any of the Resin Pigment/ Silicone Moulds Products

In 2011 after personally using resin for many years, we created a platform for artists to learn hands on in our workshops with the popular medium of resin.

Art Tree Creations is continuously expanding its workshops to support people wanting to experiment with art for the first time, and existing artists with knowledge of different art forms using resin and other mediums. This includes wall art, moulding, embedding and jewellery. We strive to provide artists a range of quality products, like our colour pigments, art boards, resin and moulds.

Art Tree Creations works with many of Australias emerging artists in supporting their own art & the creation of their own workshops. In our workshops and classes we encourage people to step outside their comfort zone to learn new art techniques. Providing them with a comfortable & educational learning environment, whilst have plenty of fun and allowing you the paticipant to let your creative side out!!

Thanks to Tamara at Art Tree Creations I have found my inner artist. I went to a class in December last year & am now hooked on all things resin. Tamara has been so helpful with advice, tips & tricks, happily sharing her extensive knowledge over the past six months. I would highly recommend her resin course to everyone & in fact do just that when they comment on my work. A fantastic course, run by a beautiful young inspiring woman. Thanks for all of your help tam xx

As a former student of Tamaras at Art Tree Creations, I can advise she embraces her students with positive enthusiasm and encouragement.

Tam thrives in an environment  where the classes are small and the students are engaged.   She demands her students achieve the most out of their specialty class education.

Using high quality mediums, top shelf canvases and well prepped timber surfaces, all students are assured to enjoy the beauty of their completed artwork for a lifetime.

I attended the most fabulous Resin Workshop yesterday! Working with a new medium was interesting and fun. Tamara was very thorough in her safety introduction and gave me the knowledge about the product to make me feel confident to explore and create with Resin. Tamara interacted with us throughout the whole workshop and answered questions along the way rather than the traditional teacher talks and students listen approach. She encouraged us to have fun and allowed us to make a mess. Thanks to

This class was AMAZING! I attended Tamaras resin art workshop in Ferntree Gully after doing another resin art class & found that I was more informed about the product & all the materials I needed.  This is not just a simple medium, Tamara teaches you so much more than I ever learnt in the other cheap class & she guides you through every step of the way. This has been by far the best investment to my art & I can now (with confidence) continue to experiment & then book to do Tamaras Advanced Res

I had my first resin workshop with Tamara months ago and was very impressed with her standards of teaching and that I was able to learn so much in a short time. What I admired most in Tamara was her respect for the style of each student, concentrating on showing the techniques and supporting the individual creativity of the student.

Thank you Tamara, you have given me the confidence to get creative & sell my work.  I loved your class & how informative you were, I urge everyone to do your fun class.  Im looking forward to spending more time with you in a one on one workshop, I can not get enough!

I recently enjoyed a one on one resin workshop in Upwey with Tamara. Being a complete beginner I was unsure what to expect. Tamara was terrific and very informative. I now love this art form and spend all my spare time resin painting.

How to Use Epoxy Resin in Crafts

Resin casting is a way to encase images and objects under a clear layer for jewelry, ornaments, photo displays and many other interesting uses. There are both epoxy and polyester types of resin that can be used for resin casting, but epoxy resin is one of the best for beginners, as it produces less harmful fumes and sets up more quickly than polyester resin. To begin using epoxy resin in crafts, you should learn how it can be used to encase objects and images.

Read the directions on the packaging very carefully. Different brands of resin will have different directions, so it is important that you follow the directions.

Measure the resin according to the instructions with your metal measuring spoons. Mix the resin in a disposable cup or plastic container with a plastic fork.

Spray a mold with cooking spray so that it is easy to remove your resin after it has finished curing.

Pour a small amount of resin into a plastic or latex mold (found at crafting stores) and allow it to cure according to the manufacturers instructions.

Place your object or image into the cured resin; then pour some more resin over top to encase it.

Allow the second layer of resin to cure according to the manufacturers instructions; then remove it from the mold.

Embed objects like silk flowers, marbles and even your favorite candy in a mold.

Perform this procedure in a well-ventilated area to reduce the fumes from mixing and setting the resin.

Ashley Kurz, a full-time professional writer since 2009, publishes on various informational websites. An expert in the craft field specializing in craft-related topics, Kurz has taught arts and crafts for group therapy sessions.

How to Make Resin Seashell Craft Jewelry

How to Make Resin Seashell Craft Jewelry

Make beautiful jewelry with seashells and resin. This is a beautiful way to preserve vacation memories.

Supplies to make seashell resin jewelry

Miniature seashells come in many shapes and colors.

Supplies to Make a Seashell Resin Pendant

A two part clear epoxy resin kit such as Envirotext Lite or Castin Craft

A plastic resin mold or cast from polymer clay for pendants

A mold release spray such as Castin Crafts mold release for epoxy resin.

Two craft measuring cups. Old medicine cups work well too.

Disposable mixing cups (I use Dixie cups)

Toothpicks or disposible crafts sticks

Miniature seashells either plain or colored

A bail for each pendant. You can use a pinch bail, glue on bail, or screw in bail that matches your piece of jewelry.

A standard drill with an 1/16 bit or craft drill that can drill through resin if using a pinch bail.

Experiment with different sized pendants

Pinch bails for necklaces in assorted styles

Seashell jewelry can be made with single shells or several in the same pendant.

No drill? You can use a glue on bail like this one. Glue the bail to the back of the pendant with superglue.

Instructions: How to Make Seashell Resin Jewelry

If your mold is new, wash it with hot water and soap. Let it dry. Next,, spray the mold release product to the entire mold heavily, making sure it gets into every cup. Let the spray remain on the mold for at least 10 minutes. The, wipe the mold making sure there is no fluid in the cups.

Next, place shells, sand dollar, or miniature starfish inside the individual resin cups. Make sure the fancy side of the shell are facing down as this will be the side that will show on the outside of your jewelry.

Prepare the resin mix according to the package directions. Use the craft stick to slowy drop the prepared solution into each individual cup to cover the seashells.

Let the solutions settle for five minutes. If air bubbles appear you can pop them with the craft stick.

The resin mix will become solid in about 15 minutes. If the seashells rise or turn crooked, it is important to reset them with the craft stick before the solution hardens.

As the resin epoxy solution is curing, do not touch it. Fingerprints and stick marks will be permanently cast into the pendant. For best results, allow the solution to cure for at least 16 hours before moving it or touching it. When the resin is finished hardening, it will be smooth and dry.

It is time to remove the resin seashell pendants from the mold. The best way to get them out without warping your mold for later use is to tap the back of the mold with the handle of a knife until they pop out.

After removal, any uneven edges can be trimmed with scissors. Very jagged edges from overfilling cups can be sanded with fine grit sandpaper. Do not sand the front of the pendant or you will damage the surface and make it cloudy.

Using the power drill, add a tiny hole in the front of the pendant all the way through the piece of resin. Here, you will insert the pinch bail. If you prefer, you can drill a hole into the top of the pendant and insert a screw bail. Put super glue on the bail tips and slide them into hole. Squeeze them gently with pliers to close the bail. If you do not have a drill, glue on bails will also work for this project. Carefully glue the bail to the back of the pendant and give it ample time to dry.

When finished, place your pendant on a necklace and enjoy or give as a unique gift.

If you make a mistake in a piece of resin jewelry such as fingerprints or an indention, the piece can be recoated. Allow the pendant to cure for three days.. Wet sand the entire surface of the piece with fine sandpaper by hand until the flaw is no longer visible. Allow the piece to dry overnight. It will look very cloudy and sanded. Next, can apply a thin coat of new resin to the surface very carefully with a small paint brush and allow this to dry for 16 more hours. The pendant will look fabulous. This is also an excellent way to create very clear, professional looking pendants.

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cant wait to add this craft to my creations. thankyou (:

I want to make these for the ladies on my beach retreat. I would like to put a phase on the pendant…can that be done? If so, how? Thank you

dougvickie14 months agofrom jefferson city,tn


When doing these as a teenager, if I got a light fingerprint on the surface, I used to sand with very fine sandpaper and then polish smooth again with Brasso. Does take a while, but much less than 16 hours. Works well to remove scratches from most clear plastics. Really good for cds or dvds even clock faces. Hope this helps.

These look fabulous and your tutorial is clear and concise. I have pinned it to my DIY Seashell Crafts board.

Yes Connie 120. There is a special resin dye sold at craft stores. It usually comes in red, blue and yellow and if you want other colors you must mix them. Anything else other than glitter can make the resin cloudy. I hope you enjoy it!

OK thank you very much. Is there a special dye to use, or can I use a drop of acrylic paint?

Great question Connie120. None of these pieces are layered. If you do want to layer resin it is simple enough to do. Just let one coat dry for at least 24 hours, then another coat can be added. It gets really pretty when you are using dye in the resin.

Thank you for really great instructions! Im looking into using resin for a few projects, and this tutorial will really come in handy. One question, do you make multi-layered projects as well? I was wondering if there would be a line where the layers meet.

Your resin pieces are gorgeous! I love how pretty the sea shells are. Thank you for sharing how you did it 🙂

Thanks for reading Vespawoolf. These pendants are a really great way to make a unique gift. They have been really popular with beach lovers. I appreciate your comment and hope you will give them a try.

vespawoolf5 years agofrom Peru, South America

Ive never made anything like these pendants before, but your instructions are clear and precise and make me feel like I could do it! I especially like the oblong and teardrop-shaped pendants. I hope to try this as soon as I can get the supplies. Thanks!

I have one photo on the hub where it is glued to the back of the pendant. The glue bails arent made to go on the front. I will check and see what pieces I have left. I hope you will give it a try. Thanks so much for reading and sharing!

I am sure they would prettynutjob. This would be a great project for show and tell too. Thanks so much for reading and commenting!

I hope you will give it a try Dwachira. It may be the start of a side craft business. 🙂 I appreciate your visit.

That is a fantastic idea Tycoon Sam. I think they make punch bowl rings with critters inside of them too. It may give your guests the heebie jeebies, but it would certainly be memorable. Thanks for stopping by!

Thanks so much for reading and sharing Peggy W. I appreciate that! 🙂

This is so COOL! I always come back with tons of shells from the beach and never know what to do with them. So they end up in a drawer. I am definitely doing this. Except, I dont have a drill. Could you possibly post a picture of a necklace that has been glued on from the front? Voted up and shared.

Mary5 years agofrom From the land of Chocolate Chips,and all other things sweet.

This is such a cool idea, I know my kids would enjoy making this little project with me. They have so many shells this would be a much better way of show cases them than the bowl we have them in right now. Voted up, awesome and shared.

[ Danson Wachira ]5 years agofrom Nairobi, Kenya

At the coastal town of Mombasa, Kenya i find a lot of seashells. I will remember to grab some the next time i visit and try making this Seashell Resin Jewelry, i looks beautiful and attractive. Voted up and useful.

TycoonSam5 years agofrom Washington, MI

Once again you caught my attention with a great Hub. I dont know if Ill make fancy jewelry like the ones you talked about but I have an idea for some resin ice cubes with flies or spiders in them. Halloween is right around the corner and they might be fun!

Peggy Woods5 years agofrom Houston, Texas

What a terrific idea! Seashells are so beautiful and this is a nice way to show them off by wearing them as jewelry. Beautiful little rocks or other found items could also be preserved and displayed to great advantage with this method. Many up votes and definitely sharing this with others!

Thanks Realhousewife. I have seen your patio hub.. you have got some great decorating skills.. lol. If we all lived closer we could have a jewelry parties and each time we would make a new craft. Those are so much fun. Thanks so much for reading and commenting.

Kelly Umphenour5 years agofrom St. Louis, MO

Very pretty Tammy! You are so darned crafty – I cant be trusted with any tools such as you have listed. Last time I used a glue gun – I glued stuff to my own thumb:) LOL

I wish you lived near so you could let me watch a few times before I try this a home:) hahaha

Thanks so much Prasetio. Perhaps I will make one with some of your tiny oragami. That would be neat too!

prasetio305 years agofrom malang-indonesia

Very informative hub. I really enjoy this hub so much and your tips are useful for us. I hope I can practice soon. Thanks for writing. Voted up!

Thanks so much pringooals. Thanks for commenting. 🙂

Thanks so much Natashalh. With some practice, resin isnt too bad. It takes a few batches to get good at it and learn when it is ready to use. Thanks for reading and commenting!

Thanks Angelo52. I appreciate your visit! 🙂

Iam definitely trying it. The jewellery from pictures looks great! Very useful hub. Voted up!

How nice! Ive thought about using resin, but I was a little afraid of it. Thanks for the great instructions. Your pendants look great! Voted up and useful.

Angelo525 years agofrom Central Florida

Nice article with easy to follow instructions. The finished pendants with the seashells inside are great. Voted up and shared.

I am glad you found it useful bridalletter. This is a great hobby. You can add shells, flowers, scrapbook paper, photos, you name it. Best of luck to you in your jewelry making!

Thanks so much for stopping by Christy. I hope you enjoy making them. It will always make you think of your beach trip!

Brenda Kyle5 years agofrom Blue Springs, Missouri, USA

I have been studying how to do this and want to try it. Your style with the seashells is just icing on the cake. I just love them! Thank you for sharing.

Christy Birmingham5 years agofrom British Columbia, Canada

Tammy, this is so cool! I just collected shells at the beach a few days ago and was wondering how best to use them. Well helllo! Great timing that I read this hub. I am bookmarking until I get all of the supplies. Thanks hon. I vote awesome and sharing as well.

Now that is a wonderful idea Rolly! We do have an awesome male woodworker on hubpages- JJ Randol. He does woodburning and walking sticks. I am close to coming up with a way to make a glass ball to put on top of a walking stick with this same material. That would be a very cute hub! Thanks for stopping by and reading!

Rolly A Chabot5 years agofrom Alberta Canada

Hi Tammy… now there is a novel idea. Maybe all us guys on here should try something like that. Can you imagine the creations.

Thanks Au Fait! This is a great craft to learn. Resin can be used in so many projects. It is a great way to make a meaningful Christmas gift. Thanks so much for stopping by and reading.

C E Clark5 years agofrom North Texas

These pendants look fabulous and with Christmas just around the corner, theyre something to think about that can be made ahead of time for gifts. Im thinking a person could embed other things beside shells too.

Voted you interesting, useful, beautiful, and awesome! Will share also!

Thanks so much ishwaraa22. That is very kind of you. I can say the same of you with your awesome jewelry. 🙂

Aww.. that is so very kind of you. I really appreciate your kind words and the shout out. It is wonderful to be able to do the things we love to do sometimes instead of the things we have to do. 🙂

Ishwaryaa Dhandapani5 years agofrom Chennai, India

Wow! Your jewelry looked stunning! I enjoyed reading your hub with the well-explained tutorial and lovely photos! You sure become a super-successful businesswoman, selling your crafts! A wonderful hub! Well-done!

Thanks for SHARING. Useful, Beautiful & Awesome. Voted up, Socially Shared & pinned

Bill Holland5 years agofrom Olympia, WA

Well this one snuck by me….let me tell anyone who reads my comment, this stuff is really cool! We have one of Tammys works and Bev loves it and wears it everywhere. Go to Tammys website and buy some of it….it really is that good.

Great hub Tammy; you are a wonder and I love your new profile picture.

It is a pretty simple process Unknown Spy. I appreciate you reading and commenting.

oh…hehe, I knew that…. ^_^ guess I could just pop into Michaels. Nah, Im going to the beach ^_^

IAmForbidden5 years agofrom Neverland – where children never grow up.

Amazing! We used to buy lots of these on market. its so lovely and really i did wonder how they make it.

Thanks Mama Kim. You can also get shells from your local craft store and even the Dollar Tree. I do recommend going to the beach though. LOL. Thanks so much for reading!

Absolutely beautiful! I NEED to go to the beach NOW! ^_^ Voted up and pinned! and definitely bookmarked so I have it after I take a beach trip.

Thanks for reading Lord. Aww.. I cant draw or paint so art classes would be interesting and limited to stick figures. LOL. It is good to SEE you.

Joseph De Cross5 years agofrom New York

Great from the start! This hands on hub can be done even in pre-school. The quality of the final product is superb! Wish Tammy was my art teacher! Wouldve developed my Leonardos abilities.

You always have such cool and unique craft ideas which I love. Thanks!

Beautiful pieces of jewelry. Interesting hub 🙂

Thanks for reading and commenting randomcreative. Resin is my favorite thing to make. 🙂

Wouh!!! Thank you very much for a great beautiful hub -) -) -)

Rose Clearfield5 years agofrom Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Just beautiful! I never would have thought to put seashells in resin. Thanks for the great tutorial.

Thanks Julie! I appreciate you stopping by! 🙂

Thanks for reading and commenting talfonso. This is a great way to preserve a lot of things like baby teeth, coins, bridal flowers, you name it. 🙂

Thanks Ms. Stephanie. I am sure you collect many shells in your travels. Thanks for reading and I hope you will try this craft!

Thanks Rusti. I hope you find many wonderful shells. Congratulations to you!

Blurter of Indiscretions5 years agofrom Clinton CT

This looks so cool and like a lot of fun. Nice job on this hub. Clear and great pictures!

talfonso5 years agofrom Tampa Bay, FL

Wow – that looks like a very nice idea! If I come home from a beach day or a cruise, Id cast seashells in resin and make some jewelry! Memories captured, literally!

What a beautiful way to preserve those seashells Im always collecting on the beach! I love that the jewelry features some of the tiny shells that are so pretty and delicate. Voted up and pinned!

Ruth McCollum5 years agofrom Lake Oswego, Oregon

Love this! Im taking a cruise in Dec We are renewing our vows after 30 years. Ill be on the tropical beaches where the shells you find are beautiful making necklaces out of them! Love your photo! Great job!

Thanks for stopping by Nora. This is a great way to preserve shells from a vacation. I hope you enjoy doing this craft.

Thanks for reading tlmcgaa70. I appreciate that! It is wonderful if you decide to try it.

Thanks TToombs! LOL.. This is a great way to preserve just about anything in plastic. I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment!

I love the pictures of the jewelry! I always love to collect sea shells from the beach but I never get around to actually doing any thing with them. This hub is really interesting, it makes me want to go shell hunting so I can try to make a necklace 🙂 Voting up and interesting!!

tlmcgaa705 years agofrom south dakota, usa

totally awesome! voted up and across and shared! also lit my creative fires! thank you so much!

Terrye Toombs5 years agofrom Somewhere between Heaven and Hell without a road map.

That is SO cool, Tammy! One question though, how the heck do you get those pretty shells in that plastic stuff? Im really glad Linda told me to check this out.

Thanks Faith Reaper. I had an error in the title that I just fixed. Thank you so much for the read and for your warm comment!

Thanks so much for stopping by Polyannalana. I hope you will give it try!

Thanks for reading rebeccamealey. Thanks for the encouragement. I do resin jewelry with seashells and dried and pressed flowers. I appreciate the share. 🙂

Thanks Jaine Huldy. I hope you guys enjoy this craft!

Faith Reaper5 years agofrom southern USA

Wow, when I read the title, I just could not picture it in my head, and then I clicked to read, and they are so beautiful in the resin!!! Really cool idea and fun craft. Great hub. In His Love, Faith Reaper

Thanks Ms. Mary! My parents used to make resin photos and things long ago. It was a little yellow and the molds were huge. I love pouring resin. I use it for baby teeth too. It is a great way for brides to preserve wedding flowers. I am glad you enjoyed it and I appreciate your visit!

Thanks alocsin! I appreciate your comment and your support. You are the best!

Thanks michiganman567. You can get these in most craft stores like Michaels, AC Moore, and Hobby Lobby. Etsy has some good prices on them too. Ebay prices are much to high! Thanks for reading!

Thanks Carly Sullens. I have been making these for a long time. I appreciate your wonderful comment. 🙂

I love sea shells and I have plenty, would love to try this! Thank you.

Rebecca Mealey5 years agofrom Northeastern Georgia, USA

Cool! I have seen this done but not this extent. Great job! I will share!

Janine Huldie5 years agofrom New York, New York

Very interesting article and looks a fun activity to try with my girls in the future. You detailed the process step by step and the pictures were great too. Have voted up and shared too.

You brought back memories of the days when my 4 children were growing up and we had quite a hobby of making things using resin. We poured resin on coins to be kept, photographs, we even did tables. The product we used back then had a terrible odor and we would do it with good ventilation.

Your jewelry is just beautiful; makes me want to pour resin again.

I voted this Hub UP, etc. and shared.

alocsin5 years agofrom Orange County, CA

This is another pretty thing to do with resin, which youve written about. Might be a fun gift to someone who lives inland and yet loves the sea. Voting this Up and Useful.

michiganman5675 years agofrom Michigan

Those are really cool. Where do you get the molds?

CarlySullens5 years agofrom St. Louis, Missouri

WOW! I have never done this before, but I am so excited to try. It looks like a lot fun. Your instructions where clear, and obvious that you have done this before yourself. I felt like I was getting the insiders scope.

Thank you for the inspiration. Voted up and shared.

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EPOXY RESIN 1 Gal kit CRYSTAL CLEAR for Super Glossoating and Table Tops

EPOXY RESIN 1 Gal kit CRYSTAL CLEAR for Super Gloss Coating and Table Tops

This button opens a dialog that displays additional images for this product with the option to zoom in or out.

EPOXY RESIN 1 Gal kit CRYSTAL CLEAR for Super Gloss Coating and Table Tops

First experience using resin and this included great instructions. My first application turned out great. Be sure to have a heat gun on hand.

Product is what it said it was and if you read the instructions about mixing process it should turn out great like my project!

I did some YouTube video to get help on how to use the product and it works great

Get specific details about this product from customers who own it.

See any care plans, options and policies that may be associated with this product.

Electrode, Comp-283025214, DC-prod-dfw7, ENV-prod-a, PROF-PROD, VER-22.0.4-rc-ebf-4, SHA-bad03c034cdce5b080ad2dee1bf2536d9591d497, CID-

The Easiest Way to Make Resin Jewelry

Well help you find something amazing ✨

Weve all seen cool resin pendants at jewelry shops, boutiques, and on fashionistas everywhere. And while we know this is something you can do at home, we werent totally down with what seemed like a really complicated process. Well, turns out it is easier than we thought but still has more steps than most of our tutorials.

If youve always wondered if you could make resin jewelry in the comfort of your home, the answer is yes. You just need a few simple tools, all available on our favorite online craft store, Amazon 😉

shoebox or plastic bin (to cover molds as they harden)

resin fillers: studs, jewelry, dried flowers, feathers, etc

jewelry items: ring pads, clasps, flat safety pins,

E-6000 quick hold adhesive(if making rings or pins)

optional: cheap plastic measuring cup (if doing a large batch)

While you get your fillers together, place the resin and hardener bottles in a bowl of hot water.

This helps the resin mix nicely, and helps avoid air bubbles. Be sure to cover your workspace with wax paper resin does not wash off! Next, get your fillers ready. We came up with all sorts of good stuff to repurpose, source, print out, and sprinkle for our resin molds.

Weve got repurposed jewelry, flowers and twigs found outside, sprinkles (yes, sprinkles!), plastic spiders for Halloween, and, of course, glitter! We also printed out a little Brit + Co. logo and wrote 143 (90a pager-speak for I Love You) which we mod podged into a bottle cap.

Use your resin mold to organize your fillers. Cut down what you need to so that you can quickly put everything together once you pour the resin.

Now its time to mix the resin! If youre just making one or two pieces, you can use an old cough syrup measuring up to mix one part resin with one part hardener. Mix for two minutes straight and be sure to scrap the sides of your cup often.

Or sacrifice a cheap plastic measuring cup, and pour the resin mix into a condiment bottle for easy pouring. You can still use these things for resin after, just nowhere near your medicine cabinet or kitchen. For the measuring cup. We used 1/4 cup resin and 1/4 cup hardener.

Pour a layer of resin, then place your items in the mold and pour another layer over the fillers if you need to. If you want a glittery background, pour glitter on top once youve filled your molds. Use a blowdryer to gently get rid of air bubbles. Let harden overnight. Be sure to cover with a shoebox or something so no dust gets into the molds.

If your resin hasnt hardened quite enough, you can place it in the freezer for 10 minutes or so and they will pop right out.

Now, its time to turn these resin objects into wearable jewelry!

For bracelets and necklaces, youll want to add metal loops to each piece.

The way to do this is to create a loop with a pin, then hold with pliers and heat up over a gas stove (even a candle would work) for 5 seconds, and then poke into the resin. You will not be able to do this step if you let the resin cure for more than 1 day.

For rings and pins, simply glue on with a quick hold contact adhesive and youre done.

Who knew an old gold screw and a sprinkle of glitter could be such good friends?

What materials would you like to put in a resin mold? If you have any questions about this tutorial (we know its more complex than our usual DIY projects), please feel free to talk to us in the comments below or shoot us a note overemail.

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ArtResin Epoxy Resin

ArtResin is a high-gloss epoxy resin clear coat that creates a gorgeous, durable finish. Designed specifically for creative projects, this crystal clear resin is easy to use.

Engineered to protect against yellowing, ArtResin enhances and protects your work. Its a great choice for paintings, photos, jewelry, wood, and more.

A simple 1:1 mixing ratio makes the topcoat easy to prepare. Combine equal parts Resin and Hardener, stir, then pour or spread over your project. The topcoat is self-leveling and fully cures in 72 hours.

Low-odor, non-flammable ArtResin is certified non-toxicno VOCs or fumes.

ArtResin Epoxy Resin Kits include instructions.

ArtResin Starter Kit Enough epoxy resin for a few projects, the Starter Kit includes 16 oz bottles of Resin and Hardener and covers approximately 8 square feet.

ArtResin Studio Kit For artists working on larger or multiple works. This kit includes half-gallon jugs of Resin and Hardener and covers approximately 32 square feet.

ArtResin Mini Kit Give ArtResin a try with the Mini Kit. It includes 4 oz bottles of Resin and Hardener and covers approximately 2 square feet.

Epoxy Resin Accessory Kit This pack of epoxy resin accessories includes five pairs of nitrile gloves, one reusable stir stick, and five reusable spreaders. The jagged-edge spreaders help disperse resin evenly. Wipe them clean with paper towel and theyre ready for next time.

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RESIN4ART offers the highest quality, ultra-clear, low viscosity epoxy resin. Our premium brand of resin is virtually odourless, VOC Free, has a high UV Resistance, and is completely non-toxic when cured, making it ideal for a wide array of applications, from floors, worktops, kitchen counters, glossing paintings to yacht and boat coating.

Our specifically developed, stunning colour pigments, allow you to colour our crystal-clear resin, and create a vibrant, striking finishing effect; whether with our ultra-sparkle white or our Poseidons Blue pigments. The possibilities are endless.

All our orders are shipped with UPS, one of the worlds largest and most reliable couriers. Mainland UK delivery is 1-2 working days, USA delivery is 2-3 working days, and EU delivery is 2-6 working days depending on location.

Our resin is very straightforward to use. It has a simple 2:1 mix ratio by weight. You mix, you stir, you pour! 1-2-3. For more detailed information, visit the HOW2USE page, where you can also download our detailed, step-by-step instruction manual.

(2) What applications can RESIN4ART be used for?

In short, many! Some of the main are: floors/tables/driveways/barstops/counters/crafts&jewellery/art&painting gloss/pennyfloors/carbon fibre applications/fibreglass applications/boats and repairs/moulding/casting/laminating/adhesion.

Registered Company Name: Aktinium Technologies Limited (RESIN4ARTis a trading name for Aktiniums products).

Incorporation: 19/05/2015 under the Laws of England and Wales.

20 Clarks Mead, Hertfordshire, Bushey, WD23 4JZ, United Kingdom

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