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Resin Crafts The Resin Domg Technique Explaed!

The Resin Doming Technique Explained!

First, lets begin with a little eye candy. I have a very cool new bracelet. It is made of vintage watch parts and an old dis-assembled bracelet .

Last week I posted this image of some resin I poured into some old watch faces. Notice how the resin leveled out? It created a nice flat surface. I could have stopped there but a few of you have been asking about doming.

I think there might be confusion because some resin sellers say their resins dome and others do not.

. It doesnt dome for you. And I am going to show you how easy it is to do with Envirotex Lite.

This was my watch face with one layer of resin. I added a few glitter dots to the surface and let them dry.

Then I mixed up Envirotex Lite as I normally would and chose to pour it into this tiny squeeze bottle. Now I can control the amount of resin I pour. See how it already is doming? Resin is thick. As long as you can provide it with a border it will keep the shape.

With my squeeze bottle I was able to control how much resin was now on the watch face,

That tiny edge kept the domes shape. I LOVE THIS technique!

Youll also notice that when you pour resin onto dried resin there are almost no bubbles to deal with.

If you had poured resin onto a flat surface it would just spread until the dome was gone.

The only thing you need to worry about with this technique is working somewhere flat and sturdy. You dont want to bump these and have resin start pouring down one edge

. These domes dried perfectly after sitting for 48 hours.

That would be the end of my lesson but I thought I would tell you how I made the bracelet. I found an older piece of costume jewelry in my stash.

I broke it up for spare parts and then rebuilt my bracelet!

It is so unique! This one is a keeper!

OH man i love that… would be thrilled to open my jewelry box and find that there. Thank you so much for sharing!

Very cool — you are so talented! I always love to see your new creations!

I love this bracelet! In fact I love bracelets in general but prefer those that are unique such as my 1940s and 1950s costume jewelry bracelets. I have been wanting to try this product but was never courageous enough. Oh I also found out about you via Beckie of Infarrantly Creative! I can hardly wait to give this a try (once our addition is finished and I FINALLY have an area to work without worrying about putting my projects up daily!!)

Can you tell us if there is a way to provide a border/edge to a piece of jewellery which doesnt have a bezel – a tile of polymer clay jewellery for example – some people have mentioned sticky tape – will that pull away the edge of the resin?? or leave marks on it?? – what sort do you recommend? thanks

These are techniques I have experimented with. You really need to test these ideas on samples that are not important before you try them on a good finished piece.

I love your doomed idea using the Envirotext Lite, as that is what I am using to gloss pins that I make. As all of my pins are flat, did you say that a flat piece cannot be doomed? Does a piece have to have a round or doom shape already to continue the dooming? I hope not, as I think some of my pins would really look good doomed. Also, can I use the Jewelry Resin on the pins I make, which are made with plastic sheets by Shrinky Dinks? Thanks for your help and look forward reading more of your helpful hints, techniques, etc.

Hi Charlotte, sorry, I just checked our spam folder and found a few unpublished comments that were not spam…so, here is my answer. You can definitely create domes on flat pieces. On the blog side bar youll see a section entitled Glazing…there are some great posts showing you how to do this.

I couldnt help but notice that Charlotte referred to doomed ideas using resin, and it immediately resonated with me, since I had a doomed project this morning (as I often do). But its always a learning opportunity and I tweak my project based on what I learned, and move on.

Thank you for the doming tutorial! I am going to give this a try later today!

Can you reuse the bottle? Will the dried resin be able to be peeled off the plastic?

I have reused the cups, as the resin that is left does peel out easily, I have not tried it with the bottles, but it should peel out of there also.

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