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Bags with promotion and finishing

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When bags and backpacks become stars

Which finishing technique is right for my logo, bag or application?

HALFAR® implements individual logo decorations for your bags and backpacks directly at its headquarters in Bielefeld. As a professional manufacturer and importer of promotional and special bags, we have made all the common decoration techniques our own and integrated them into our range over the years. Be it printing, embroidery or lasering, you can find a detailed overview of the decoration process we offer here. As a company, we focus on our customers and our service, and are happy to inform you in detail on the options for decorating bags and backpacks attractively and individually. Use this page to get an initial overview we will of course be happy to advise you personally. Ourpromotional bags teamwill support you in choosing the ideal techniques.

What do I need to know about promotional labelling?

What do I need to know about promotional labelling?

How can I find out which is the best finishing technique for my individual logo?

How can I find out which is the best finishing technique for my individual logo?

How unique can my promotional bag or backpack be?

How unique can my promotional bag or backpack be?

Individual name for your promotional bag

Individual name for your promotional bag

How does the logo data need to be prepared?

How does the logo data need to be prepared?

What is the minimum order quantity for applying an individual logo?

What is the minimum order quantity for applying an individual logo?

How do the delivery times vary for individually printed bags?

How do the delivery times vary for individually printed bags?

Can I receive a printed sample before placing my order?

Can I receive a printed sample before placing my order?

How accurately can colour shades be reproduced on the finishes bags?

How accurately can colour shades be reproduced on the finishes bags?

How are the decoration costs for individual logo application determined?

How are the decoration costs for individual logo application determined?

Can I have different bags printed with the same logo at no additional cost?

Can I have different bags printed with the same logo at no additional cost?

Can logos be produced in any colour on any bag colour?

Can logos be produced in any colour on any bag colour?

Over- or under-delivery cannot always be avoided!

Over- or under-delivery cannot always be avoided!

Can higher quality be expected when the manufacturer decorates the bags?

Can higher quality be expected when the manufacturer decorates the bags?

For a variety of materials, but especially for larger print runs and prints using one or two colours.

For brilliant photo prints or multicoloured motifs on tarpaulin bags.

Makes it possible to put fne resolution prints on many different materials.

Particularly sophisticated and possible in many different colours. Excellent for felt and many other materials.

Logos with a three-dimensional look, can be applied afterwards as a badge or tag/pendant.

In a variety of shapes, lasered or with doming for a stylish fnish.

Richly detailed digital prints to be applied in difcult areas, on fnished bags/purses, belts or straps etc.

Woven flags with logo, ideal for mobile phone cases, laptop bags etc.

High-quality burned-in logos and lettering, especially suitable for felt bags.

Moulded rubber badges allow logos to be experienced haptically as well.

Graphics are transferred onto polyester textiles by applying heat and pressure; especially for our sublimation FlapBags.

Embossing applies logos to the bag, giving them a particularly upmarket look.

Data requirements for your decoration:

In order to apply your logo adequately on your bags, we need the data to be prepared accordingly. In ourdata compilationyou can find everything you need to know about this topic.

HALFAR® is one of Germanys leading decorators of bags and backpacks with individually printed logos. Many years of experience in handling a wide range of techniques and materials have made us an expert in the field. We are extremely familiar with the options and limits of each technique. To ensure that you achieve the best possible result when applying advertising to your bag or backpack, it is important to think about a few aspects in advance.

Decoration is possible without problems on almost any surface, but rough and absorbent materials and surfaces do present a challenge especially when it comes to printing. They often make it difficult to reproduce the colour exactly.

Another special case is applying light-coloured logos to dark backgrounds. We recommend using a white background for the logo here. A proof sample provided before the start of production will give you peace of mind.

Sublimation printingdigital printingdigital printing labelanddigital transferare the technologies of choice for high-resolution logos, strong colour gradients and even images. We recommend digital or sublimation printing for very detailed reproduction of image motifs. We also provide special bag models for these printing processes, like our individual modular series. You can find out more about the character of anddifferences between sublimation and digital printinghere.

All the bags in our stock range have a designated printing area. Please see the relevantlayout sketchesto find out how big this area is and where exactly it is located on a specific bag or backpack. A logo can be positioned anywhere within the designated decoration area, although there are some limits on its size and position if print images or specifications have to be introduced to the bag or backpack before decoration.

In the case of the bags in thebag modular series, logos can be applied anywhere with all with no limitations. This freedom is due to the production process of the bag: on the modular bags, the logo is applied before the bag is sewn together the exact opposite of the process forstock bags. There are barely any limits on the size and position of the logo onindividual custom bagsfor advertising either. Multiple promotional areas are also possible.

For every logo or corporate design, there are countless display options. Make use of our experience we will be happy to advise you on the best options for your application. Interested industrial customers usually have ideas developed by professional agencies or dealers. Here are a few approaches:

Logo bleeding to disappear under the border ribbon

Use of retro logos, display of the logo in its development stages

Fullarea print with distributed logos/motifs

Logo engraved on a metal emblem in the same way as a rating plate

Combinations of different forms of decoration

Would you prefer a subtle or striking position?

We have the right application method for every requirement. For those who prefer a more restrained solution, we recommend subtle embroidery or an elegant-looking metal emblem. The logo can even be applied in such a way that only the user of the bag can see it. In this case, we position the logo in a less obvious place, such as on the back or under the flap. Loop attachments with inlaid doming for zips or an individual woven label are also possible for batches of at least 1,000 promotional bags or backpacks. For those who want a striking design, we recommend ourOriginal LorryBag®made from truck tarpaulin, including digital printing.

All our decoration techniques are very practical and long-lasting, but of course how durable the logo placement ultimately is depends on the technique used, its position and the material printed. Embroidery is always extremely long-lasting, followed by digitally printed labels and digital prints.

In this case, we recommend embroidery or 3D embroidery. In the latter, a foam core is used underneath the embroidery, giving it a 3D effect. But even normal embroidery looks raised and effective, due to the way the threads are applied. 3D effects can also be achieved using screen printing processes if certain printing inks and/or very coarse screens are used. Needless to say, the logo needs to be suitable for this kind of application.

A mix of decoration methods is no problem, either. For example, combining digital print with embroidery or adding a metal emblem to a digitally printed motif can create extremely extravagant promotional designs. The best way is to discuss your ideas with us in detail in advance, in order to find the ideal combination of decorations for your bag.

Which decoration method is the best value? We are asked this a lot. Please note that the best value decoration method is always the one that attracts the most attention to your printed promotional bag and thus makes your advertising campaign the greatest success. We also advise against making the price the most important factor in your choice think instead about which target group you want to appeal to, what level of value you want to achieve and whether the decoration method matches the bag, for example. That is not to say that your budget is not important. Here are some examples:

The printing process and speed make screen printing the cheapest method in general. Transfer prints involve an additional step and therefore have a slightly higher price when they are implemented with screen printing (sublimation and digital transfer are also possible).

Digital printing, sublimation printing, digitally printed labels and metal emblems

Digital printing, sublimation printing, digitally printed labels and metal emblems are among the more exclusive methods. The metal emblems in particular (with doming or laser engraving) are more expensive due to the material costs, the manual application of the emblem on the bag and the engraving.

Comparing the costs of screen and digital printing shows no clear winner: Digital printing is initially more expensive, but does not change with the number of printing inks used, as CMYK colours are always used. This means that digital printing only presents one-off costs in advance, whereas in screen printing the colours are printed one after the other. In this process, initial costs are incurred for the screen and setup for each colour. Screen printing can therefore be more expensive for very small batches.

Comparison: Screen printing/embroidery

The same applies to the comparison between screen printing and embroidery. Like in digital printing, the embroidery machine works with multiple colours simultaneously, so it makes no difference to the cost whether a logo has one or multiple colours. This means that multi-coloured embroidery can be cheaper than multi-coloured screen printing for smaller batch sizes.

It is a different story when the batch size is so large that production in the country of manufacture can be considered. In this case, the prices of the aforementioned decoration techniques vary much less. As you can see, it is almost impossible to explain every aspect of decoration in a general way here. We will be happy to advise you and make you a quote. We look forward to your call!

Here we can only provide you with general information on which decoration methods are available at the moment and the very complex way they interact with the materials and production states of the bags to be printed. To get an idea of how exactly your application will look, ask us to create a free visualisation with no obligation. It doesnt matter whether you already know exactly what you want or just want to have a look at a few options tell us what you are looking for and we will turn it into professionalvisualisationsof possible alternatives. You also always have the option of ordering a proof sample for a fee.

As unique as you like. You can have your desired finishing or logo application on a bag or backpack from a batch size of 50. More than a dozen decoration methods are available from HALFAR®. We can decorate more than 170 different stock models for you. Most of ourstock bagsare available in a wide range of colours. If you have any other requirements concerning the colour, design, size or details, we can also commission custom bags for you based on one of our stock models. The minimum order for this is generally 1,000 pieces. We also offer totallyindividual custom bags, i.e. new bags and backpacks developed exactly in line with your ideas also from a minimum order of 1,000 pieces. Ourmodular bag systemor theOriginal LorryBag®are the ideal solutions for individualists who want a custom bag from a batch size of just 50. It allows individual solutions in small series. We occasionally have customers who want single printed bags. Unfortunately, the minimum quantity of 50 pieces always applies.

However, we do offer customers who want it the chance to apply individual names to bags. The minimum total order volume in this case is still 50 bags or tal emblemswith lasering or embroidery are suitable for applying individual names.

We need top class logo or image data in order to achieve top class decoration results. You can find more information in ourdata compilation.

The minimum quantity of bags for logo application is 50 pieces. Smaller quantities may also be possible on payment of a low quantity fee, for example in the case of high-value items. If you want to order smaller quantities from us regularly, talk to us. We may be able to recommend an alternative service provider. Up to a purchase quantity of 20,000 pieces, we apply the logo in up to five colours on site. 20,000 is approximately the maximum number of any given bag that we have in stock in a single colour. As an alternative to decoration at our premises, customers who have a little more time can also choose decoration alongside production in Asia. This option can offer lower prices, depending on the quantity.

The delivery times for your bags depend on the availability of the model you choose and how busy our production facility is. Please ask for an individual quote. The figures below are just to give you a rough idea:

In-stock bags with decoration: 2-3 weeks after the final order is placed

Bags from the modular bag series: 5-6 weeks after the final order is placed

Custom productionin Asia: 12-14 weeks after the final order is placed

You are welcome to order a sample from us before placing your order. This will be billed at the sale price stated and can be returned once you have looked at it. A credit note will be provided once the goods have been checked. You can also request a sample including a finishing for a few also regardless of whether or not you have placed an order. Unfortunately, we cannot provide a proof sample for orders in which the material is produced in a custom colour. In this case, we can give you a dyed material sample.

It is not unusual for a customer to place an embroidered logo next to a Pantone chart, compare the colours and find slight differences under natural light. Please note that using different decoration techniques together with very different materials to be printed means that such deviations are only to be expected to some extent. It is almost impossible for a printed promotional item to look exactly the same as a business card, letterhead etc., but we are able to get extremely close to the colours you want.

When you commission us with decorating a HALFAR® bag or backpack from our range, it usually involves the following costs:

Usually a oneoff fee for setup, screen production, and film processing if necessary. The costs are multiplied by the number of printing inks.

For digital printing, digitally printed labels, embroidery and lasering, the initial costs are only due once, regardless of the number of colours.

These costs arise regardless of the decoration method and are charged for handling the item (e.g. packing and unpacking).

You can find the precise costs for a specific product at any time in our promotional bag finder, under the heading Decoration.

Can I have different bags printed with the same logo at no additional cost?

We are often asked whether we can print different bag models with a logo whose size, shape and colour are identical. Because the printing prices always depend on the quantity ordered, many customers hope to achieve a lower price for printing and decoration in this way. There is not a clear answer to this question. After all, different bags might have different maximum decoration sizes or, due to their material or colour, require a background for printing. This would result in additional expenses and thus automatically to higher decoration costs for individual bags, even if the logo is the same. However, if the colour, material and area of the printed bags are identical, we can consider offering a lower pricing scale. This is the case, for example, if a customer chooses a single bag or backpack model but in a range of colours.

Essentially yes. However, preparatory measures are sometimes necessary. Very light-coloured logos generally need a coloured background if they are to be printed on a dark-coloured bag or backpack. In practice, customers often want colour gradients using a screen printing process. Colour gradients usually require the use of very fine screens, but these do not achieve an acceptable effect on very coarse printing fabrics, such as polyester 600d. It is easier with smooth printing fabrics, such as the truck tarpaulin of our Original LorrryBag®. In this case, we recommend choosing a different printing process, such as digitally printed labels or transfer printing. Motifs with true colours or special colours cannot be implemented with digital printing, either. Reprinting in a screen printing process is possible in practice, but is often very complicated and expensive. Changing the motif or choosing an alternative process is often the better solution.

Our customers usually receive exactly the number of bags and backpacks they have ordered. However, we cannot completely rule out the possibility of slight over- or under-delivery, and reserve this right in our general terms and conditions. Such under- or over-delivery is the result of the process we use and can only be ruled out if we receive a corresponding message before the order is placed. This is usually the case for very small batches. The larger the order quantity, the less important it is.

We are constantly working to keep the decoration techniques we use here in line with the latest technical standards. In addition, we are always looking for suitable new methods to allow us to fill any gaps in what we offer. It is very important to us that all the quality-related aspects of our decoration processes are coordinated with one another. For example, the technical details used for the individual printing or embroidery are very important in almost all decoration techniques. Because we can tailor these individually to our products at all times, we are at a great advantage compared to decoration all-rounders. Decorating our products in high quality is extremely important to us not least because we see our bags as the stage on which our customers present their corporate designs. It is high-quality decoration that turns a good bag or backpack into a highly effective promotional item. Many of our customers value the fact that we offer all our services from a single source, saving them further processing costs, shipping costs and the work involved in coordination.

Quality and service from the Bielefeld bag creators

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