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Resin for gasketing

FOMEXONE was born under the supervision of a competent and qualified chemists team. In the laboratories of our system house S.E. SPECIAL ENGINES s.r.l. we have developed FOMEXONE GST, the brand of specific polyurethane products for foamed gaskets.

GST are polyurethane systems composed of two-components that are mixed together by FOMEXONE equipment in order to form the PU group that through the polymerization reaction changes its state from liquid to solid. The passage from the liquid to solid (foam state) is named: FOMING.

Very Soft-Fluid- Ideal when antistatic is required

Very low viscosity system. Adapt for small and narrow grooves.

Self-levelling. Good compression set High tightness. UL157-UL50/50E compliant- (Nr.MH47252).

Super high compression set 3 days @70C-50%-97.5. Very low water absorption 24 immersion 0.2 UI 50 listed.

Flame extinguishing UL94-V2 listed.

Self levelling. Good Compression set. High Tightness

Discover all the equipment to make Foam Gaskets

Surface/modular mounting distribution

Water surface mounting distribution

Plastic surface watertight junction boxes

Surface and fluch mounting watertight

Discover the latest application in the science of light protection

Continuous miniaturization means continuous research and update

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