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NATURAL FREQUENCY offers the simplest, fastestHub-Onlyconnectors as a kit forGeodesic Domesup to 48 feet in Diameter. The design of our connectors offer the Do-it-Yourselfer (DIYer) the opportunity to quickly assemble high strength wood or pipe strut geodesic domes using your own local materials. Whether its for greenhouses, events or even a beach hut using bamboo instead of pipe, our geodesic dome connectors will not disappoint.

Our Natural Frequency geodesic dome connectors only require you to make square cut (90 degree) cuts to each strut. Only having to make square cuts on the end of each strut takes all the guess work our of our dome assembly. It also saves you time and keeps you from wasting timber. Not using our connectors requires the cutting of complex angles that can take weeks and one wrong cut could cost an entire board or pipe. By butting the strut up to the hub connector, the angle produced is not only correct to the geodesic mathematics, but the strut is captured on all sides creating additional strength for your greenhouse, garden, event venue or shelter.

Engineering Analysis of Hub under high wind loads. The yellow color indicates areas of higher stress

Build it the size you want it by using longer or shorter struts

Engineered for high wind and snow loads using the latest 3D design and analysis tools

Ultra-tough UV stabilized polymers.

Lowest cost-to-strength ratio for any pre-fabricated hub on the market

No shipping fees associated with shipping the struts reduces your overall cost

Color and letter coded parts and instructions, you cant put it together wrong

Easy integration with a riser wall or other structure.

The hub connectors come pre-drilled for accuracy & convenience

Assemble the hubs with your pre-cut struts and the frame can be erected in an afternoon.

Applies to shipping within United States. Information about shipping policies for other countries can be found here:Payment and Delivery Information

3D printed geodesic 2V dome parts kit

3D printed geodesic 2V dome parts kit

3D printed geodesic 2V dome parts kit

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A pass at a dome, all parts are printed.

You need 30 A (short) and 35 B (long) struts. The strut ratio is 1.131:1 if you want to make it bigger. This model is using 40 and 45 mm struts.

You need 20 hexa (6 sided) hubs, and 6 penta (5 sided) hubs.

To start just take all short A struts and fill up all of the penta hubs.

Then take 10 hexa hubs and chain them together in a line with the long B struts until they join up to make the circle base.

Add all but one of the full penta hubs to the base then fill in the field with the rest of the long struts and the hexa hubs.

Once you get to the top add the last penta hub

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