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epoxy doming resin and hardener 6 litres

4L Epoxy Doming Resin + 2L Hardener= 6 Litres

Epoxy Doming Resin is a two-pot Epoxy Resin formulated for use in the following areas top-coatingdecorative wooden tops, wooden plaques, badges, cold epoxy enamelling and decoupage.

2. The importance of thorough mixing cannot be over emphasized – if bubbles are whipped into themixture these can be removed later. Note: Improper mixing can result in soft/sticky spots.

3.Once you have thoroughly mixed the resin mixture, carefully pour over the surface in an evenpattern, spread where necessary using a piece of stiff paper to help the liquid flow together.

4. lf the mixed Doming Resin is left in the mixing container, it will become hot and set rapidly.

5. After the Doming Resin has been applied to the article, any air bubbles created while stirring willrise to the surface taking approximately five minutes to appear, these bubbles can be easily broken by gently using a propane torch.

6.Hold the torch approximately 150mmaway from the article and sweep smoothly across thesurface until the bubbles have disappeared; this process may be repeated as often as is necessary while the material is still in liquid form. Brush the edges until the material has set firm enough not to sag.

7. It is the carbon dioxide, not the heat which breaks up the bubbles.

1. For the best results, coat at temperatures between 22C and 28C.

2. Allow the coated item to cure in a warm dust free room.

3. Cure time will vary with humidity and temperature, humidity below 50% is recommended forproper hardness of the film.

4. Placing a clean cardboard box over the item is effective in keeping dust off the surface during thecuring cycle.