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Insect Monitoring Control Products

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Insect Monitoring Control Products

Sanitizing Cleaning Products

Insect Monitoring & Control ProductsFor more information on pheromones, traps, placement, and data analysis,

call IFC at (800) 477-4432 for a free informative fact sheet.

The new Trece Quick-Change Traps feature the best of the traditional dome trap with a new, easy to use, removable lure tray for easily changing.  With the same powerful pheromone attractant, these traps now have a more powerful kairomone lure to broaden the attractiveness.  The new removable bases also make counting and identifying the trapped insects much easier and faster.  Single species and multi-species traps are available.  Place along the floor-wall junctions and other areas where regular traffic is not likely to disturb them.

Learn more aboutTrece Quick-Change pheromone monitoring products.

ULTRA-COMBI QC DomeThe best combination trap available! Designed to be attractive to cigarette beetles, confused and red flour beetles, warehouse beetles, and 25 other common stored product insects.

Item 42-0114 6 Traps & 6 Lure Trays

Item 42-0110 25 Traps & 25 Lures Trays

Item 42-0123 Master PCO ReBAIT™ 25 Lure Trays

CFB/RFB QC DomeSpecifically designed for both red and confused flour beetles

Item 42-0112 6 Traps & 6 Lure Trays

Item 42-0108 25 Traps & 25 Lures Trays

KB/WB QC DomeSpecifically designed for warehouse beetles and khapra beetles.

Item 42-0113 6 Traps & 6 Lure Trays

Item 42-0122 25 Traps & 25 Lures Trays

CB-K QC DomeSpecifically designed for cigarette beetles

Item 42-0111 6 Traps & 6 Lure Trays

Item 42-0109 25 Traps & 25 Lures Trays

Dome Trap HolderThe Storgard Dome™ Trap Holder is a simple, robust device that secures the standard Dome™ or Quick-Change™ Dome™ Trap from being moved when subjected to cleaning procedures or any strong air movement inside your facility or structure. Learn more about theSTORGARD DOME TRAP HOLDER.

Item 42-1006Trece Dome Trap Holder 4330-10

The Storgard II sticky traps come pre-baited, so no more separate pheromone lures to un-package and place.  Same great sticky trap with the powerful pheromone already in it.  Hang at eye level for best results.

IMM+4 Pheromone active ingredient: (9Z,12E)-9, 12-tetradecadien-1-yl acetate

ULTRA-COMBI QC with Storgard II TrapDesigned to be attractive to Indian meal moths, cigarette beetles, warehouse beetles and four other common moth species. A great multi-species trap for flying insects.

IMM +4 QC with Storgard II TrapDesigned to be attractive to Indian meal moths as well as Mediterranean flour moths, raisin moths, tobacco moths, and almond moths.

WCM QC with Storgard II TrapDesigned to be attractive to webbing clothes moths.

The Storgard III Thinline Traps are a low profile sticky trap.  They can be placed on the floor or on a wall.  Like the Storgard II, these now come pre-loaded with pheromones so just open and place!

ULTRA-COMBI QC with Storgard III TrapDesigned to be attractive to Indian meal moths, cigarette beetles, warehouse beetles and four other common moth species. A great multi-species trap for flying insects.

IMM +4 QC with Storgard III TrapDesigned to be attractive to Indian meal moths as well as Mediterranean flour moths, raisin moths, tobacco moths, and almond moths.

WCM QC with Storgard III TrapDesigned to be attractive to webbing clothes moths.

Use in combination with appropriate traps: for moths and flying beetles use Phercon II traps and for flour beetles, sawtoothed grain beetle and other crawlers use Dome Traps.

CB LureMonitoring of cigarette beetles.

CFB/RFB LureMonitoring of confused flour and red flour beetles.

Item 42-111 CFB/RFB 25 lures per Pkg

LGB LureMonitoring of lesser grain borer.

KB/WB LureMonitoring of khapra beetle and warehouse beetle.

IMM +4 LuresMonitoring of Indian meal, raisin, almond, and Mediterranean flour moths.

Item 42-109 IMM +4 25 lures per Pkg

AGM LureMonitoring of angoumois grain moth.

All Dome Traps contain sex pheromone and oil based food attractant for monitoring. Except for sawtoothed grain beetle and merchant grain beetle it only has the food attractant.

CFB/RFB Dome TrapAggregation pheromone and oil based food attractant for monitoring the confused flour and red flour beetles.

Item 42-1070 CFB/RFB 5 traps and lures per kit

Item 42-1075 CFB/RFB 25 traps and lures per case

KB/WB Dome TrapSex pheromone and oil based food attractant for monitoring khapra beetle and warehouse beetle.

Item 42-1069 Khapra Beetle and Warehouse Beetle

STGB/MGB Dome TrapOil based food attractant for monitoring sawtoothed grain beetle and merchant grain beetle.

Item 42-1071 STGB/MGB 5 traps per kit

AGM Storgard Kits (Pherocon II Traps)Sex pheromone for monitoring the angoumois grain moth

Item 42-126 AGM 6 traps and lures per kit

MM +4 Storgard Kits (Pherocon II Trap)Sex attractant for monitoring the Indian meal, raisin, almond, tobacco and Mediterranean flour moths.

Item 42-105 IMM +4 6 traps and lures per kit

Storgard TM II Trap (Pherocon II Trap)One-piece, disposable trap for use with various lures and attractants.

Item 42-114 Pherocon Traps 100 per case

For monitoring the khapra, warehouse, red flour, confused flour beetle, weevils and lesser grain borer in bulk grain.

Item 70-159 WB Probes II -Grain 3 probes per Kit

A fast-acting, high capture rate lure and trap with an easy to use disposable or reusable trap. Good for most species of wasps and yellow jackets.

Item 42-135 Squeeze and Snap Trap for yellow jackets Sold by each

Item 30-720 Bird Barrier Border Control sold in 60 ft rolls

This trap will work for the following: Indian meal moth, almond moth, Mediterranean flour moth, raisin moth, tobacco moth, cigarette beetle, khapra beetle and warehouse beetle. The trap contains plodia, ephestia, lasioderma, trogoderma pheromones plus food attractant the kairomone. The pheromones are in a gel matrix called pherogel.

Item 42-1090 XLure RTU Combo-4 (IMM/CB/KB/WB) 24 per case

This trap is effective for monitoring and trapping a wide range of Stored Product Beetles. If accidentally kicked over no liquid will spill out. This trap attracts the following: cigarette beetles, foreign grain beetles, sawtoothed grain beetles, drug store beetles, merchant grain beetles, red & confused flour beetles, warehouse & khapra beetles, lesser grain borers, grain weevils, maize beetles and rice weevils.

Item 42-1089 Multi-Species Floor Trap 10 traps per box

Xlure RTU Multi-Species Floor Trap InsertThis replacement insert is for the Xlure RTU Beetle Floor Trap. The insert already has the food lure and pheromones in it. All you have to do is replace the whole insert and you are ready to go.

Item 42-1095 XLure RTU Floor Trap Inserts 10 per box

These traps are pre-baited with 2 different pheromones to continously attract & capture the following: Indian meal moths, Mediterranean flour, almond, raisin, tobacco moths & cigarette beetles. Its small, compact design allows for use in tight areas where monitoring should be unnoticed.

Item 42-1088 RTU Inspector 100 traps per box

Pheromone Mating DisruptionMating disruption with pheromones is a novel pest management technique for some of the common stored product moth pests that were introduced in 2008 with the launch of two new products. The principle of mating disruption is to saturate a space with sufficient female sex attractant pheromone to cause male sensory overload, false trail following, and inability to follow genuine pheromone trails to females. The new result is enough confusion to delay or prevent successful mating. This in turn reduces viable egg production and leads to dramatic population reduction. Mating disruption is nontoxic, economical, long-lasting, biorational and completely compatible with other pest management techniques. Mating disruption has been proven effective as a management technique in bakeries, commodity storages, retail stores and feed mills. The technology also has been used in agriculture for a number of years, particularly for managing certain fruit and nut pests.

IMM features a pheromone impregnated polymer matrix resembling a 2.5 rubber strip. The pheromone is slowly released for mating disruption out to 150 days. It provides a 3-way effect on mating that will dramatically reduce larvae and damage to stored goods. The spectrum of activity includes the tobacco moth, cocoa moth, almond moth, raisin moth and Mediterranean flour moth.

Item 42-1073 Cidetrak 36 per package

MD Mating Disruption System for Stored Product MothsAllure MD device resembles a 3 x 4.75 flat plastic bag. It claims up to 90 days of mating disruption but achieves this longevity with a large dose of pheromone.

JF Oakes Advantage Flying Insect TrapThe Advantage Flying Insect Trap is a visual attraction to flies that can be loaded with a bait material for additional odor attraction. The trap is designed to disperse scents. Top and bottom entry holes allow ample access into the trap while also creating a chimney effect. Scents are dispersed 30 feet or more.

Item 16-1682 Advantage Flying Insect Trap

Sex and food attractant for monitoring roaches.

Item 42-131 Lo-Line Traps 200 per case

Trapper Monitor and Insect Trap A non-poisonous glue trap that captures cockroaches and other insects. There are three traps in one. Two see-through openings permit inspection without interfering with the placement. Space for recording date and location is provided.

Item 16-122 Monitor and Insect Traps 100 per box

A sticky fly trap that attracts with a powerful sex pheromones. Traps and kills without insecticide.

Item 16-1780 Musca-Stik Fly Trap 24 traps per case

Item 16-1779 Musca-Stik Fly Trap Jr 212 traps per case

Geodesic Hub Connectors

Cover Templates for 3v 5/9 Geodesic Dome

Clintons Equal Central Angle Conjecture

Structural Analysis of Geodesic Domes

Concrete geodesic dome foundation example

Bear Creek Geodesic Dome construction

This is the classic way to connect geodesic struts together. A hole is drilled in the flattened ends then bolted together.To accommodate a drilled hole into your struts, the length of the strut needs to be longer.For example a 36 inch pipe/conduit strut will need to be extended at both ends to drill holes. A rule of thumb is to add 2 X 3/4 inch = 1.5 inches (or about 8cm) more to all struts. That means the center of the holes would need to be drilled 3/4 from each strut end.

is capable of building domes up to 6000 sqft and has the ability to use metal or pvc pipe. The hub itself comes with a reduced section to allow for the use of 1/2 or 34  pipe.

These hubs have been manufactured to the perfect angles so you do not need to rely on the flex of the pipe to create the curvature. The hub will flex a bit to allow the use for different frequency domes.The hub uses a friction fit to secure its pipes into place but will have a twist lock feature in place for added reinforcement.

All of these hubs come color-coded for ease of installation as well as with a reinforced center to allow for the covering of the dome to be easily attached. Visit

Geodesic domes made with a metallic frame are the premium versions of greenhouses. they are much sturdier, they last a very long time and are ideal for growing food year-round.

Peter Ellis has developed impressive greenhouse designs that you can appreciate for their quality of construction as well as for their pleasing design.

He also has designed multiple geodesic hubs, one of which is engineered to be used with square tubes.

To visit Peter Ellis website,click here.

This hub, designed and manufactured by

in the UK has proved successful for medium sized domes (around 8-15m diameter). Powder coated steel poles fix simply into the hub with stainless steel pins. This allows construction of a 10m dome by one person and a ladder, in around 3 hours, from the back of an estate car. This generates considerable savings on the commodities of time, energy and equipment.The design combines the simplicity and strength of geodesics, along with rapid mobility and elegance. The poles used are steel, with solid machined plastic hubs. Each hub is also centered with a lock nut, allowing M12 bolts to be used to fly equipment around the dome.You can view a time lapse assembly of a 3v dome using this gerodesic hub

This is a sophisticated and versatile universal geodesic hub connector invented by Leith Aitchison of Dome Dimensions in Australia. For more information (pictures, diagrams, specifications),

Someone sent Domerama this hub design, made for square steel tubing. Click on the images below to enlarge them.

This is a novel approach to connect PVC or EMT conduit struts together. It was developed by Geoff Maritz in Cape Town, South Africa. He used fence post caps and drilled them. Theres more detailed information on his

This is another way to attach geodesic struts together to form a hub. Inexpensive and something you can do yourself, this hub has 5 bolts instead of just one, so very solid. Keep in mind you need to cut your struts accordingly: since connections are vertex to vertex, the total length between centers of the round tube needs to be the length of your strut that was calculated. In other words, your real length will need to be longer because ends are bent.

: pre-bent hubs. The best part is that you slide your struts into the ends without having to flatten or bend struts. Some of the strut materials that might be used:-round wood dowels, square wood with rounded ends

-round, square, hexagonal (and other aluminum extrusion) metal tubes

-fiberglass poles or carbon/composite poles

-pvc or other plastic, hollow tube or solid rod

This is an example of a geodesic dome cover with a stretched suspended skin. As you can see in the image the cover is made of multiple parts sewn together.

This is one of the geodesic strut hubs on the geodesic dome outside of the U.S. Patent Office in Pensylvania.

This is a prototype of a geodesic hub, Each movable tube is made to self-adjust.

This hub is made to attach flat bars. Each bar is bent to the correct angle then bolts or rivets are inserted.

The image on the left is an aluminum geodesic hub from

, a leader in industrial dome construction.This may seem complex, but the engineering is impressive. This hub will not only connect struts together but also serve as a method to hold a metallic covering.

These are called Air Hubs, used to connect metal tubing into a hub.

These are some renderings of a project Jeffrey Easter is working on to makea full sized kit geodesic dome that a class of about 30 middle school kids would assemble in an hour at the National Building Museum. Its an icosahedron alternate 1, meaning that as a 1/2 sphere dome it will have 26 hubs and 65 rods 6 5 way hubs, 20 6 way hubs, 30 46 inch rods, and 35 52.5 inch rods.

geodesic hubs eliminate the tedious task of crafting connectors to build geodesic domes. By using these hubs, you will reduce the time it takes to build a dome from days to just a few hours.The hubs themselves are made of tough, durable polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and they are

in the centers, adding strength and functionality.When you go to cover your dome, you can attach it directly to the hubs themselves by screwing into them, without compromising the strength of the hub. They are engineered specifically for building geodesic domes designed with a 10 degree curvature to naturally shape the dome as you build it.

is a project looking to make dome building simple and fun. They developed a hub connector featuring a robust ball-and-socket joint and an integrated thumbscrew that securely locks the strut to the node.These 3D-printed connectors are made in small batches in workshops and garages across the USA by fabricators with open-source 3D printers like the

. The principal fabricator for the 3D-printed connectors is

, who operates five 3D printers out of his garage in Brooklyn:

offers a hub system which he proudly describes as great timesaver. Comprising of a series of laser cut stainless steel brackets, the domemade hub system can be used to construct a geodesic dome of any size. There`s no maths to perform you just alter the lengths of your wood accordingly.The hub system is then connected to the wooden struts using four types of nuts and bolts. There is no need for complex maths calculating angles and ratios with this hub. The bracket simply forms the correct shape as you build the dome. The hub system is ideal for shipping as it packs away in to a small box and has a lower cost than most other systems of this type.Click on images below to enlarge.

One of the simplest and best wooden dome hub system, the pipe-section hubs and stainless steel strap tightened with a banding device. This was developed by Fletcher Pence the Virgin Islands in the early 60s and was strong and elegant. Used by architect Jeffery Lindsay in L. A. and Pacific High School for 10 wood-framed domes in the early Domebook 2, on page 40, you can read about the Aspen Dome for which this geodesic hub is used. The description on how to make and use this hub technique for a 70-foot elliptical geodesic dome is as follows:

2 X 10 construction Douglas grade fir, ripped down to 2 X 5. Construction grade is adequate structurally if the knots are tight struts were cut with a radial arm saw and 3/4 holes drilled 3from each end. The steel pipe was cut into 4 pieces. I picked up a 5/8 steel band-it strap and strappers

Our first test failed. We then used the experience of Jeff Morse (Domebook 2 page 51), and added 1/8 steel plates on the end to prevent the wood from being crushed by the pipe (we did not cope the ends of the wood. And 3/4 steel half round to prevent the strap from compressing the wood at the drilled holes. With these additions the connection was extremely rigid and strong and gave us a great deal of confidence the dome would work

T-blocking hub method. This is an improvement of the strap method by connecting all struts together. As you can see from the image, this solution is elegant and simple, in addition to requiring only basic skills to reinforce hubs.

It is the hub design by , or Andrei Saveliev. He is a design engineer from Moscow and an major participant on the domesworld.ru forums. For more information and images,

This hub design being produced in Russia is going through some serious tests in the summer of 2012. Its designer is Pavel Brayvo ( -geosota.ru) is the designer of the

forum.The results of these tests will be available to the public on the

forum.As many pointed out, It is really extraordinary what people on that forum are achieving, like this design, an idea born on the forum that ends up in production.It is a good example for every geodesic community in the world..The hub is produced by

. Click on the images below for larger images.

Marko Pejović and Branislav Čolovićm have been developing very smart and simple to use hub designs.You can view a video on a universal hub that can be asembled and disassembled quickly at

.You can also view their first attempt showing that universal connector is possible:.As they also pointed out, take the time to visitfor innovative designs and ideas for geodesic domes. The website can be easily translated with Google Translate.

This type of hub is often seen in building bamboo domes. A star-shaped hub with its ends inserted into a bamboo strut. Then a bolt is inserted through the bamboo and the metal hub. Notice how the bamboo tips are protected with a metal cap. For more information on this specific hub, a detailed profile of the Mechai Patana Secondary School can be viewed on their website at

This original hub design is from a Japanese designer. For more information, pictures and videos,

Sergio Cohen Arazi contributed this hub design. He is a geodesic home and structure builder in South America (see his website links below).You just need to do a metal U, could be a bent bar, a square tube cut into slices or stamped in metal.

With those U shapes you can use them on any frequency dome and hub, simply by combining them and welding them together.

For those who want quick practical solutions for their project, look at the picture on the left. Its a simple disc with holes drilled into it to insert screws in each strut. Note that any hub will be angled differently at each hub, so some flexibility with the disc is needed so it flattens against the strut when you screw.

The classic way to connect geodesic wood struts together is to cut the angles directly on each piece. But because any strut requires 2 angles cut at each end you need to make what is called a compound angle cut. Use a radial arm saw, a miter saw with the stops removed or a worm drive saw. If possible, angle cut precision should be to a tenth of a degree.

Very straightforward design of a geodesic hub made of metal. In most dome constructions you will require a combination of 4-way, 5-way and 6-way connector hubs and you will need to cut each strut end to the correct angle.

This is the Starplate system offered by. Starplates are steel plates, with channels to hold 22s, 23s or 24s. You simply drill holes in each end of 25 struts of equal length and bolt them into the 11 star plates to build a solid, mini-dome framework in a couple of hours.

Another prototype drawing of a geodesic dome connector. Very good idea though the tabs holding each strut would need to be wider for larger domes.

DynaDome connector hub. this system developed by Bill Woods of Dyna Domes in Phoenix, Arizona in the mid-60s.

This is the Simpsons steel gazebo connector. It will reinforce timber hubs, though for larger geodesic domes you should still screw hubs together. These are corrosion-resistant connectors ideal for small projects. they are available at most hardware stores but often you will need to order them.

This is a hub designed by Roman from the Ukraine (known as kotiara82 on), an experienced designer and major contributor on the Russian website . This hub is designed to be simple yet sturdy.

s suggestion of a geodesic dome hub connector.

This hub design connects square tubes together with a plate on top and below.

This is a very interesting design for a geodesic hub for timber domes from. These are patented cast aluminum connectors that come with cutting templates and assembly instructions.

Another highly engineered geodesic hub system is offered byEach double tab is held to a ring by slipping a bolt. Then each wood/timber strut is slipped into the double tab and bolted. The angle of each strut is defined by using a template.The main benefit is that you dont need compound angle cuts in the beams and the system is engineered to withstand great stress. Another plus is that you can pre-bolt each strut before connecting them together.

We specifically disclaim any warranty, either expressed or implied, concerning the information on these pages. No one associated with this site will have liability for loss, damage, or injury, resulting from the use of any information found on this or any other page at this site.


In the on-demand manufacturing environment, it can feel as though everything has to happen. Gerbers system for durable custom graphics makes that, and more. Gerber materials are designed to meet stringent manufacturing specifications; many are approved/certified/recognized by OSHA, ANSI, and UL. Plus, We are proud to say that our material and equipment is produced right here in the USA.

Rely on Gerber for the tools you need to produce:

Safety Products & Signage (including OSHA-approved Luminous)

Codes: QR, UPC, Code 309, Data Matrix, PDF 417, and many more

Pipe Markers (including steam and LSE pipe, with UL-recognized label stock)

Right to Know Labels, Placards, and Signs

Identification Labels, Signage, and Magnets

Polyurethane Doming-Compatible Labels & Decals

Industrial Applications Brochure (PDF)

2015 OSHA Standard Compliance Decals (FREE Download – Click on File Name):

FREE OSHA Hazard Communication Pictograms(plt)

Opal Semi Automatic Desktop Machine

Resin dome labels and resin doming equipment

Opal Semi Automatic Desktop Machine

Opal Semi Automatic Desktop Machine

Opal Semi Automatic Desktop Machine

The Opal Doming Machine does everything. Perfect for runs of all sizes, this automatic, desktop machine is packed with features. Easy to use, accurate and intelligent, the machine is controlled with a footswitch, leaving your hands free to place the resin perfectly.

The Opal is designed to apply measured quantities of mixed polyurethane resin and catalyst to pre-printed labels to achieve high quality domed labels. It combines programmable logic controller technology, a dispensing head and resin flow valve to provide simple, clean and reliable entry-level doming.

Download a copy of our doming kit brochure here:Liquid Lens Opal Doming Machine

Programmable dispense timer for accuracy, Pause timer to suit operator speed

1x 25mm label can be domed in 1.2 seconds

Manual dispense mode for dispensing on to bespoke labels

Resin low monitor, Disposable consumables no cleaning or solvents required

Power supply, Pneumatic air supply (6 bar), 500 x 625mm desktop or floor space

Opal Semi Automatic Machine + 20 Tray Curing Oven

Got any questions? Want to know more? Contact a member of our team and we will be happy to help.

Suministros Integrales DISTRIPAPER

Correccin de textos/Correcin Ortotipogrfica

Mecanografiado de textos, Servicio de Redaccin y Transcripcin de audio.

Tarjeta stamping (stamping caliente oro o plata) y Metalicas

Tarjetas Pet Transparente Brillante

Tarjeta con plastificado MAte Soft Touch

Tarjetas Papel Metalizado+Barniz brillo 3D

Golpe en Seco, Estampado,Marca de Agua

Tarifas Golpe en seco, estampado y Marca de Agua

Peronalizacin de Smartphones,Tablets,Portatiles….

Pulseras Poliester/Brazalete de control

Cubiertas para Encuadernar en Wir-O

Alfombrillas de Ordenador Personalizadas

Papeles pintados Arquitectos y Decoradores


Encuadernacin de libros,tesis,proyectos,memorias,revistas….

Tipos de Plastificados/encapsulados

Duplicacin de CD,s/DVD,s/Pen drives

Reprografa/Fotocopias/Copias de Fotos

Sellos de caucho automticos Printy

Camisetas impresas.Impresin Textil

Etiquetas Personalizadas y plegados

Tarifa de Impresin en vinilo,flocados,metalizados etc.

Expositores,Roll ups,Stands y banderas

Sistema de Enmarcado Framing System

Encuadernacin de libros,tesis,proyectos,memorias,revistas….

Reprografa/Fotocopias/Copias de Fotos

Expositores,Roll ups,Stands y banderas

Suministros Integrales DISTRIPAPER: algo ms que una empresa

Combinacin de tcnicas tradicionales, clsicas, en ocasiones olvidadas, con la tecnologa ms puntera no slo en artes grficas, sino en todos los sectores industriales que, desde Distripaper, consideramos pueden permitirnos crear ese producto nico e innovador por el que has llegado hasta nosotros.

En las ltimas dcadas, las artes grficas han sufrido una transformacin radical. Durante esa transformacin, se ha estandarizado el mercado y resulta complicado encontrar un elemento diferencial que no sea simplemente el precio. Tambin se han relegado al olvido tcnicas tradicionales que conseguan unos acabados que con tcnicas modernas no se pueden conseguir. Tcnicas que se han sustituido por otras que, sin ser iguales, dan un resultado parecido a un coste inferior.

Distripaper simboliza el New Wave Printing en su mxima expresin, trayendo de nuevo esas tcnicas a escena, digitalizndolas y modernizndolas siempre que sea posible y combinndolas con la tecnologa ms puntera del mercado, lo que nos permite conseguir ese producto nico, diferencial, que no encontrars en otra parte, porque eso es imposible.

Nunca es imposible. Nuestro cliente nos cuenta su carta de los Reyes Magos y nosotros lo aterrizamos en un producto real. El cmo, es mediante la combinacin de innovacin, tradicin y el mejor equipo tcnico y humano al que puede aspirar una empresa de artes grficas.

O usa el formulario de contacto de la web

Visita el perfil de DISTRIPAPER de Pinterest.

Power Paper ? El papel que puede almacenar electricidad



Nuevo mtodo para medir el crecimiento de los rboles


Suministros Integrales DISTRIPAPERVicente Camaron 6428011 Madrid

Para cualquier consulta, no dude en llamarnos al nmero de telfono:+34 915261740 – +34 91 464 24 15

O utilice nuestroformulario de contacto.

Le ofrecemos interesantes ofertas a precios muy atractivos.


Graphic Overlays / Membrane Switches

New Ways of Branding Industrial Machinery

Its here, faster speeds, better quality, faster turnaround times

SCN knows what you need to identify your product with a label, nameplate or sticker and we know how to do it. We have hundreds of options of materials, processes or applications to make your product unique. We have over40 years of experienceand ever evolving ideas and equipment to give you the latest trend in the market today.

Digital die cutting both cut roll stock and sheet fed stock is faster, reduces costs, supports faster turnaround and produces a superior product with our cutting edge technology. Why be tied to tooling charges for your complex project ourlaser die cuttinghas proven to be a no hassle option for many of our customers.

Our commitment to quality is a priority at SCN. We continue to work hard to align our processes and your expectations. We hold3M Select Converterstatus. In 2012 we were granted ISO certification. We are a UL Registered Label Manufacturer and meet certification standards for RoHS and NAFTA compliance.

121 Marine Grade Epoxy Resin (Combed) For Lamatg and Repairs

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23 Août 1791 : Rvolte des esclaves Saint-Domingue (Haïti), une Remmoration dune lutte pour la libert

23 Août 1791 : Rvolte des esclaves Saint-Domingue (Haïti), une Remmoration dune lutte pour la libert

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Ce que la Rvolution française de juillet 1789 doit la Rvolte esclavagiste Kongo de François Makanda de 1740 Saint-Domingue

Labolition de lesclavage par la France

Le 23 août 1791 est considr par lUNESCO comme la Journe internationale du souvenir de la traite ngrire et de son abolition. Une journe fortement symbolique puisqu limage des autres journes internationales elle place lhumanit au cœur des valeurs les plus chres travers la libert, la dignit et lgalit. Une journe aussi fortement historique puisqu limage des autres nations (la France, lAngleterre et les tats-Unis) considres comme exemples en dfendant, par les rvolutions, le respect des droits de lhomme, elle rappelle le souvenir dune volont affiche par ces esclaves de revendiquer ce mme idal.

La crmonie du Bois-Caïman est une runion desclaves marrons la nuit du 14 août 1791, considre en Haïti comme lacte fondateur de la rvolution et de la guerre dindpendance. Cest le premier grand soulvement collectif de Haïti contre lesclavage. LUNESCO a choisi le 23 août en rfrence au soulvement qui a suivi cet vnement comme « Journe internationale du souvenir de la traite ngrire et de son abolition » Peinture de Ulrick Jean-Pierre

Revenir sur le sens de cette journe, cest se souvenir de certains faits de lhistoire qui ont favoris cette conscience revendicative et qui ont dtermin les grands dfis poss par ces Africains. Le 23 août 1791, au lendemain de linsurrection des esclaves Saint-Domingue, la France avait compris que la libert est la valeur la mieux partage et que le combat contre sa privation relve dune ambition et dune action dirige pour se lapproprier. Une motivation, une ambition et une volont valable pour poursuivre la reconqute dune libert arrache.

lorigine, un systme coercitif et privatif la libert avait t le moteur de la socit coloniale de Saint-Domingue. Plus besoin de rappeler toutes les tragdies subies par les Africains lors des dportations, les tortures, les vexations et les exactions supportes dans les plantations. Un systme dexploitation mis en place par lconomie des plantations considrait lhomme africain comme un objet soumis la rigueur du travail. Une exploitation qui trouvait sa justification dans le fameux Code Noir de Colbert de 1685 qui estimait que lhomme noir dsigne un «Bien meuble» utilisable selon les besoins du maître et condamnable digrer les humeurs frivoles des colons.

Dans toutes colonies de plantations, le Code Noir rgissait la manire de gouverner les esclaves en les rduisant ltat de sous hommes. Dans son application, la dissuasion, la perscution et la rpression furent de rigueur. Victimes dignobles supplices, les sanctions rserves aux esclaves furent inhumaines et contraires au respect de la dignit humaine. Mais derrire les perscutions les plus primitives, se dressent des stratgies de rsistances pour saffranchir de la surcharge des torts imposs. Devant la cruaut des maîtres de fouets, defleur de lyset de la « mort », le constat du silence approbateur des autorits coloniales tmoignaient le mal qui atteste la victimisation de la situation des esclaves.

Au-del des exactions physiques et des afflictions psychologiques, autant de crimes devaient tre supports et parmi lesquels la sparation des membres de mme famille, les viols lendroit des ngresses et les surcharges quotidiennes du travail des plantations se sont ajout aux sorts des esclaves durant les trois sicles de rgime des plantations.

Il est difficile de revenir sur les moments historiques qui ont guid lesprit de la rvolte, mais les faits voquent lamertume et la crispation morale chez les esclaves indigns de lapathie des bourreaux maîtres. Sans verser dans la victimisation, il est clair que la ngation de la dignit humaine, loccultation de la libert, la valorisation de la haine et du racisme ont servi dappui pour la raction contre lasservissement et la soumission destin sans fin.

Dutty Boukmanun esclave n en Jamaique organisa une crmonie voudou Bois-Caïman pour un grand nombre desclaves, la nuit du 14 août 1791. La prtresse Mambo, Ccile Fatiman, plongea un couteau dans un cochon noir crole qui fut sacrifi, les assistants burent son sang afin de devenir invulnrables. Le vaudou fut ainsi un vritable catalyseur dans la rvolte des esclaves de Saint Domingue, la brche qui permit aux diffrentes tribus africaines de trouver une cohsion dans leur qute de libert. Boukman ordonna alors le soulvement gnral. Ce soulvement eut lieu la nuit du 21 au 22 août o les esclaves de cinq habitations brûlrent celles-ci et massacrrent les Blancs, y compris femmes et enfants. Pendant une dizaine de jours, la plaine du Nord fut en flammes. On dcompta prs de 1 000 Blancs assassins, 161 sucreries et 1 200 cafires brûles. Boukman prit au combat, la tte de ses troupes. Comme il passait pour invulnrable auprs des esclaves, on exposa sa tte au Cap.

Les enseignements quil faut tirer de ce chapitre de lhistoire des insurgs de Saint-Domingue sont tragiques. Entre le XVIe et le XXIe sicle, le parcours dvoile une srie de dportation accompagne dune saigne dmographique suite lusage des armes feu dans les oprations de captivits ; la domiciliation des esclaves dans lescases ngresdans la colonie o le Code Noir lgitime le coup de fouet et les amputations corporelles. Un parcours de dshumanisation teint dactes «liberticide».

Cest pourquoi rappeler les vnements de la nuit du 22 au 23 août 1791, cest tmoigner la bravoure et la dtermination de ces Africains qui montraient que la lutte pour la libert est une ncessit universelle et un droit revendiquer. La guerre dindpendance dAmrique de 1776 et la Rvolution française de 1789 depuis la prise de Bastille constituent un fervent catalyseur qui a cristallis la conscience rvolutionnaire des esclaves.

Il faut rappeler aussi que cette revendication de la lutte pour la libert traduit la voie trace et suivie par les marrons ou esclaves fugitifs qui se sont tant de fois engags briser la chaîne de la servitude depuis les premires gnrations africaines introduites dans la colonie. Au-del des critres ethniques, cest lunion scelle autour dun pacte fraternel au Bois-Caïman qui a dclench la revendication de la libert comme symbole de la dignit humaine. Point de dpart de la rsistance active pour rcuprer la libert arrache, la crmonie du Bois-Caïman reprsente un combat contre loubli et le silence des atrocits commises par le rgime des plantations. Cest de cette crmonie que les leaders des pres fondateurs de la nation haïtienne vont merger en hritant les valeurs cardinales de la cause africaine autour des notions de libert, dgalit et de dignit.

Se remmorer des vnements de la nuit du 22 au 23 août 1791 cest en dfinitive replacer les peuples dAfrique devant le contexte actuel de lutte contre lalination et lexclusion culturelle. Se servir de cet hritage en rappelant que quand les citoyens du monde avaient exig la libert au XVIIIe sicle, ces Africains travers leur union sacre ont pos ce mme idal pour une cause dgale valeur.

« Nous reconnaissons laide financire du gouvernement du Canada par lentremise du Fonds du Canada pour les priodiques (FCP) du ministre du Patrimoine canadien pour ce projet »

LAfrique du Sud suit lAustralie et svit…

Clarisse Agbegnenou titre championne du monde…

Alpha Cond remporte au premier tour la prsidence guinenne

Aprs le Burundi, lAfrique du Sud quitte la Cour pnale internationale

Le Sngal se met lnergie solaire

Meb Keflezighi permet aux tats-Unis de remporter le Marathon de Boston aprs plus de 30 ans

Cetait le 22 aout 1791! Pas le 23.

Eske se konsa sa te ye vre? M pa kwe ke se konsa listwa rakonte l

Si sete vre? Ala nation ka fe histoire se Haitian. Chak moman yo updated anne yo action yo. Men nous fort

Jean Jacques Jethro Il est not dans larticle que les vnements ont eu lieu le 22 aout 1791. LUNESCO a choisit la date du 23 aout pour marquer cette date

se an kk konsa nou te pwan endepandans lan nou pata k pibyen vwe man

What a painting, it spews in ones face, pure art !

Grace a eux nous sommes libres sur cette terre nommee Haitie cherie

Se pa konsa li ye pat gen kochon vre

Quel est la symbolique du porc?lesclavagiste?


Mes parents puffff je pleure encore et toujours

chek moun bay yon version wa ta di yo te la

Ça c7 produit dns la nuit du 22 au 23 aout pr cx ki dsent kil n y avait ps de cochon c7 faux

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Hi again! In case you didnt know, I dont merely review records, I occasionally release them, too! Ive done a label called White Denim since 2003, taking a hiatus in 2015, and Im glad to announce that there will be another release coming later this year. In the meantime, Im hoping to clear out a little space for it, so heres a sweet limited-time offer! Four of the most recent White Denim releases for $20 postage-paid in the US! (International buyers, please email me for postage rates!) Its a deep discount to move out the titles I still have a few dozen copies of. If you share my general musical tastes, youll love these records, promise!

Young TrynasProbably Music7 EP (two-thirds of Flasher before they were Flasher, playing rough punk-core somewhere between Madball and Hole!)

VeiledEl Temps No Passa12 EP (gloomy industrial from the bi-continental duo of Rob Francisco (M Ax Noi Mach) and Arnau Sala (Exoteric Continent))

King BloodWhere Is He7 EP (scorching instrumental-guitar takes on Guns N Roses classics, no lie)

Will Over MatterPhenomenal HighwaysLP (imperious dungeon-synth from Finland; a personal favorite!)

There are MP3 samples on the White Denimwebsiteas well as theSoundcloud. If interested, please send a PayPal payment of $20 direct to , just note the special sale in the payment description. Thanks for the support!

Black AbbaFeel Good7 (Ken Rock)

The irreverently-named Black Abba are back with another quick 7 EP, this time on Swedish garage-punk mainstay Ken Rock Records. Feel Good really ups the ante for what this band seems to be trying to accomplish, which is to become the most sarcastic, least enthusiastic synth-punk band around. I should probably put synth in scare-quotes because its barely greater than a monotone bleep here, and Black Abba step up their nihilistic lack of interest as the downpicked mono-riff slowly drifts off time from the plodding drums. Magnificent! Lets Fight is far more professional (they actually play some ordered music notes) but it has the same mean-mugging attitude thanks to a group-shouted chorus of lets fight lets fight / let me play with your knife. Seems like they might be joking about it but I dont want to take the risk. Mike ends on a poppier note, but the whole thing is an unabashedly misanthropic take on lo-fi punk (and life in general), in a wonderful way of course. Ive read that there has been some membership overlap with Buck Biloxi over the years and man, these New Orleans punks know how to let the bad times roll.

Bobby FunkAvocado Stains7 (Autonomonster / TNS / Krautpop!)

Youve been asking for it, now youve got it: a green avocado-shaped vinyl record. The grooves are about seven inches or so, but the rest of the fruit extends beyond, hencebeing issued in a standard 12 sleeve. Thats dedication! Its an attention-grabbing record for sure, and even if the gimmick outshines the music (which Id say is the case here), its still undeniably fun. Bobby Funk are an overtly British melodic punk group their first two EPs were titled, for crying out loud, and theres a song on here called Johnny Wanker that goes down a list of people who are all, you guessed it, wankers. Im reminded of the punk rock I used to enjoy on those mid-90s CD comps that would be crammed to capacity with music, like theseries or one of those Fat Wreck Chords or Lookout! budget samplers. Silly, stupid fun is the name of the game, and Bobby Funk remind me of Blanks 77 or Blatz. Cant really go wrong with that, although I dont think you can really go right with it, either. I wonder where Bobby Funk falls on the avocado toast debate? They probably think both sides are wankers.

BocksruckerSixSixSix12 (Neubau)

Alongside the killer Gil.Barte EP on Neubau (gushed about at length below), I snagged a copy of Bocksruckers. It srucks serious bock, no doubt about it! These three tracks are rugged and funereal, like what Id imagine Jeff Hannemans wake was like (a mosh pit breaking out in Slumber Room B, black roses on polished mahogany, bloody tears, etc.). The beats are huge, grayscale noise is a constant texture (but used sparingly, not overpoweringly), and each track features samples of some old Satanic art film, tying the EP together with its title. The samples are deployed well, adding a dramatic, cultish flair to Bocksruckers menacing tracks that flit between industrial, techno and EBM. Im picturing Beau Wanzer finally getting his ears pierced for goth night, Orphyx and Winterkälte updated for the late 10s, or Shadowlust wearing Slipknot tees. Neubaus aesthetic, which seems to reimagine early 90s noise label aesthetics (think Tesco Organization or Cold Meat Industry) as DJ-ready dance 12s is a home run in my book, Bocksrucker clearly the most nefarious offering yet.

BoothroydPure CountryLP (Fnord Communications)

I love a good concept, and Peter Boothroyds debut albumis just that. Picture the pulsing EDM build-ups of Tiesto and Calvin Harris left to idle on repeat (no beat drops) with cornball guitars and harmonicas adding an out-of-place country touch. I saw the harmonica sound described as -style and while that cracked me up, its sharply accurate just peep Blue and tell me you cant picture the family gathering around the table, passing plates of food with Moby setting up his CDJs in the corner. I certainly wouldnt have guessed that itd be such a winning combination, and perhaps in lesser hands it would quickly crumble, but Boothroyd knows how to scale things back just right, so that the combination of twangy acoustic guitar and broad sketches of mainstream electro-pop feel like a natural pair rather than something to dismiss. Besides that ridiculous harmonica, I havent laughed atat all, rather finding myself drifting into his alternate reality of pop music, one where Yelawolf is a household name and Frank Ocean boot-scoots onto the stage. Im convinced anything could happen at this point.

Boy HarsherPain II12 (Nude Club)

Okay, so I do this blog to tell yall about cool stuff, so why didnt any of you return the favor and let me know that my Boy Harsher coverage was sorely lacking? I feel like a dope for only recently finding out about this group, who Id say are pretty clearly at the tip top of the male/female gothy industrial synth-wave duo genre, a crowded field if there ever was one. Thankfully Boy Harsher are making their vinyl ever so slightly easier to obtain with this new 12 pressing, featuring the previously-released Pain alongside a remix by The Soft Moon on the flip. Normally Id think this is kind of a throwaway release for any band, but Id have to cash in my 401k if I want to afford a copy of the originalEP, and this song is so instantly infectious that it deserves the repeated attention. Pain is a modern classic and I dont say that lightly every aspect is perfectly assembled and delivered, resulting in the sort of magic every artist hopes to one day attain. On the back of its simplistic and recognizable melodic arpeggio, Boy Harsher layer startlingly confident whisper-moan vocals, catchy little sonic additives and a chorus that simply refuses to stop ringing in my skull. The Soft Moon adds some electrified debris and tries to coax a Rammstein-esque mosh pit into existence on his remix, which works for me, but the original is this priceless artifact that I feel blessed to be able to spin whenever I want. Which apparently is always.

The Child Molesters1978 Hound Dog Recordings12 (Ace Duce / Negative Jazz)

Seminal shock-rock punkers The Child Molesters have been high on sweaty-palmed record collectors want-lists for at least a couple decades, and in celebration of the 40th anniversary of this early recording session, these four songs are presented on a 12 EP. If you havent heard em, these cuts are certainly top-notchcrap-rock Im Gonna Punch You (In The Face) in particular is wildly charming and so catchy that I almostto get punched in the face while hearing it. The Child Molesters were clearly coming from a musical background of Alice Cooper and The Stooges, desperate to flick their noses at proper social behavior and at their happiest when all nearby feathers are ruffled beyond repair. That said, I still feel a little strange seeing a new record in 2018 that features swastikas on both the cover and insert; theres a brief disclaimer in the insert that directly states the group is not Nazis nor actual child molesters (what a relief), but it comes across preemptively defensive, as if youre just a wimpy baby if you dont also enjoy pretending to be a Nazi to offend the neighbors and that no discussion is to be had regarding punks who sport fascist imagery. Surely there are other archival punk recordings waiting to be reissued that arent covered with the stuff, especially seeing as thesehave been released numerous times through the years already? (Not to mention that the original7 was released to coincide with Hitlers birthday, as prominently noted on the insert?) As a punk rock artifact, The Child Molesters are noteworthy of more than just a footnote, but perhaps the mindset with which they are presented could use an update from 1978.

DJ HealerNothing 2 Loose3xLP (All Possible Worlds)

DJ Healer (real name unknown?) is one of the most fascinating and creative techno producers today, not just creating different sounds through his various aliases (Prince Of Denmark, DJ Metatron, Traumprinz, etc.) but building up entire worlds around them. Not one for subtlety, he recently released two triple 12s under two new monikers, Prime Minister Of Doom and DJ Healer, and in case you are thinking you dont need six more 12s following his somewhat recent octuple- and triple-LP releases under the Prince Of Denmark name, think again you do! It seems as if he realized he can do no wrong, so he lets things run wild without over-editing or the slightest consideration of brevity. I already love these two new ones dearly, but DJ Healer is probably my favorite as it is particularly evocative, utilizing ambient techno and dramatic samples as a storytelling device. One track might be little more than mildly rustling wind and a faint electronic pulse, and the next might snap a beat into action with sampled vocals providing the emotional resonance (is that Nico on 2 The Dark?). Im reminded of the intros/outros of Burials more cinematic material, but DJ Healer allows things to unfurl slowly, unhurried by the constraints of a single 12 side. Its touching, spellbinding, lush, and just a little bit corny, my fondness growing stronger with each new listen.

DJ Marcelle / Another Nice MessPsalm Tree12 (Jahmoni Music)

Amsterdams DJ Marcelle is a constant presence throughout Europes underground scene, often using three turntables simultaneously in a sort of live mash-up spectacle. Another Nice Mess is the name of her radio show, and apparently her records are under both names, which Im finally no longer confused by. This new one is pretty great: comedic industrial techno, lets say? The opener pairs a distorted rhythm with outrageously warbling human voice tones (not entirely unlike what Errorsmith deployed on his last album) with a sample of someone saying constipation over and over again. Its as if Regis remixed a particularly hilarious People Like Us collage for the dressed-in-black club set, and while its directly up my alley, Im impressed by how natural and smooth DJ Marcelle makes it all seem. The opener is my favorite for sure, but the rest of the EP deploys choppy, impolite percussion with well-mannered samples (Psalm 3, Verse 3: Walking Around Aimlessly is rhythmic fuzz and reversed bass blips paired with old-timey whistling), highly creative and lacking a direct similarity with the work of any contemporary producers, even the weird ones. The last track even pushes into some sort of troll-driven footwork, which I realize doesnt make much sense, but DJ Marcelle is interested in making wild new sounds, not sense.

Graham DunningWay Too Much Time12 (AD AAD AT)

Fantastic vinyl debut here from one of Londons most ingenious sonic experimenters, Graham Dunning. This 12 collects four cuts made by his mechanical techno machine, which should be read quite literally: Dunning has devised a wild spinning column of live-action effects and tricks that are used to create snappy minimal techno. Hes a viral sensation on YouTube, and rightfully so, as the concept behind this music (you really should just go search his name on YouTube rather than sit here while I try to explain it) is wildly inventive and fun to watch. Of course, on a record, you have nothing to watch, but thankfully his machines results are just as pleasant to the ears without the visual. Through these four tracks, Im reminded of Wolfgang Voigts Studio 1 EPs, or Donato Dozzy at his most essential, but theres a strange humanity granted to these tracks that the garden variety hands-off techno doesnt include. Id say there are also touches of the live-action electronic frippery of Leprechaun Catering or Ekoplekz, but Dunning never veers from technos 4/4 grid, even as his equipment may be longing to do so. Couldnt love this more if I tried!

FetishTake The Knife / A House Is Not A Motel7 (Beach Impediment)

Seems pretty clear that Fetishs primary fetish is guitarists this hardcore supergroup has no less than three of them! Do you think theyd mind if I joined in on fourth guitar? I dont care if they turned my amp to Vinnie Stigmas levels, I just wanna stand on stage with these burly dudes. Anyway, back to the matter at hand: Fetish is comprised of 75% of Long Knife and two members of Poison Idea (era), and while that sort of background gives them a permanent pass to do whatever they want in these later years (rockabilly, ska, ska-punk, ska-abilly, etc.), the men in Fetish are sticking with raging powerhouse hardcore. Take The Knife arrives on an explosive intro before kicking into its upbeat hardcore riffing and an explosive, moshworthy breakdown (is that double-bass I hear coming from the drum kit?), all with an extra serving of blazing guitar solos. Finely crafted for sure. A House Is Not A Motel is a Love cover, but dont take off your moshing sneakers just yet Fetish coat the moody psych-garage melody in lead paint and use their collective amplification to shred anyone left standing. Admiring their band photo on the insert, I cant help but wonder what the inside of their van smells like. Maybe Im the one with the fetish.

Whats great about techno is that there is simply an endless expanse of it, with more being created at roughly the same rate the universe is expanding (Ive confirmed with leading physicists on the matter), so there is always a new favorite waiting to be discovered out there. This debut 12 by Gil.Barte is certainly one of them, as its a prime example of exactly what Im hoping to hear: basement electronics, lo-fi industrial, mid-80s Esplendor Geometrico and seductive New Beat grooves all tidily scraped together. Sssjp is reminiscent of ugly American electro like Patricia and Beau Wanzer but has a personality all its own, with various voices appearing behind curtains as the potent groove stalks through a digital grid, as if the originalvideo game was based on distributing drugs in a basement rave, not murdering Nazis. (Although if you wanted to murder some Nazis to Sssjp I wouldnt hold it against you.) Myaso follows, and its a moody requiem that feels both intolerably claustrophobic and transcendent, like laying in an MRI tube that simultaneously provides a deep tissue massage. Kemang is the last cut and may be my favorite of the three, as it features quite possibly the best electro-vibraslap effect Ive ever heard, traversing a weirdly pitched bass-line as it encounters various spoken transmissions, slowly increasing in mania. I really cant believe how greatis, and have already started throwing my money at the other recent Neubau releases as they seem to follow similar aesthetic aspirations. Highest recommendation, to be sure!

If theres a more universal form of music than house, Ive yet to hear it every populated continent on Earth has hundreds of people making it and thousands of people dancing to it (and I bet I could find at least one or two producers from Antarctica on Soundcloud). Peggy Gou is South Korean but she calls Berlin her home, and her effervescent, poppy house is a delight. It Makes You Forget (Itgehane) gives disco drums a space-station makeover care of a cuddly acid line, bongos and a vibraphone, with Peggy Gous own vocals providing the tune with a sense of sleek sophistication. Hundres Times is more traditional house in the vein of Omar S at his most ebullient, arpeggios intertwining in colorful displays. Meanwhile, Han Jan sources the elastic funk of Zapp and Mantronix and whips up another retro-futurist groove (complete with rapping!), as if Stereolab remixed Dopplereffekt to celebrate the opening of a boutique vape shop. I should probably stop listening to this so much because my interest in inhaling artificially-flavored high-density mists grows stronger with every spin.

HoggSelf-Extinguishing EmissionLP (Scrapes)

For some reason I had just assumed that Hoggs last record,, would be their last both the group and the music they made just seemed so volatile, as if it was a random lucky chance that everything converged on a moment where they were able to record an album and have someone put it out. Much to my delight, theyre sticking around for a bit longer, andreveals some interesting growth, though I dont mean growth as in cleaned up fidelity with newfound pop aspirations, so much as the giant weeds that sprout out of an abandoned building. This sounds like a band who understand what works best and they twist the knife in that exact spot (industrial percussion, hysterical vocals, wet throbbing bass), sounding like a feminine Coil signed to Subterranean. Black Into Dirt in particular showcases their talents: a swampy sound-effect merges with a punchy drum machine and drooping bass-line while moaned vocals crisscross each other, a guitar stabs out of nowhere and someone does a brief vocal imitation of Abruptums It. The Throbbing Gristle resemblance remains particularly striking, not just in sound but in the confidence of their decisions, as if making music any other way would be a waste of time.certainly seems like the logical answer to many of lifes burning questions.

Human Adult BandSonic EnlightenmentLP (Third Uncle)

Dont let anyone tell you that New Jersey aint freaky, as Human Adult Band and their Princeton / New Brunswick associates have been keeping it real for quite some time now. On this new one, the confidently-titled, theyve got a couple of styles at their disposal and they make good with all of it. The a-side is fully inhabited by Easton Ave Laundromat, a slow-burning jam that offers further evidence that Neil Young retroactively became a hero to the contemporary lo-fi guitar/noise scene. It loosely weaves through various sticks of incense until disintegrating completely (but not before some mystical flute joins the tune). Human Adult Band balances their epic a-side with six cuts on the flip; they seem to play This Will Happen Again In A Year A Half backwards but in real time, and grind through various other forms of uninhibited noise-rock blues, calling to mind Universal Indians, Bullet In The Head, No Trends weirder side and maybe The Dead C, were they an American group raised in the 90s on Mountain Dew andmagazine. Vocals are rare, although I get the impression that someone is always singing at least a little bit, even if its not into a microphone. Id proffer thatwill be the most prestigious release on Third Uncle Records this year, unless they plan on releasing another Honey Radar 5 lathe-cut.

Intensive CareEverything Has Its Price7 (Iron Lung)

struck me as the output of a group with aspirations of working with Iron Lung Records but not quite up to par with the labels standard of quality. Either theyve really stepped up their game or I need to re-visit, because this new 7 EP is pretty sick. For a bass/drums hardcore duo operating with power-violence and power-electronics influences, they deliver precisely what Id want to hear. The bass tone is utterly massive, like two Cavity records playing through Bongzillas rig, and they churn out the aggressive blast-beat / stop-start / fast-slow riffing with panache. Their noise interludes work well, hearkening back to Gasp and Volume 11s brutal-psych atmospheres, but really the bass tone is just so monstrous and gnarly that everything else defers to it, and rightfully so. They certainly arent reinventing heavy hardcore riffing, but it works undeniably well alongside the more esoteric sounds and enraged-gorilla vocals. Perhaps its the fact that Intensive Care decided to embrace Ted Dibiases personal philosophy, , that led to this smashing success.

Tom LyngcolnDoming HomeLP (Solar/Sonar)

11 Pieces For Voice Guitar is the subtitle of Tom Lyngcolns solo debut and while its technically accurate, I think it could use a little finessing. First of all, Id call them songs as opposed to pieces (avant-garde neo-classical this is not), and while there is nothing else to be found onbesides Lyngcolns voice and his amplified (but non-distorted) electric guitar, these songs feel like little bits of his soul being offered to the public at his own peril. Hes not shy with his singing, belting out his lyrics somewhere between The Housemartins P.D. Heaton and Joe Strummer, but often warbling on the verge of emotional collapse as well, as though he inadvertently backed into an early Bright Eyes record. The guitar calmly follows his voice or underpins it with some sort of melodic housing, not unlike how Cat Power or Will Oldham used to do it, although Lyngcolns passion is always teetering on high. Just check Out Of Time and imagine the shared discomfort of witnessing him perform it in the corner of a coffee shop to a small seated crowd. Lyngcoln looks kinda big and mean on the cover, like hes ready to dunk your head as if it were an Aussie Rules football, butreveals hes a fragile softy like the rest of us.

Miss DestinyIce Queen / Randy7 (Shipping Steel)

Shipping Steel is a very new Melbourne-based label, but theyre making their mission statement clear: black leather, red meat, white powder punk rock (n roll). Miss Destiny are a smart fit in that regard, following their debut LP on R.I.P. Society with these two cuts of traditional hard-rocking punk, as if the macho fantasy of heavy metal remained forever entwined with the sneering cynicism of punk. Ice Queen cruises like The Dead Boys on a Saturday night, and Randy more or less does the same thing with a melodic lead vocal. This record was produced by Jack Farley (of the great Scott Charlenes Wedding) and I think at least one member of Miss Destiny named Harriet (there are multiple) plays in Southern Comfort, revealing yet another set of connections in Melbourne punks massive and tangled family tree. Miss Destiny are on the raunchier end of that tree, smoking out back while listening to live Guns N Roses bootlegs, a necessary element of any thriving punk habitat.

Nag / Lipsplit7 (Space Taker Sounds)

At first glance I thought this was a new 7 by Nag called, but nope, thats a band too! Youd think theres some registrar that charges bands by the letter or something, but these two groups simply appreciate brevity, both in band name and song form. Nags first tune Eye Level is a slower stomp than what Im used to hearing from them, at least until someone sticks a match under its rear and they go careening off a cliff. Surfer is their second and maintains the early-but-fast punk feel, reminiscent of the great and overlooked Vial 7 from a couple years ago as well as the not-overlooked output of The Randoms and The Urinals. Lips music has a similar urgency, a little more bass-driven than Nag, with a variety of vocals careening in and out for a cool disorienting effect (while still clearly punk, not psych or anything else). Their tune Control is particularly memorable and mixtape-worthy (or perhaps more to todays style, internet radio station play-worthy?) whereas Road is less distinctive. Still, four cool songs by two cool punk bands, so why not?

PhysiquePunk Life Is Shit12 (Iron Lung)

Most of the labels that repeatedly turn up on this webpage demonstrate a sincere love for the music they release, but I cant help but think that the folks at Iron Lung really,lust over noisy buzzsaw hardcore-punk. Like even if the rest of the world moved on and stopped buying records, Iron Lung would be pressing up the latest current ear-piercing hardcore band, no matter if the records were destined to remain on their basement shelves. This new one comes from Olympias Physique, who bear a standard resemblance to Disclose, Framtid, Totalitär, and of course, Discharge. Physique come in on the heavier end of things (think Framtid without the superhuman drum fills), with enough vocal echo to fill a nuclear fallout shelter, riotous guitar leads and a satisfying sense of familiarity for anyone who ever sewed a black denim patch onto the back of their black denim vest. Physique offer nothing remotely new, but this record has a cool title (Ive thought it back to myself multiple times since first encountering it), the blank b-side has a great skeleton etching (because what else are you gonna etch?), and if thats not good enough for you, maybe its time you moved on to rare Soviet prog reissues or something.

RetirementRetirement7 (Iron Lung)

A bit of an ironic band name for Iron Lung, as if these folks are ever gonna quit it with the raging, noisy hardcore! Retirement are a fairly new group, developed from a solo project into a fully-staffed live outfit (as is so often the case these days), and they certainly deliver the goods on this debut EP. Which, in this case, is raw hardcore-punk with subtle garage-punk and industrial-noise inclinations, as if they borrowed some of Jay Reatards earliest, ugliest riffs and applied them to the sonic templates of Cold Sweat and Vile Gash. The guitars are never silent, and might even be at their most ear-splitting when nothing is happening (gotta love the piercing feedback that opens a tune), although a song like Yours Is Mine is purely hardcore, operating on the same platform as DYS and Toxic Reasons, just recorded through the scorching acid bath weve come to expect from todays repugnant hardcore music. Maybe its because Throbbing Gristle and Nurse With Wound have been fully accepted by the hardcore masses as valid forms of aggressive music that todays traditional hardcore bands are eager to embrace weird and harsh noise, but Retirement are a fine example of the success such a mindset can deliver. Lets hope theyve got a good enough pension to keep the hits coming.

Finding it hard to not be a hater while listening to Ritualzsalbum, the Mexico City artists sophomore full-length. Theres just a lot going on here that I find unappealing: first of all, the name Ritualz can also be stylized as †‡† (I thought that sorta nonsense was buried alongside witch-house?), and the music on this album is all blustery melodramatic synthwork and spooky vocals that miss any sense of provocative beauty or gothy darkness, instead coming across like the Hot Topic repackaging of such.has me imagining Blink 182 putting together a dark-wave side project (I can already picture Travis Barker in Kat Von Ds signature eyeliner), although to their credit thered probably at least be some memorable hooks to be found in that. Ritualz seems more about the aesthetic sense (streetwear goth that crosses over with A$AP Rocky, body-mod Tumblrs, horror-rap, Dimmu Borgir, etc.), and the music itself is merely another extension of the style, rather than something that received much consideration or effort. A previous EP was titled, and I dunno, Im either gonna go full Juggalo or no Juggalo, whereas Ritualz inhabits a specific territory in between that I do not care to revisit anytime soon.

John RobertsSpill12 (Brunette Editions)

Quietly one of t


Correccin de textos/Correcin Ortotipogrfica

Mecanografiado de textos, Servicio de Redaccin y Transcripcin de audio.

Tarjeta stamping (stamping caliente oro o plata) y Metalicas

Tarjetas Pet Transparente Brillante

Tarjeta con plastificado MAte Soft Touch

Tarjetas Papel Metalizado+Barniz brillo 3D

Golpe en Seco, Estampado,Marca de Agua

Tarifas Golpe en seco, estampado y Marca de Agua

Peronalizacin de Smartphones,Tablets,Portatiles….

Pulseras Poliester/Brazalete de control

Cubiertas para Encuadernar en Wir-O

Alfombrillas de Ordenador Personalizadas

Papeles pintados Arquitectos y Decoradores


Encuadernacin de libros,tesis,proyectos,memorias,revistas….

Tipos de Plastificados/encapsulados

Duplicacin de CD,s/DVD,s/Pen drives

Reprografa/Fotocopias/Copias de Fotos

Sellos de caucho automticos Printy

Camisetas impresas.Impresin Textil

Etiquetas Personalizadas y plegados

Tarifa de Impresin en vinilo,flocados,metalizados etc.

Expositores,Roll ups,Stands y banderas

Sistema de Enmarcado Framing System

Encuadernacin de libros,tesis,proyectos,memorias,revistas….

Reprografa/Fotocopias/Copias de Fotos

Expositores,Roll ups,Stands y banderas


La encuadernacin es el proceso de trabajo que sirve para la unin ordenada de los pliegos o cuadernos de una obra.Para formar un volumen compacto, se cosen o se agrupan diferentes hojas y se protegen con una tapa. Los diferentes tipos de encuadernados se distinguen en la manera de agrupar, coser o encolar las hojas que forman el libro.

Esta tcnica es una de las ms usadas en encuadernacin y consiste en coser los pliegos con hilo y posteriormente colocar una cubierta (portada) de material ms grueso.

Dentro de esta tcnica se pueden hacer subdivisiones atenindonos al mtodo de usado en su realizacin:  fresada y  cosida.

FRESADA: consiste en alzar las hojas y fresarlas al lomo , posteriormente se aplica cola caliente.

COSIDA: se cosen por separado cada uno de los cuadernillos, se juntan los cuadernillos y se le aplicas cola caliente.

En ambos casos la tapa ir unida al interior  por el lomo.

La tcnica es similar a la de rstica tapa blanda con la diferencia de que el resultado final es ms durable y esttico. Se cosen los cuadernillos de uno en uno se colocan las guardas y se entela el lomo,  se forran las tapas de cartn duro y se insertan los cuadernillos pegando las guardas con tapas forradas.

Esta tcnica consiste en encuadernar en rstica con lomo fresado.

Esta tcnica de encuadernacin se realiza del mismo modeo que la encuadernacin en tapa dura pero con lastapas acolchadas insertando despus del cartn de base una fina espuma sobre la que se pondradespus el pael, la tela o la piel.

Este tipo de encuadernacin el lomo o los cantos estn recubiertos de badana, lo dems en el cuerpo de las tapas es de papel o tela.

Tambin llamada de media pasta o media piel. El cartn de la cubierta se recubre con papel o con  tela, los cantos se forran en tela  y el lomo con piel.

Esta tecnica consiste en unir lashojas mediante un hilo de una sola hebra, este puede ser de rafia,algodn,cuero…..,quedando este totalmente a la vista.

En esta tcnica, se forran las tapas con piel mientras que las esquinas o cantos se ponen redondeados. Suele ser una encuadernacin que da la sensacin de gran flexibilidad en las tapas.

En esta tcnica, el lomo y los cantos se forran de un material mientras que el resto se forra con otro.

En la encuadernacin española las tapas y el lomo estn cubiertas con piel de cordero o cerdo, teñida de color marrn claro y decorada con jaspe salpicado.Hay una variante que es la valenciana, la piel se arruga antes de teñirla, ofreciendo un jaspeado ms rico y caprichoso que nos recuerda el marmol.

La tapa española es practicamente lo mismo que la encuadernacin española, se caracteriza por realizar las tapas en piel(de vaca, cordero, cabra…)con nervios y tejuelos.Tambien le podemos estampar en Oro o plata los motivo y textos que se deseen.

Tambien se le puede incorporar un broche.

Encuadernacin en caballete con grapas:

Esta encuadernacin consiste en tras plegar al centro las pginas dobles coserlas mediante dos grapas que se cierran por el interior. Es la tcnica usada paar folletos y revistas.

Esta tcnica de encuadernacin es la idnea para unir hojas sueltas. Permite usar diferentes tipos y grosres de papeles y las portadas suelen ir protegidas mediante cubiertas de polipropileno. El conjunto de las pginas interioree, las portadas y contraportads y las sobrecubiertas se unen mediante una espiral metlica o plstica. Es un sistema de encuadernacin barato y rpido que se utiliza para trabajos, manuales u otros documentos, generalmente fotocopiados.

Esta tcnica de encuadernacin es muy similar a la encuadernacin en espiral, la diferencia consiste en que en lugar de insertar las hojas en una espiral se utilizan espirales dobles. Permite usar diferentes tipos y grosores de papeles y las portadas suelen ir protegidas mediante cubiertas de polipropileno. Es un sistema de encuadernacin barato que se utiliza para trabajos, manuales u otros documentos, calendarios, etc.

Esta tcnica de encuadernacin est especialmente indicada cuando se desea realizar una encuadernacin en tapas rgidas o flexibes con un acabado profesional muy similar a la encuadernacin en rstica. Existe una gran variedad de materiales para las portadas y tiene la gran ventaja de ser muy rpida ya que no requiere una elaboracin lenta como el resto de las tcnicas, se hace insertando las hojas dentro de la portada elegida y unindolas mediante un aparato especial que presiona y cierra en el lomo las pginas a encuadernar.

Utilizamos carpetas preencoladas con las portadas transparentes u opacas las cuales llevan cola caliente en el lomoy mediante calor dado con una maquina especial nos permite unir las hojas al s Tapas pueden ser duras o blandas

En la encuadernacin con tornillos realizamos las tapas como queramos en piel simil piel, impresas,grabadas….. y luego unimos ambas guardas con tornillos especiales.

Power Paper ? El papel que puede almacenar electricidad



Nuevo mtodo para medir el crecimiento de los rboles


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