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Sublimation Printers

The LEF-12 benchtop UV flatbed printer delivers Rolands unparalleled UV printing capabilities to print directly on a vast array of substrates.

The Vision Laser Cutting Machine is ideal for cutting digital printing sublimation textile fabrics. Cameras scan the fabric, detect and recognize printed contour, and cut the chosen designs with speed and accuracy. A conveyor and auto-feeder is used to keep cutting continuous, saving time and increasing production speeds.

Traditional manually cutting or mechanical cutting has many limitations. Laser cutting becomes the most popular solution for contour cut.

A conveyor and auto-feeder is used to keep cutting continuous, saving time and increasing production speeds. Cuts with speed and accuracy.

All printed fabrics including sportswear, swim suits, apparel, bags, upholstery, banners, flags, soft signage, and all polyester printed signs.

The cameras recognize where cuts need to be made within 5 seconds on the whole cutting area. Cuts are accurate and precise.

Without the need for human intervention, it can achieve continuous recognition cutting of the entire roll printed fabrics.

Solved the problems of position deviation, rotation angle, and elastic stretching. No matter what, the vision scanner picks up where the pattern is.

Booth 4725Click Here for Free PassISS 2018 Orlando, FL

If its being able to design custom garments or decorating apparel & accessories for your business, to making custom banners & signage for events, creating the perfect packaging for your product, or marketing with a vehicle wrap, we have you covered.

New print heads that deliver beautiful prints more efficiently. New inks that are more vibrant and cost-effective. New cutting technology that increases accuracy. New technology to communicate with your existing phones and tablets.

flatbed printers

Courtesy of the booth personnel of four different distributors, it was possible to make nice colorful test prints of four different brands of T-shirt printers:

OKI (plus their FOREVER partners), in the OKI booth plus FOREVER booth

MAGIC TOUCH (the totally new Ricoh R1 100 T-shirt printer); MAGIC TOUCH booth

Polyprint TexJet echo in the booth of Copatra Graphics

Brother GTX, in the booth of Signtrade

We will have full FLAAR Reports on all these shortly, but in the meantime, here is the initial summary. I apologize for the wrong spelling of GTX; on my computer keyboard the Z is too close and so I often hit Z instead of X: the proper name is GTX.

Dr Nicholas Hellmuth will be on the Knowledge Series panel presentation, Jan 15, 2018 (Day 2 of SGI), Hall 4, DWTC, together with

Moderated by Prem Ramachandran, White Water PR.

Future of the printing and signage industry in the MENA (Middle East Northern Africa) region

Impact of upcoming technologies such as artificial intelligence on the signage industry

Challenges within the printing and signage industry and solutions to overcome it.

4 Impact of Expo 2020 on the printing and signage industry. Expo 2020 is a world class event that is a perfect fit for the energy and enthusiasm of the people and corporations of Dubai and the UAE.

Book Fairs show lots of potential for short-run digital press brands

Three from FLAAR attended FIL 2017 in Guadalajara, Mexico. FIL is one of 5 best-attended book fairs worldwide. More publishers and many more thousands of books on display than you can imagine, but what is notable is that not one single printing press company has a booth.

No matter how many e-books, Kindles and iPads are sold, if you saw the crowds here (over 700,000 visitors during 9 days) you would realize that plenty of people still want books. The crowds here on a single day are more than any sign printer expo in the world (though DRUPA 2000 and DRUPA 2004 were definitely memorable).

So in addition to offset presses, etc, there sure is frankly unexpected potential for short-run digital presses, both toner and inkjet.

We look forward to seeing and evaluating both toner and inkjet short-run digital presses at SGI 2018 Dubai, ISA 2018, FESPA 2018, Africa Print aspect of Sign Africa, SGIA, Sign Istanbul, and APPPEXPO 2018.

Obviously GraphExpo is focused on traditional printing than book printing aspects of ISA and SGIA, but lets hope GraphExpo co-locates before it ends up like Seybold, VISCOM Spain, VISCOM Paris, etc.

And we really enjoy short-run digital press booths at the expos we attend since we are in our fourth year of developing educational books on endangered species ofplantsandanimalsin Central America. We do scientific books plus asecond series to help children(and their parents and grandparents) learn about the remarkable eco-systems of Mexico and Central America.

We look forward to interacting with short-run digital press companies to evaluate their printers and write about our experience in FLAAR (read by about 700,000 people worldwide, so comparable to the number of attendees at FIL here in Guadalajara).

Sign Middle East, Dubai, January 2018

We are just excited to start a great year in Dubai.

Two inkjet printer and signage production workflow equipment review editors from FLAAR Reports are preparing for SGI 2018 (Sign Middle East, Dubai, organized by IEC).

Dr Nicholas and Marcelo Giron look forward to seeing you in friendly Dubai, January 14, 15, and 16, 2018.

Marcelo has been two trade shows in Asia and looks forward to this international signage expo in Dubai.

Dr Hellmuth has been attending the Sign Middle East expo for many years. We stopped attending VISCOM several years ago (VISCOM Madrid collapsed and VISCOM Paris is now evidently no longer continuing).

This is why we prefer to focus on expos such as SGI Dubai: they are the best expo in the Middle East.

Plus, no matter what other expos you attend elsewhere in the world, to learn about the market trends in the Middle East and all the surrounding countries, it is useful to be at the Dubai expo every year.

Sharif and Donna of IEC, as seen in their booth in the APPPEXPO Thailand area co-located with SIGN EXPO ASIA a few weeks ago in Bangkok. SGI 2018 also had a booth at KOSIGN where FLAAR Reports also attended.

In addition to traditional signage, we are interested in textile printers (for clothing and dcor in addition to flags and soft signage). There are more than 15 graphic designers in the FLAAR Reports office, so we always like to see the diverse style of designs at large trade shows. So we look forward to seeing the SGI Wall of Fame showcase.

Plus Dr Hellmuth has initiated a T-shirt printer evaluation program. Our designers produce our own designs which we look forward to testing in the various booths at SGI 2018.

Plus we will test and evaluate toner printers. Toner printers and short-run digital presses are rarely present at sign expos. We have our own test files since FLAAR now has a separate division for making childrens books: you will be surprised what you see on our site with even more information on our

We look forward to seeing our friends in the booths and in the aisles at SGI 2018 and hope to see you there as well.

Textile printing with inkjet printers continues to be more popular around the world. Ten years ago a basic retrofitted solvent printer, with entry-level printheads, were sold as a textile printer. But in recent years, print shop owners and managers have become more sophisticated and they prefer a better quality textile printer. So brand by brand the quality is improving.

It is well known that acid dye ink and reactive dye ink produce impressive colors on the kinds of fabrics appropriate for each kind of ink. But it takes a football field of space to hold the pre-print and post-printing machines for washing, drying, fixing, etc. So more and more attention is focused on printing direct-to-fabric. Downside is that most pigment inks are not yet bright enough, and disperse dye ink direct-to-fabric was considered not as bright as printing on transfer paper, passing the paper through a calendering machine onto the polyester (but again, that requires a sophisticated calendering machine in addition to the printer (and lots of paper, including the second kind of paper to keep the image from being soaked from the sublimated colors).

So it was a pleasant surprise for me to notice the impressive colors produced by the d-gen Teleios printer in the Media One booth, SGIA 2017. Bright yellow, colorful reds, great blues: and all colors better than I expected.

I flew two sets of print samples back to the main office of FLAAR. Here you too can see the bright deep colors.

Maria Renee Ayau and Dr Nicholas Hellmuth look forward to experiencing all the textile printer and textile ink experience of the d-gen team in Korea. We thank Kilhun Lee, CEO of d-gen for inviting us.

We will have more posts on some innovative new textile printer technology of d-gen later this month (and for sure after we are in their factory headquarters demo room).

Many reasons for attending Sign Istanbul 2017: lots of printers of all sizes, shapes, and kinds of inks. Many booths of printable materials; after-market inks, laminators, cutters, and other aspects of signage workflow. Plus there are more 3D printers (3D rapid prototypers) at Sign Istanbul then at all printer-signage expos we attended in USA and EU the last two years.

Last year FLAAR assistant Senaida Ba attended Photokina, Tecnargila (ceramic printers), and Sign Istanbul 2016. She commented that she preferred Turkey because the people in the booths at Sign Istanbul were so hospitable. Even when we were in the aisles, the booth managers came out to invite us into their booths to look at their products. She really enjoyed the experience meeting all the pleasant people at this expo.

This year UV-curing printer evaluator Jose Melgar will attend Sign Istanbul with Dr Nicholas. Jose Melgar has many years experience evaluating UV-curing printers, indeed last week he was flown to EFI Matan factory demo room to test their impressive printers.

I must admit that what I also really like about Turkey are the historical sites, and the museums and historical architecture in Istanbul. I have to focus 100% on the printers, inks, media, cutters, laminators, 3D printers at the expo, but in past years I enjoyed traveling around the country and visiting key places within Istanbul.

We hope to see you at Sign Istanbul, 4-8 Oct, 2017, Tyap Expo Center outside Istanbul.

This video shows the arrival of a 4×8 test print from the Mutoh VJ-1638UH UV-curing wide-format inkjet printer. The test prints have a nice variety of colors.

The package is unwrapped by a 3-year old who is helping us learn what kids like as teaching tools. Shaila learned the alphabet while still two years and six months old, with Dr Nicholas testing a wide variety of teaching methods. The nice thing about these large-format letters, is that with them we can do videos that will allow us to help thousands of pre-school children.

We have a team developing books, animated videos, and other means to help students learn ABCs. One of the many ways we help children learn is with page-size enlargements of the letters. We take these to schools so the students can do the ABC song-and-dance holding these letters.

Reds were great (reds are awful on print samples of many brands at most trade shows). Yellow was true yellow (not green-yellow UV-cured flavor). All the colors were fine.

The USA office of the Japanese printer manufacturer Mutoh is doing test prints with their Mutoh VJ-1638UH UV-curing wide-format inkjet printer, using US11 flexible ink.

These ABC to Z, and numbers, are printed by Mutoh on rigid substrates courtesy of PALRAM. We needed a material that would not immediately break or fall apart when the school children play with them.

We thank Ken Parsley, Mutoh America Inc for printing and cutting these samples. We appreciate the donation of rigid material by PALRAM. They had a nice booth at ISA. I estimate they will also be at SGIA. You can find PALRAM printable materials at other expos around the world. Brenda Hogan is Director of Marketing, Palram Americas.

It was nice to see the Mutoh booth at ISA 2017: they had the brand and model information directly on top of the printer. If you put the banner alongside, you dont know whether it is for the printer to the right or to the left of the banner stand. So it definitely helps to have the identification physically on top of the printer.

We hope to see Mutoh America and Palram Americas at SGIA this autumn.

Hall 1:CO2 laser cutters, CNC routers: an entire hall (in other words, more than at any other expo in the world (probably 100X more than at DRUPA).

Hall 2:the Chinese Hall had more flatbed cutters; several booths FILLED with different sizes and shapes of laminators; and endless booths of wide-format and desktop-sized UV printers, solvent printers, and textile printers. Many brands are new: companies which did not exhibit in previous years.

Hall 3:the International Hall: AGFA, dilli, Durst, efi VUTEk, Epson, Mimaki, Roland , and Mutoh. Lots of Chinese brands of large-format printers: JHF, Gongzheng, Handtop, Teckwin, and lots of other brands. Several brands I have never noticed before: Yameike, Yotta and more. Lots of flatbed cutters: iECHO, JWEI and more. Ink companies: Jetbest, Sam Ink, Sun Chemical (SunJet DIC), and many more. Many booths of printable materials: HEYtex, a.berger and dozens of Chinese brands.

Hall 4:has miles of booths of inks and printable substrates.

Hall 5 and Hall 6:signage, everything from LCD, LED to traditional signage. North Hall (at north entrance). This is now a full hall. Last year was mostly textile printers but now has everything: as filled with printers as Hall 2 and 3. What is new? This is the question we are asked the most often. Once the expo opens tomorrow, we will be visiting an ink booth which may have a remarkable new ink.

The team at FLAAR Reports will be evaluating, reviewing, and writing reports on six special topics during 2017.

To learn which aspects of inkjet printing we will be studying during 2017, see the entire list and description via this link:

Dr Nicholas Hellmuth and video photographer Erick Flores, both of FLAAR Reports, will fly to Dubai to document this significant annual printer and signage trade show.

Dr Nicholas and Erick will also visit Dubai Garden Glow, a remarkable visual experience (which is within walking distance of the SGI expo). Dubai is worth bringing your entire family and definitely your business colleagues in wide-format inkjet and signage.

SGI 2017 is capably organized by IEF, Falak Holdings.

provide more information, plus you can look at FLAAR Reports from recent years.

Examples of what we experienced at SGI Dubai in the recent four years.

Ink for Seiko ColorPainter Ink for HP 9000s

Sam Ink for Epson DX heads Ink for Roland printers

TRENDVISION Technology factory visit UV-LED, Textile, Eco-Solvent FLAAR Reports


Consulting on wide-format inkjet substrates, media, and ink

Headhunting (position sought and/or jobs available)

Sandwich board for recyclable furniture!

Print on aluminum composite Material (ACM, ACP) & anodized aluminum.

HP Scitex Latex printer list & history

HP renames latex printers in 2014 HP Latex 310, 330, 360

Curable Inkjet Flatbed Printers & roll-to-roll UV

DPC Digital Photonics Corp COJET-1422

5 reasons to consider the EFI VUTEk 3r roll-to-roll UV printer

Fujifilm Acuity LED 1600 uv-curing printer

HP Scitex XP5100 and HP Scitex XP5300

HP Scitex XP2100 and HP Scitex XP2700

Roland VersaUV Print&Cut LEC-300, VersaUV LEC-330

SwissQprint-Oryx UV-curable inkjet printer

Comparing Roland eco-solvent VersaCamm with Mutoh eco-solvent Junior, Mutoh mild-solvent

Seiko II ColorPainter H2P-104s and H2P-74s

Seiko ColorPainter H-104S ad Seiko H-74S

Seiko I Infotech ColorPainter W-64s / W-54s

Seiko W64s and Seiko W54s wide-format signage printers

This link takes you to textile printers on our sister-site,

Purification Solvent or UV Ink Odors

Drytac VersaCoater XL UV liquid roller coater

Drytac AFC 1600 / 2200 water based flood coater

Sign & Digital Graphics, trade magazine

Practical Sign & Display trade magazine South Africa

ME Printer, Middle East printing trade magazine

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