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Photosensitize Process

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Photosensitized plates are made with the use of light and radiant energy. In fact, if you were to look up the word photosensitize in the dictionary, you will find that this is an action where an item is sensitized to light or radiant energy. This makes such an object react in a specific way when exposed to these thing that the item was made sensitive to.

In the creation of photosensitized metal nameplates, the metal that is used is anodized aluminum, also known by the name Metalphoto®. This is a type of aluminum that has an anodic layer covering the print or copy that is found on top of the aluminum material. Copy is produced by embedding color dies into the pores of the aluminum surface and then sealed, creating a product that is far more durable than lithographed or silk-screened plates. Photosensitized nameplates are relatively low-cost in limited quantities, and can be produced quickly.

Metalphoto® is a special aluminum that is often utilized in the creation of durable and high-resolution plates, as well as control panels and labels. This particular metal creates durable images due to the fact that these are sealed within the metal, which makes it resistant to sunlight degradation, corrosion, high temperatures, abrasion, and even chemical exposure. This photographic marking technique can be used to create high resolution images as well as variable information like anti-counterfeit security features, machine readable barcodes, and serailzed information.

There are two general methods used in the creation of photo anodized aluminum plates, or photosensitive anodised aluminum plates. One involves the use of a silver compound which develops into a black, silver-based design or print. The other involves the use of a photo-resist, and is often the method used to create colored images onto anodized aluminum (although the first method can also have colored dyes added into its production).

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Stamping Process

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Stamped tags are created in a similar fashion as embossed plates. This produces either raised or recessed text, designs, or copy on such plates, depending on what your specification are. This particular marking method is used on military dog tags, which are made out of stainless steel, and on serial number plates, which can also be made using stainless steel, bronze, brass or aluminum plates.

By stamping into the metal with a steel type, the characters needed for the nameplate is produced. These tags are almost as durable as etched plates, but without having to spend as much. For this process, the copy is generally set with existing steel type from our inventory, but a special die can be produced if other typestyles are needed. For special dies, please contact us so we can have this specially made for your stamped metal nameplate production.

Stamping can also be done by hand with the use of any of our readily available hand-held stamping devices. These marking devices are often used to create unique alphanumeric combinations that can be added to asset tags, model and serial plates, and inventory tags. Hand-stamping can be done with detail presses, typewriter-type stamping devices, and dies that need to be struck with a hammer in order to create the recessed designs and details that you need.

Nameplates, 87 Empire Drive, St. Paul, Minnesota 55103-1856

epoxy doming process

I am building a walnut coffee table and am considering using an epoxy for an inlay instead of wood. The design is very intricate and thought this would be much easier. I was wondering if anybody has experience doing this. What kind of epoxy to use? Can the epoxy be colored and if so with what? Can cured epoxy be machined to give even further detail? Will movement of wood affect the epoxy? Would appreciate any feedback.

I am building a walnut coffee table and am considering using an epoxy for an inlay instead of wood. The design is very intricate and thought this would be much easier. I was wondering if anybody has experience doing this. What kind of epoxy to use? Can the epoxy be colored and if so with what? Can cured epoxy be machined to give even further detail? Will movement of wood affect the epoxy? Would appreciate any feedback.

What a great idea if u do this and it does work let me know send pics

I have seen some demos at our turning club featuring epoxy inlays. They used the two part 24 hour epoxy. It readily flows out. It machined easily with normal steel lathe tools. I dont think wood movement would affect it. They did add coloring to it. I am not that well versed on it, so maybe somebody else will chime in. Heres a few pics of what one of the demoers made.

I have heard a few folks on here talk about In Lace. I dont have any experience with it myself, but I have looked at it online and they have a variety of colors you can add.

Dave Paine has used it on some of his cutting boards and other projects. Hopefully, he will be able to chime in and provide you with some first hand insight.

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I used a regular 2 part epoxy with powdered dye from a local we store. My only suggestion would be to add more of the hardener and make sure to let it cure completely before applying finish. I only know this because I had one that bled black whenever moisture came into contact with it.

Ive used fiberglass colorant to color epoxy. You can get a kit with a bunch of colors. I included a link below. Ive discovered that epoxy continues to cure even after it seems like its dry. So, if you level it before its fully, fully cured, it will shrink away a little bit and become slightly concave. That will show up under a good finish. It will usually cure fully in a week, two if you want to be really safe. Make sure you follow the mixing proportions accurately. Even slight variations can produce unpredictable results. Slower curing epoxy is more tolerant of wood movement; fast curing epoxies become brittle and can crack away from the wood. Epoxy that flows well will also flow into surrounding wood if its porous. Also, as the epoxy is being absorbed, it travels into the pores of the wood and displaces the air in the pores and that produces bubbles in the epoxy. Usually the bubbles will find their way to the surface, waving a lamp over it will make the bubbles expand and burst. Usually, theres enough surface tension to allow for some overfilling so you dont have to fill twice. The fully cured epoxy machines well, but you need to treat it like plastic and be careful to not let friction create too much heat, or the epoxy will misbehave just like plastic when you get it too hot.

Another couple of keywords to search for are Epoxy Doming and Resin Doming which is the process of appying epoxy over things like decals to make them more durable and to give them thickness. One main difference with these is that the resin is UV-cured.

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Location: Cruso n.c. in the Blue Ridge

Be sure to have a propane torch to lightly hit the airbubbles that want to surface to the top.

Have almost finished the table. Working with the epoxy was pretty easy, certainly alot faster than doing this with wood inlay.

I have had problems with tear out of the groove when going across the grain. Not visible until you put a black epoxy in a maple veneer. Any idea how do I stop this?

Location: Cruso n.c. in the Blue Ridge

I use epoxy quite a bit and its a learning process. If you want to display items in epoxy you cannot top coat with anything but a hi-gloss clear, since anything else has solids in it and will fog and you cant see the items clearly. The only top coat that I know that is compatible is water based polyurethane. NEVER use oil based anything on it. It can crack up the surface.

Ive never bothered coloring it, and air bubbles are an issue. Since when you mix epoxy, one trick Ive read (but not tried) is to drain your mixing container on the project from the bottom, since the air bubbles rise towards the top. Still you will need to propane torch whats left.

Ive so far implanted blue jay feathers, leafs, and coins into table surfaces and they went fairly well. I also use epoxy as a total surface first and second coat, troweled on with a toothed trowel. It snaps the grain and coloring out better than any hand rubbed oil or anything else Ive practiced with. Many dont like the hi-gloss, and it is hard to get perfect. You can easily sand it after a solid 2 days of sitting (or it will ball up in the sandpaper). This of course is temperature sensitive and on the brand I buy, they give drying times based on temp. ALWAYS stay with the recommended mixing. You cant speed drying time by adding more hardener.

I havent tried yet, but you can likely run down to finer grits even down to 0000 steel wool and pumice to bring back the sheen desired (but again, anything imbedded, the detail and sharpness will be lost unless you get a hi-gloss finish back on it. I generally sand the surface down and topcoat (after 4 days +) with water based poly to any sheen I like, and items deep in the wood get a hi-gloss brushed on in that area. I tape off the area with imbedded items so not to get solids in the mix.

Its fun stuff. I use Enviro-tek available at Menards. About $50 a gallon. Good product. There may be better, but Ive gotten used to that brand. Hard as nails after about 5-6 weeks. The stuff cures to usable touch in about 48 hours but it slow cures for a solid month. It will dent early on with a fingernail pressure, but springs back. Later in life you cant dent it busting a beer bottle on it.

One question you asked was about it holding up against wood trying to move. Epoxy is glue so yes itll hold unless (like any glue) you have some incredible stresses going on.

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The video is displaying Weldo intelligent visual two component resin dispensing PU on the top of printed small logos .

The two component PU resin is metering and mixing by Weldo high precision pneumatic dosing pump .

Weldo Dosing pump can meter and mix high, middle and low viscosity resin and adhesive .

The machine has automatic mixing and automatic dispensing function. Dispensing precision is highly, speed is fast, and Position is accuracy. Metering and mixing machine is precision metering to fast transport glue to dispensing machine . Good stability can be 24 hours of continuous production.

1.Angle free dispensing. Products can be placed on the worktable at will without special tooling fixtures.

3.Loading and moving mechanism on granite platform . The loading and moving mechanism of granite platform ensures great stability of movement and promotes precision without deformation .

4.Adjustable illuminant with full chromatography.Full-chromatography illuminant can be adjusted independently and continuously . Any visual light can be picked to improve processing products visual recognition rate .

5.Any dispensing track can be set accordingly . Dispensing tracking can be programmed of dot, line and patterns on different plane through mouse, avoiding complicate operations on demonstrator and shorten the time of products introduction. These capabilities enable our customers to tackle more complex projects that require precision fluid dispensing and placement , while increasing product quality and yield.

6.The machine can be installed 1.3million pixel camera , intelligent software operation and 300*400 worktable is optional .

Automatic Metering and mixing machine description :

Ratio 1:1-10:1 Low Medium Viscosity Fluid Liquid : Shot Size 0.3cc-20cc

Weldo metering and mixing machine is applied pneumatic system different with traditional gear metering and mixing pump . Weldo mixing machine is for lower viscosity adhesives , resins and epoxies precision to handle the metering & mixing of component parts. Adapt to variety of two component AB glue 11 13 widely used in the relay , energy saving lamps, LED, capacitor, souvenir and jewelry etc.

1.WD-AB600 action is automatic fast and constantly metering and mixing.

2. The machine is installed chemical A and B tank. Constant temperature heating device are installed on whole mixing and transporting system ensure glue flowing evenly and hot dispensing .

3.The WD-AB600 machine has an automatic cleaning function.

4.The auto-cycling function can reduce the labor intensity and increases the production.

5. PLC controlled , touch screen interface ,simple and easy operation .

More information ,please do not hesitate to contact us :

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Doming Technology_3D Label Production_EN

66 seconds dispense 200 different dome label Weldo dome label& stickers making machine

DongGuan Weldo Automatic Equipment Tech

How to add Liquid glass epoxy coat finish to a Photo board & table top Alumilite

TUTORIAL : making PVC fridge magnet PVC label dispensing machine PVC label conveyor tunnel oven

DongGuan Weldo Automatic Equipment Tech

Epoxy Resin Spray Paint Decal Logo by Liquid Glass Epoxy

Nordson Unity Series Hot Melt, High-Speed Jetting Dispensing

Imitation cloisonn enamel jewelry -Automatic Enameling Dispensing Machine

DongGuan Weldo Automatic Equipment Tech

Pipe Cutting Machine Pipe Cutter Tool Pneumatic Pipe Cutter

fridge magnets making Demo video 2012 5380mm

Coloring iCoat Countertops Ivory Brown to look like Granite

Weldo 12 colors Soft PVC Keychain making Machine PVC keychain making process

DongGuan Weldo Automatic Equipment Tech

Unknown tools nº 13 Butterfly Pneumatic Gun

7F,B Bldg,Huangdang Rd No.41,Dalang Sub-Dis,Longhua New District,Shenzhen, China. 518109

Screen Printing Process 3D Domed Labels Epoxy Logo Sticker For Advertising

Screen Printing Process 3D Domed Labels Epoxy Logo Sticker For Advertising

Usually packed them into Carton Case

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Screen Printing Process Epoxy Domed Stickers Raised Logo Labels

Creative Dome Stickers are your choice to print spot/fullcolor logo on your products.It is the

cost effective corportate branding marketingplan for your business, which position your

quality 3D domed stickersto promote your brand. Such as Iphone case, Carry bags,

PP synthetic Paper +Screen printing+EpoxyResin+3Madhesive

1. The material of substrate we widely used for your reference

2. How should we do the epoxy sticker with our machine

Substrate:High Quality Synthetic Paper

1 Inch Self Adhesive Round Glitter Clear Epoxy Stickers For Bottle Caps Pendants

25mm Domed Centres Epoxy Clear Circle Stickers For Insert Medals Awards

Waterproof Clear 1 Inch Epoxy Stickers For Square Scrabble Tile Pendant

Custom 50mm x 30mm 3mm Hole Clear Epoxy Stickers For Dog Tag Necklaces

Full Color 1.5mm Epoxy Dome Stickers , Resin Round Printable Stickers

Screen Printing Process 3D Domed Labels Epoxy Logo Sticker For Advertising

3D Epoxy Dome Adhesive Logo Stickers EVA Foam Epoxy Lens Badges

Custom CMYK Color Epoxy Domed Stickers Logo Decals With 3D Effect

Customized Multi Color Self Ahesive Vinyl Stickers With Digital Printing

Synthetic Paper Custom Sticker Labels , Permanent Printing Decal Stickers

UV Resistant CMYK Custom Printed Labels Clear Static Cling Stickers

White Vinyl Custom Sticker Labels , Personalized Vinyl Decal Stickers

3D Stickers and Epoxy Stickers are great for labeling products. The resin in the labels give them a very unique and professional finish.

3D Stickers are also known as doming stickers, domed decals or epoxy stickers.  You see these extremely durable stickers every day on appliances, computers, vehicles and other products.  3D stickers are one of the highest quality ways to label your product.  Below we will get into the process of how we print, create and ship your 3d stickers and 3d labels.

Doming is a process where we print your logo to a high tack outdoor vinyl, die cut or custom cut the vinyl then put a layer of epoxy over the sticker.  Over 24 hours, this epoxy resin will dry to create your 3d sticker.  Doming can be done by hand but it is a very tedious and long process.  At our office, we have a doming printer that creates 3d stickers and epoxy stickers in bulk with no manual labor or safety hazards.

Wheather you need 1000s of epoxy stickers or just 1 epoxy sticker, our automated doming process makes it a very simple process.  There are many uses for epoxy dome stickers but below are a few of the most common we see:

The difference between a domed decal and a domed sticker is the die cutting process.  When we produce domed decals, each individual letter in the vinyl is cut.  Producing domed stickers is where there is one large cut around the logo or more of a traditional cut such as a square, circle or rectangle.  Domed decals are generally more expensive because the process takes about 5x longer than domed stickers.  Both dome decals and dome stickers are generally for outdoor or industrial use.

Domed labels are very similar to decals and stickers except they are generally used indoor for product labeling.  You have probably seen 100s of domed labels on your computer, laptop or other technology products.  Domed labeling usually comes in smaller sizes and larger quantities.  Dome labels are less expensive because they are made on an indoor vinyl instead of an outdoor vinyl but the durability is usually the same.  For serial number stickers, we can create variable data dome stickers for any product tagging solutions.

Doming resin is formed when 2 chemicals are mixed.  It can be a dangerous process and you should always wear proper eye and skin protection.  If the doming resins leak on the ground, you should clean it up immediately.  You can buy doming resin at any home depot or hardware store but if you are producing your 3d stickers in bulk then we can probably produce them much faster and less expensive than you can at home.  If you do not mix your doing resin in the correct heat, it can ruin your stickers and decals.  Epoxy sticker printing is actually very simple if you have the correct machines.

Our domed labels can come in any color, graphic, image or foil.  The epoxy resin itself is always clear so you can see through to the image printed on the 3d labels.  Just submit your artwork with a clear die line or cutline so we know where the resign domed labels should end.

If you are interested in 1 color custom domed decals we have several options to choose from.

Our dome labels come in any size you can imagine.  The most standard size is 2 in epoxy stickers but everything we produce is completely custom.

3D sticker pricing ranges depending on the size, quantity and turnaround time that you need your resin stickers.  Most epoxy resin stickers take us about 2 weeks to produce.  If you stick with a common shape like round resin stickers, it will improve our output time.

We have several adhesive options for our domed decals

Yes, we do offer competitive wholesale pricing for 3D stickers and domed stickers.  Please reach out to us to discuss the best way to produce your project.

We do not recommend making your own epoxy resign stickers, it can be a very dangerous and flammable project.  Our epoxy decal machine provides the exact amount of resin needed to make the perfect 3D labeling.

A lot of people refer to bubble stickers as epoxy stickers.  The term bubble stickers come from the bubble that the epoxy forms over the print when it dries and expands.  The bubble sticker resin begins to dry on the edges causing a bubble in the middle as more resign is added to the label.  The same theory and nickname are given to bubble labels.

Our resin stickers are 100% waterproof and should last under any water conditions.  Although our epoxy stickers are waterproof, the salt water can eat away at the resin and vinyl over time so we do not recommend ocean use.

We do offer embossing for our custom domed decals although there is an additional price

Some of our clients are worried that with the resin, their custom domed labels will have a color shift.  This is rarely a problem for us because we use calibrated UV printers and screen printers.  If you need your custom domed labels color matched, that is something we can do for an additional cost

The exact resin we use is a clear polyurethane that forms a raised dome over the decal or label.

Cant find what you are looking for?  Check out all of ourFreezer LabelsCandle LabelsVinyl Lettering, and ourVinyl Stickershere!

If you are ready to order domed stickers, 3d stickers, 3d labels or just need help with doming then feel free to reach out to our team today!

I do believe all of the ideas youve presented for your post. They are very convincing and will certainly work. Still, the posts are too quick for starters. Could you please lengthen them a little from next time? Thanks for the post.

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The product is already in the wishlist!

The product is already in the wishlist!

The product is already in the wishlist!

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