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Herpes Prodrome Symptoms What to Do

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Wondering if youre experiencing herpes prodrome symptoms? Herpes prodrome symptoms are the warning signs in your body of an impending outbreak. They can include tingling, pinching, itching sensations in the genital area or legs (for genital herpes, usually HSV-2). Some people experience prodrome symptoms with no outbreak taking place in other words, it doesnt develop into lesions or sores.

According to the CDCs website, prodromal symptoms can take place hours to days before any sores appear. They can include:

tingling or pinching sensations

shooting pains in the buttocks, legs, or groin

in some people,nerve pain in the leg

What to do for herpes prodrome symptoms?

These prodromal symptoms can serve as a good reminder to check in with everything you are doing that may be triggering for you and adjust accordingly. There are also things to avoid during the prodrome stage, as well as steps to take to ensure you get better faster.

These warning signs are a good indicator that, if you are in a sexual relationship (with aninformed partner, right?), you should take a break from sex. Thats because any warning signs of an outbreak mean the virus is becoming active and can become morecontagious.

Even if you arent having an outbreak and just these odd prodrome sensations, this can be a sign of viral shedding. Asymptomatic viral shedding refers to any periods in which there are no outward signs of an outbreak, like sores, but the virus is becoming active and capable of spreading to others. Read our detailed article aboutviral shedding rates here. Always practicesafe sexto keep your non-infected partner free of herpes.

And even if your partner and you both have herpes, the friction of sex can worsen prodromal symptoms and trigger the outbreak into taking place. And that would be uncomfortable and possibly completely avoidable.

This is also a good time to check in with yourself on your diet and outbreak triggers have you done something differently that may contribute to an outbreak? Common triggers are stress, excessarginine in the diet(almonds, chocolate), coffee, acidic foods, poornutrition for herpes management, or a weakened immune system (from poor diet or stress, for example).

It may be helpful to learn about arginine and lysine in foods, and why it is believed that balancing your diet out with more lysine can prevent outbreaks. Check out this handy chart oflysine-arginine rations in food here.

This is a good way to find problem areas and fix them. If you find the culprit, weed it out. Either way, now is a good time to improve your diet, relax with meditation, yoga, or soft music, and anything else that helps you personally.

If youre using Valtrex, acyclovir, or another prescribedantiviral, this could be a good time to start taking it. The sooner you start taking it at the first sign of symptoms, the more likely you are to stop the outbreak from happening or worsening. Of course, you should always seek your doctors advice about using medications or any alternative treatments.

Herpes prodrome symptoms can manifest differently for different people, and are sometimes hard to describe. Always be in tune with yourself to learn what the signs are, and what to avoid. Be proactive in your management of herpes outbreaks and symptoms. And check out our articles aboutdietandnatural remediesthat also help to ward off outbreaks. You may also be interested inoutbreak pain relief methods.

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